Best Ways to See More of Your Favorite K-Pop Idols

Can't get enough K-Pop? Check out these shows.

Running Man

Most K-Pop stars have carefully curated social media to give fans glimpses into their personal lives, but for some fans those little glimpses will never be enough.

Luckily, you don't need to resort to desperate measures to feel a little closer to your favorite idols. Korean entertainment is a world of endless crossovers, so you can get your fix of idol goodness in a few different ways.

Variety Shows

As anyone who's seen Jack Black's appearance on Infinite Challenge can tell you, Korean variety shows are crazy. We don't really have an equivalent in the U.S., but if you imagine a group of celebrities spending a whole day doing wacky Ellen/Jimmy Fallon games, you should get the idea. While Infinite Challenge is no longer running, it aired from 2005-2018 and regularly featured K-pop idols, along with actors, comedians, and athletes. With that many seasons, they've had a huge number of K-pop guests participating in the craziness, like T.O.P from Big Bang doing a ridiculous dance battle.

A similar show that's still airing is called Running Man, where you get to see members of BTS getting piggyback rides. The show also regularly features members of Bigbang, Blackpink, 2PM, CNBlue, and Miss A. With all the crazy antics that go on in these shows, you get to see more of the silly side of your favorite idols. Another variety show, Village Survival The Eight, has featured Jennie from Blackpink working with other celebrities to solve a fictional mystery. Along with the clips on YouTube, full episodes of these shows can be viewed for free on Rakuten Viki.

EXID's surprise sleeper hit Up & Down, fuelled by member Hani's sexy fancam, continues its ascent up the charts this week by climbing two spots to No. 5.

It's the group's highest-charting single to date by far, easily beating the No. 36 peak of their 2012 debut, Whoz That Girl.

The No. 1 song of the week belongs to ballad king Sung Si Kyung's Christmas single Don't Forget, followed by A Pink who stay put at No. 2 with LUV.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun is still going strong with his solo single At Gwanghwamun, which is back up two spots to No. 3, while rapper Master Wu's Come Here featuring Dok2 and Bobby arrives at No. 8.

Meanwhile, trending girl group AOA continue to show staying power as their latest hit Like a Cat remains at No. 10 for a second consecutive week.

INFINITE's latest subunit INFINITE F debuts at No. 23 with My Heart Is Beating, followed by boy band BtoB's Christmas single You Can Cry at No. 24.

Last but not least is new female soloist Shannon, who arrives at a solid No. 32 with her first single Daybreak Rain. This is quite good for a rookie female pop artist, especially one from a smaller agency like Shannon.

Check out this week's top K-pop hits below!

No. 1. Sung Si Kyung - Don't Forget

No. 5. EXID - Up & Down

No. 23. INFINITE F - My Heart Is Beating

No. 24. BtoB - You Can Cry

No. 32. Shannon - Daybreak Rain

Despite a handful of glossy new K-pop hits dropping over the last fortnight, it's the ballads that are winning big on the charts right now.

This week's No. 1 single belongs to Toy, the one-man project band of You Hee-yeol (who many people will know from his Sketchbook TV series). He tops the chart with "Three Of Us," while most of the tracks from his new album, Da Capo, have all debuted within the top twenty somewhere.

Kyuhyun's "At Gwanghwamun" stays at No. 2 for a second week, while last week's chart-topper, Hi Suhyun's "I'm Different," slips to No. 4.

BIGBANG's latest subunit, GD X TAEYANG, arrive at No. 5 with their debut single, "Good Boy," which is lower than what one would expect from the popular pair. Their YG Entertainment labelmates, Hi Suhyun, were able to reach No. 1 just last week with their own unit single, while Taeyang currently has the second-highest-selling hit of the year with "Eyes, Nose Lips." Perhaps the electro-hop style of "Good Boy" just isn't what Koreans are into right now?

