Sports Coach Releases Sunny Slice of Life Music Video:"One For Feinberg"

Indie synthwave project releases home video full of sun, sand, and Super 8 film.

Sports Coach, the lo-fi synth wave project of Boston native Thatcher May, continues to produce engaging and reflective tracks and beautiful, retro-inspired visuals.

The visual for his latest release, "One For Feinberg," begins with scenes of a sunny California beach intercut with clips of waves, clear skies, and birds in flight. The idyllic locations we are shown match May's signature warm synth tones, which are utilized using analog equipment and tape recording techniques.

"This whole album that I'm putting out...with these tunes I would just wait until I was really inspired and then I would just knock them out," said Thatcher. "With this track, in particular, I wanted to keep it as minimal and as simple as possible so that it can be completely natural and I wouldn't overthink it."

The Blanco Pages directed video continues with scenes of Thatcher enjoying a day at the beach with his girlfriend and dog. The slice of life home video feel of the visual successfully ties together the track's carefree and affectionate mood, without taking away from Thatcher's poignant lyrics, especially on lines like, "If I wander off, I'll find it this time."

According to the singer, using Super 8 film to make the video is the visual equivalent of his choice to never pass his music through a computer unless it's ready to be shared on the Internet. "All the music is made on tapes and I think it fits and it embraces the vintage aspects of things. We went to our favorite spots that we go to every day and we wanted it to be a natural thing that reflected this time in our lives."

Sports Coach's upcoming album, Sports Spirits, is a collection of 12 tunes that will be released by Spirit Goth Records on June 21st. It will be available on limited edition vinyl and cassette tape formats.

Check out Sports Coach's "One For Feinburg" music video below!

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