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5 Relaxing Rap Albums to Get You Out of Your Head

Stay calm in post-election season with these transporting albums

Music impacts us differently these days.

The albums we usually listened to on our daily commutes suddenly bring us pangs of bitter nostalgia now that there's nowhere to go. Bright optimistic tunes suddenly sound hollow, and we can't help but feel especially resentful towards songs that make us wanna dance and party.

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Being one of the greatest rappers alive comes with a lot of responsibility; and like Relapse, some of Marshall Mathers' creative risks have been a swing and a miss.

We know this, we expect this, and we accept this. But as the 46-year-old rapper tries really hard to prove he's still cool, his latest feature on Boogie's Everything's For Sale has left fans polarized and haters rejoicing. Over a hard beat, Eminem comes in with fire and fury, rapping:

"I left my legacy hurt? Fuckin' absurd. / Like a shepherd havin' sex with his sheep, fuck what you heard."


While the lyric was delivered as a statement to quell the critics of Marshall's latest super-aggy LP Kamikaze, the lyric's resounding awkwardness cascaded into the Twittersphere, where the internet was quick to dismiss the MC.

After further analysis, it seems that Eminem is using a pun to convey that the idea of his legacy being ruined is as ridiculous as a shepherd banging its flock. Maybe he should have work-shopped this a little more before sending it along to Boogie. Regardless, Everything's For Sale is one of the tightest Hip-Hop albums of the year. Boogie recently told Billboard, "I don't think anyone understands that I want to take his spot," referring to dethroning Eminem. "I love him and that's my big bro...But I want his spot, and I want to be richer than him." Well, with a verse like that, Eminem's demise may happen sooner rather than later.

Boogie - Rainy Days ft. Eminem [Audio]

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