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Soulja Boy Says He 'Made' Drake

In the hour long interview, Soulja Boy insulted just about every major rapper.

Soulja Boy has had his fair share of beef in the past, but as he's lost relevance, so has his drama. But in a new interview with Hot 97's The Breakfast Club, Soulja Boy insulted just about every major rapper and repeatedly made wildly false claims, receiving a raised eyebrow from host Charlamagne tha God. Things first took a turn when Soulja Boy claimed he had the biggest come back of 2018 and Charlamagne pointed out that Tyga made a bigger record. To which Soulja Boy responded, "Tyga? The n—- that lost his bitch to Travis Scott?" Then, when it was suggested that Soulja do a record with Tyga, he said, "I love Tyga."

After that not-at-all-forced 180, the interview moved on to his beef with Chris Brown, his bizarre new video game console, the Soulja Watch (his knockoff Apple Watch product), Marriage Boot Camparriage Boot Camp, and the shoot-out at his house in Atlanta. He eventually moved on to criticizing Kanye, saying, "I'm younger than you. I'm flyer than you. You crying on Twitter every week about Drake. You gotta stop that shit. You look lame. You look cap. Real street n—-s, young kids like me, and the generation looking at you like you goofy. You up here supporting Trump and shit. You supporting Trump? What the fuck wrong with you? That shit not right. I done sat back long enough. I'm not holding my tongue no more. Kanye, call me. Get in tune with me 'cause if not, I'm gonna keep checking you. You need to stop supporting Trump."

Then, most notably, the hosts pointed out that Soulja had beef with Drake, and Soulja stood up and shouted, "Drake? DRAAAAKE? The n—- that got bodied by Pusha T? The n—– that's hiding his kid from the world but the world won't hide from his kid? Aubrey Graham in the wheelchair? DRAKE? … Stop playing with me like I didn't teach Drake everything he know."

He then went on to rap a segment of Drake's "Miss Me," and Charlamagne pointed out it sounds exactly like "Kiss Me Through The Phone," Soulja's song from 2008. And Soulja said, "That's Soulja! That's my bar! He copied my whole fucking flow! Word-for-word! Bar-for-bar! Don't act like I didn't make Drake."

Watch the full interview below:

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