Snackin' With Jordan | Ep 02 | Mexican Pastries with Strange Neighbors

Pastries, bubbles, but no stone fruits...

In this episode of Snackin' with Jordan, Aiidan and Tracey from Brooklyn band Strange Neighbors drop by for some Mexican pastries from El Charro Bakery and cheap champagne. As the bubbly flows, they discuss their breezy single "Too Much," food allergies and Aiidan's admiration for the legend Rob Thomas.

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Snackin' With Jordan | Ep 01 | "City Bear's blueberry grilled cheese"

In the premiere of his new show, Jordan Edwards is blending local food with great conversation.

Photo by Brent Butler

"I've never had a blueberry grilled cheese." - UNTIL NOW!

For the inaugural episode of his new show, Jordan Edwards has Jordan Siegel (yes, another Jordan) stop by for some new treats, courtesy of City Bear in Brooklyn! This is Snackin' With Jordan! *(turn off ad blocker to view video)*

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