Photos and Interview by Jordan Edwards

It's been four years since we last spoke to Stela Cole. While her commitment to infectious pop has remained, everything else has evolved. Her sound is more sophisticated, her styling is upgraded, and yes, she's blonder.

As Cole has grown, her career has picked up momentum. The Georgia native signed to Ultra Records in 2021, and this past spring, she represented her home state on NBC's American Song Contest. After appearing on the show, she released the single "Rhapsody in Pink," which crosses the Gershwin classic with a booming dance club beat. "Star," released on Sept. 23, is a proclamation of her ascension. It's also fun to dance to.

We met up with Cole in downtown Los Angeles to talk about her latest music and how she got to this point.
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Popdust Presents

Popdust Presents | Stela Cole Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Cole's Debut EP, Throwing Up Butterflies, Mixes the Very Best of Hip-Hop, Pop & Doo-Wop Into a Delicious Blend

Cole is here to rearrange the status quo.

August 17, 2018 | Stela Cole is an intergalactic warrior. One listen through her debut EP, Throwing Up Butterflies, will tell you that much. She's equal parts sunshine and gum-drops but isn't afraid to take a few hostages if need be. Anchoring single "You FO" splices together doo-wop style with the kind of high-powered hip-hop that bites hard and leaves you breathless. The opening track is quite the high-flying displaying, almost delightfully acrobatic in nature, as if to backdrop a Cirque de Soleil routine, complete with extravagance and feather boas.

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