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These Can't All Be The Songs of the Summer: Summer Hit Showdown

With hits like Sabrina Carpenter’s “Espresso,” Billie Eilish’s “LUNCH” Chappell Roan’s “Good Luck, Babe” and more, we’re having a 2016 summer and it feels so good.

Each new song is claiming to be the song of the summer. This is not random TikTok singers doing their obligatory self-promo with the tried-and-true hook: “Did I just write the song of the summer?” But don’t blame them. Blame the labels that are vying for a number-one hit. Blame TikTok for making songs viral overnight. Or blame each and every one of us who exclaims “song of the summer!” whenever our favorite songs come on the radio. There’s even a Spotify playlist power ranking all of this year's contenders.

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PREMIERE | Nico Molaschi Gets 'High On Your Love' Before Summer Ends

With His New Single, Molaschi Analyzes Love's Many Shape-Shifting Forms.

Courtesy of Nico Molaschi

Molaschi leaves throbbing-red stains on our hearts.

You can never anticipate what form love might take. Maybe you'll be like Selena Gomez coming tantalizing close to falling back in love with an ex ("The Heart Wants What It Wants") or Troye Sivan slurping up the nectar, unapologetically ("My My My!"). Or you find yourself mesmerized by an unlikely someone during an island getaway, as Nico Molaschi does on his new sweltering summer banger "High on Your Love," premiering today. Swinging between fibrous vines of tropical heat and beach-y mist, the singer, born in Lausanne, a city in Switzerland, shuffles his feelings of falling for a woman who plays escort by night.

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