Coachella has always been the mecca of music festivals. Yes, it’s known for its celeb spottings and boho-chic crochet outfits. But it’s also a bucketlist festival for artists. It’s a capstone show that many performers use to flex their best stuff — whether it be unreleased music or a surprise guest. Why wouldn’t you? The crowd of 100,000 people per weekend is sometimes the biggest stage these artists have seen.

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The Cranberry Juice-Drinking, Longboarding Warehouse Worker Who Made Stevie Nicks Join TikTok

Nathan Apodaca, AKA @420doggface208, is bringing the relief and escapism we all need. Mick Fleetwood agrees.

Nathan Apodaca - FOX 5 Washington DC


It's become something of a legend at this point.

Nathan Apodaca was on his way to the Idaho potato factory where he had worked for over 13 years when his trusty old Dodge Durango's battery went out.

"I was just sitting there, and I'm like, 'OK, I'm not gonna sit here and wait for nobody to pull some jumper cables,' " he told NPR. "'I'm not gonna flag anyone down.' So I grab my juice, grab my longboard, started heading to work."

The 37-year-old pulled out his longboard and a jug of his beloved Ocean Spray cranberry juice and began making his way to work. Then he took out his phone.

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I’m at that point in life where I’m re-watching my favorite comfort shows for the zillionth time because nothing else is on. Most of the shows I'm obsessed with aren’t currently airing. And quite frankly, I’m bored. I can essentially quote New Girl word-for-word now due to this agonizing lull.

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Updated 1/13/23

Ladies and gentlemen, She's Back. Miley Cyrus has returned to music with her single "Flowers" as a present for her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth on his birthday. As Liam celebrates his 33rd, Miley will probably celebrate with 33 million+ streams.

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Music Lists

Happy 72nd Birthday: Stevie Nicks' 5 Best Songs

An introduction to the witchy queen's rich repertoire.

Stevie Nicks - If Anyone Falls (Official Music Video)

It's Stevie Nicks' 72nd birthday, so we're celebrating with a list of her most brilliant solo songs.

Nicks may be best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac—and "Landslide" definitely guarantees an automatic passage to eternal songwriting fame—but her solo work is arguably more mystical, more invested in Nicks' witchy world-building endeavors. Here are some of her best tracks.

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