Mad Clown & San E announces "WE WANT YOU" Tour

North American Tour Announced for these hot South Korean Rappers

In South Korea, San E has earned the nick-name "Rap Genius." See them perform and decide if the rumors are true.

Mad Clown achieved his initial mainstream success with his 2013 hit, "Stupid In Love" with Soyou, which landed number one on the Gaon Music Chart and won the "Song of the Year" award from the South Korean Gaon Chart Music Awards. Since then he has landed five more number one hits, including his 2017 single "Lost Without You" feat. Bolbbalgan4. Following his initial breakthrough he has cultivated a dedicated fan base by releasing several EPs, most recently the Love is a Dog From Hell EP, and becoming an influencer in South Korea's booming music landscape. He was featured as celebrity guest on South Korean hip-hop shows, including Show Me The Money and High School Rapper, and he has received several Gaon Chart and MelOn Music Awards for his writing and performance.

San E has earned similar prestige having won the Korean Music Awards' "Best Rap & Hip Hop Song" award and earning the nickname "Rap Genius." He has ten Top 10 singles on the Gaon Music Chart, most recently his 2017 hit "Mohae" feat. Bolbbalgan4. The Mad Clown, San E duo have already collaborated on tracks including "Sour Grapes" and "Lonely Animals", proving their artistic chemistry and ability to deliver a captivating performance.

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SM Entertainment's new girl group Red Velvet are already off to a huge start, with their debut single "Happiness" debuting at an impressive No. 9 on this week's Gaon chart.

To put this into perspective, SM Entertainment's last new group, EXO, only reached No. 86 with their first single, "History." Outside of SM, Red Velvet is actually the highest-charting rookie group of 2014 so far.

Elsewhere on the chart, SISTAR's "Touch My Body" slips to second place after a 2-week reign at the top to make way for San E's "Body Language," which rockets in at No. 1.

Block B's "Her" is down to No. 3, followed by HyunA's "Red" at No. 4, and Girl's Day's "Darling" which rounds out the top five at No. 5.

Park Boram debuts at No. 11 with "Beautiful," but she should rise even higher next week judging by her current performance on real-time digital charts like Melon.

On the other hand, Ladies' Code's "Kiss Kiss" debuts at No. 59, but unlike Park Boram's song, it probably won't climb any higher next week; as of this posting, it's already almost out of Melon's top 100. This will actually mark the first real flop for the group, who have been on a winning streak since launching last year with "Bad Girl."

A few spots down is Brown Eyed Girls' "Hush" at No. 62, followed by Hwayobi's "Closer" at No. 66.

Check out this week's new K-pop hits, below.

No. 1. San E - Body Language

No. 9. Red Velvet - Happiness

No. 11. Park Boram - Beautiful

No. 59. Ladies' Code - Kiss Kiss

No. 62. Brown Eyed Girls - Hush

As expected, Hyorin's solo single, "One Way Love," has taken the top spot on the Gaon chart in its first week out. The SISTAR superstar dethrones last week's chart-topper, 2NE1's "Missing You," which slips one spot to No. 2. The point difference between the two songs is minimal, proving that 2NE1 are actually showing some real staying power with "Missing You" -- something that their last two singles didn't do.

Anyway, with "One Way Love" topping the charts, SISTAR's total career No. 1s now stands at seven: four as a group, two as soloists, and one as the SISTAR19 subunit.

San E's "Break Up Dinner" climbs two spots to No. 3, while Hyorin's other solo single, "Lonely," debuts at No. 4.

In even better news, VIXX's "Voodoo Doll" enters the charts at No. 7 to become the group's first top ten hit and highest-charting single of their career. Their previous best was "G.R.8.U.," which reached No. 14 back in October. The boys also debut at No. 1 on the album chart with their first full-length album, Voodoo, solidifying their status as one of K-pop's hottest rising stars right now.

A few spots down, Younha's "It's Okay" arrives at No. 9, while miss A's "Hush" slips to No. 11 after two weeks in the top ten.

2AM's new single, "Regret," debuts at No. 18, making it their lowest-charting lead single by a fairly large margin, while Crayon Pop's "Lonely Christmas" enters at No. 35 to become the group's third top forty entry after "Bar Bar Bar" and "Dancing Queen 2.0".

