We’ve reached peak quiet luxury. Maybe that happened quickly, when influencers flooded the TL with that stunningly resilient trend striving to convince you that all you need to look like you stepped out of Succession was .. Zara? But now, with Stealth-Wealth and Recessioncore still topics of major interest, strange sartorial ephemera of the rich are emerging as piecemeal trends.

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I grew up during Disney Channel’s golden era — you know exactly what I’m talking about. It was the when Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs) were at their prime and peak Disney TV starring the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, the Sprouse twins, and more. In hindsight, it was wild. There has never been such a hotbed for stardom since Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera were all on the Mickey Mouse Club.

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Sofia Richie Style

By Matteo Chinellato // Shutterstock

Rich people can dress badly too

When the new season of HBO’s Succession aired, of course, there was all the usual commentary and speculation — who would take over the Roy’s empire? What awful thing would this family do to each other next? What the hell did all that business stuff mean?

But this season more than ever, people were talking about the clothes.

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“Why? Because she’s brought a ludicrously capacious bag. What’s even in there, huh? Flat shoes for the subway? Her lunch pail? I mean, Greg, it’s monstrous. It’s gargantuan. You could take it camping. You could slide it across the floor after a bank job.”

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Return of the Roys: Succession is Back and Better Than Ever

What can we expect from Season 4 of HBO's Succession?

The Roy Kids in Succession Season 4, Episode 1

via Warner Brithers Press Room

They’re back: our favorite toxic, turbulent family. The Roys returned on March 26 in Succession Season 4, the HBO Max dramedy’s suspense-filled final season.

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Pedro Pascal Is Daddy Of The Year

What is there to say about Pedro Pascal that hasn’t been said already? The star has been around for over two decades now, but there’s been a recent fervent love burning in the hearts of millions across the globe for The Mandalorian. There are currently 885,000 videos on TikTok under the sound “Hey Sexy Lady” by Shaggy – with half of those videos dedicated to slo-mo Pedro in his new shows.

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