Ed Sheeran Announces Hiatus After Stealing Music (Again)

The singer announced an "18 month" hiatus to be with his wife, but we know the truth.

Ed Sheeran announced at a show in Ipswich last night that he will be taking a break from music for "probably 18 months."

'Thinking Out Loud' vs. 'Let's Get It On': Does Ed Sheeran's song sound too similar?

"There is something very bittersweet about it. I love that you guys are here and we are ending it in Ipswich," Sheeran said before oddly closing out his set with "You Need Me, I Don't Need You." The news came as a shock to his prepubescent fans, who handled the news rather dramatically.

While Sheeran claims that the break will be an opportunity to start a family with his wife, the timing of the break is eerie considering the singer is two weeks away from a scheduled court date over plagiarism allegations. Sheeran is accused of ripping off Marvin Gaye's 1973 hit "Let's Get It On" on his 2014 smash "Thinking Out Loud." The court appearance comes after it was additionally announced that the singer would not be able to receive royalties for his smash hit "Shape Of You," due to another set of plagiarism accusations from musician Sam Chokri. Chokri alleges that the track's chorus was lifted note for note from his 2015 song "Oh Why." He claims he sent the song to Sheeran's representatives in a bid to collaborate with the singer. The High Court Of England will review the case in 2020.

The most recent allegations also come after the singer recently settled another plagiarism suit outside of court with a former X-factor contender, who claimed that Sheeran copied his song "Amazing" note-for-note on his song "Photograph." As you can see below, Sheeran is no doubt guilty.

Did Ed Sheeran plagiarise Matt Cardle's “Amazing" with his song Photograph? (Comparison / Mashup)

Whether the world will miss Ed Sheeran is yet to be seen. No other musician has been such an epitome of toxic masculinity. From the self-deprecating ego-trips of "Shape of You" and "I Don't Care" to the unrealistic and unhealthy relationship guidelines laid out by tracks like "Thinking of You" and "Galway Girl," children and teenagers alike will no doubt be better off without the mediocre singer/songwriter. Perhaps his socially inept fans can start living in the real world and learn how to start and maintain healthy relationships before it's too late.


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Louis York is for the people in "Nerds"

Music| "Standing up for what you believe in can be scary and this video let's all the weirdoes know that we are right there with them, wondering if we're making our heroes proud and trying to figure out how to be better for ourselves and the world."-Claude Kelly

Her hair is different, her clothes are different, and she runs with the intensity of a million suns to sit in a dark corner and listen to music to escape the real ills of her daily world. The she mentioned is the starring character in Louis York's newest video for "Nerds" from their EP Masterpiece Theater-Act I. In the video, the young girl walks into the cafeteria, sitting alone in her mix=and match animal prints, patterns, and textures. She doesn't seem to fit in, and although she tries to exude strength and continue to trek through the rest of her day, the isolation becomes more than she can bear. In this little closet, she listens to music, and is transformed into her careless self, a ballerina- graceful, uninhibited, and deserving of the spotlight. In this moment, the song transforms from a rock ballad reminiscent of the 80's mixed with the 2000's to a synthesized and smooth ballad. An interesting choice, sonically, but a choice that works, especially given the subject matter.

"Nerds isn't just a song, it's a call to action. We had to make sure the visual was equally as powerful. We all feel a little nerdy at times and it helps to have a song that reminds you that you are okay being who you are," states New York Native Claude Kelly.

Social justice, self reflection, and self love are not new themes for multi-grammy nominated duo Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly. The duo, working under the group name Louis York, summon the musical muses of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson in their personal works, believing that music should be used as a catalyst to changing the world. When thinking about their role in the landscape of music and the world, Chuck harmony adds, "We are actively trying to establish ourselves as intelligent musicians who can approach art creation in a way that's not only commercially viable but that can also serve as a voice that speaks to the cares and concerns facing humanity."

While the two have produced and written for Rihanna, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, Ne-Yo, Fantasia, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and Celine Dion, it is refreshing to hear what they create as their own sound in this project. Take a look at the video, as the pair continue the use of art to promote social issues.