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below!

No. 1. Hyorin - One Way Love

No. 4. Hyorin - Lonely

No. 7. VIXX - Voodoo Doll

No. 18. 2AM - Regret

No. 35. Crayon Pop - Lonely Christmas

2NE1's popularity ain't what it used to be, but the group's still capable of topping the K-pop charts with ease. Their new single, "Missing You," enters the Gaon chart at No. 1 this week, becoming the tenth chart-topper of their career.

Last week's No. 1, Davichi's "Letter," falls to No. 3, while Lee Juck's "Lies Lies Lies" rises 14 spots to No. 2.

As expected, T.O.P's "Doom Dada" has risen this week, climbing six spots to No. 4, while Taeyang's "RINGA LINGA" is down to No. 14.

San E's new single, "Break Up Dinner," enters at No. 5, pushing miss A's "Hush" down to No. 8.

2AM's new promo single, "Just Stay," debuts at No. 11, followed closely by Lim Kim's latest, "Goodbye 20," at No. 12.

There's really not much else interesting going on in the charts this week, but next week will be better with the debut of Hyorin's solo album.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below!

No. 1. 2NE1 - Missing You

No. 5. San E - Break Up Dinner

No. 11. 2AM - Just Stay

No. 12. Lim Kim - Goodbye 20

No. 115. Wa$$up - Nom Nom Nom

It looked like 2NE1's "Do You Love Me" was severely under-performing when it debuted at No. 3 on the Gaon chart last week (as opposed to the usual No. 1s that the group is accustomed to). However, this week, the song's been able to show some staying power by holding on to the No. 3 spot for another seven days. It's a much better showing than their last single, "Falling In Love," which opened at No. 1 with blockbuster sales, but then plunged six spots in its second week.

This week's chart-topper belongs to Superstar K2 vocalist, Huh Gak, who arrives in first place with his summery new single, "That You're Mine." He dethrones rapper, San E, who slips one spot with "Story of Someone I Know."

Rookie R&B artist, Bumkey, debuts at No. 4 with his new single, "Attraction," which stars Crayon Pop's Ellin in the music video. Speaking of Crayon Pop, "Bar Bar Bar," falls one place to No. 6 this week. It's a shame that the trending girl group were unable to secure the top spot with their addictive hit --which has become a huge sensation in Korea-- but they were able to reach No. 1 on the K-pop Hot 100 last week, which is said to be more accurate than Gaon if Billboard is to be believed. In other good Crayon Pop news, the group's 2012 single, "Dancing Queen," has started crawling back up the charts recently: this week, it rises 23 places to No. 156.

EXO's "Growl" falls three spots to No. 5, which is impressive considering the group's chart history. They've been consistently ranking higher and higher with every single they've released so far, and with a peak of No. 2, "Growl" is their highest to date. The song has already secured three first place wins on music programs (and counting), cementing EXO's status as the hottest new boy band in K-pop right now.

JYP Entertainment's Lim Jeong Hee debuts at No. 7 with "Luv Is," f(x)'s "Rum Pum Pum Pum" falls to No. 8, and Brown Eyed Girls' "Kill Bill" leaves the top ten, falling five places to No. 11.

Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment will be happy to see the longevity of B2ST and A Pink, who are at No. 15 and No. 16 with "Shadow" and "NoNoNo," respectively.

ZE:A's "The Ghost of Wind" jumps to No. 21 this week to become their highest-charting single to date, while Ladies Code's "Hate You" tumbles 24 spots to No. 37, and B.A.P's "Badman" falls 28 spots to No. 49.

In a bit of Western pop news, Katy Perry's "Roar" and Lady Gaga's "Applause" debut at No. 59 and No. 60, respectively, which is a big accomplishment considering that foreign artists rarely ever even reach the top 100 in Korea.

Last and probably least this week is K-pop "twerk group," Wassup, who climb 20 places to No. 175 with their self-titled debut single.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below!

No. 3. 2NE1 - Do You Love Me

No. 4. Bumkey feat. Dynamic Duo - Attraction

No. 5. EXO - Growl

No. 156. Crayon Pop - Dancing Queen

No. 175. Wassup - Wassup