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The 5 Worst St. Paddy's Day Songs Ever

Just avoid these tracks at all costs.

Ed Sheeran

St. Paddys Day is usually a sh*t show here in the States.

Every year ignorant frat boys and sorority sisters take to the streets to consume asinine amounts of alcohol for no logical reason other than because it's what's supposed to happen. When asked why they are celebrating, many will stare at you, crosseyed, and drunkenly fumble the phrase: "Because it's St. Paddy's Day!," before toppling over. In actuality, St. Paddy's is a religious holiday, meant to honor the life and death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Without even realizing it, Americans have ruined the holiday, their drunken antics perpetuating hurtful stereotypes about the Irish people in the process. The Irish unsurprisingly resent the American St. Patricks Day celebration as a result.

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