A few spots down, AOA's "Like a Cat" slips 5-7 in its second week, while GOT7 debut at No. 25 with "Stop Stop It"--their lowest-charting single yet. On a positive note, the boy band's first studio album, Identity, managed to top the albums chart.

The biggest mover and shaker this week has to be girl group EXID, whose three-month-old single, "Up & Down," rockets to No. 34 after initially not cracking the top 100 back when it was first released. The song's sleeper hit status is all thanks to a fancam of one of the members performing the song's sexy choreography, which has become a viral sensation in Korea and turned "Up & Down" into an overnight smash. You can expect the song to climb even higher next week, possibly even making the top ten.

Further down at No. 69 is ex-KARA member Nicole, who tanks with her first solo single, "MAMA." The Sweetune-produced song has been a flop so far, but it's still hanging around in the mid-sixties on the real-time digital charts, so it probably won't leave the Gaon chart for at least another week or two.

However, Nicole still managed to perform better than girl group MAMAMOO, who arrive at No. 87 with their new single, "Piano Man." This is the quartet's lowest-charting single to date, even when including their pre-releases and OSTs.

Check out this week's new K-pop hits below!

No. 5. GD X TAEYANG - Good Boy

No. 25. GOT7 - Stop Stop It

No. 34. EXID - Up & Down

No. 69. Nicole - MAMA

No. 87. MAMAMOO - Piano Man

After MC Mong took over the entire top ten of last week's Korean singles chart, some other songs have got a chance to shine again this week.

At the top of the list is YG Entertainment's new teen duo, Hi Suhyun, who slide in at No. 1 with their first single, "I'm Different."

Just behind is Super Junior's Kyuhyun, who makes an impressive debut at No. 2 with his first solo single, "At Gwanghwamun."

AOA's "Like a Cat" debuts at No. 5, matching the peak position of their last single, "Short Hair." Although the girl group hasn't been able to climb any higher than five, their songs usually stick around for a while and end up selling a large amount in the long run.

The new TEEN TOP single, "I'm Sorry," arrives at No. 33, which is a big drop from their last hit, September's "Missing," which peaked at No. 8.

Scraping into the top forty is Woolim Entertainment's rookie girl group Lovelyz, who make No. 40 with their pre-release single, "GoodNight Like Yesterday."

And last but not least is Hello Venus, who jump up five spots this week to No. 87 with "Sticky Sticky." Despite this being the song's peak so far, it's still the lowest-charting single of their career.

Check out this week's new K-pop hits below.

No. 1. Hi Suhyun - I'm Different

No. 2. Kyuhyun - At Gwanghwamun

No. 5. AOA - Like a Cat

No. 33. TEEN TOP - I'm Sorry

No. 40. Lovelyz - Goodnight Like Yesterday

No. 87. Hello Venus - Sticky Sticky

With spring now in full bloom in Korea, idol bubblegum pop has taken a backseat on the charts to make way for ballads and acoustic K-indie ditties. This week's No. 1 single belongs to esteemed balladeer Park Hyo-shin and his new single "Wildflower," which entered at No. 2 last week. He pushes last week's chart-topper, rookie singer Bro's "That Kind of Man," down to No. 5.

Girl group A Pink debut at No. 2 with Mr. Chu, which becomes the highest-charting song of their three-year career. Their previous best was "NoNoNo," which peaked at No. 3 last year.

Orange Caramel's "Catallena" sits at No. 6 again, marking the fourth consecutive week that it's held the position.

A few spots down is Crayon Pop, who debut at a solid No. 10 with the addictive "UH-EE." The song (which sounds like The Vengaboys gone trot) has been criticized for not matching the success of their signature smash "Bar Bar Bar," but it's actually the group's second highest-charting song to date, so it's really not doing too bad by their standards.

4minute's "Whatcha Doin' Today" continues to slide, slipping down to No. 12 after initially debuting at No. 1 three weeks ago.

There's some good news for struggling K-diva NS Yoon-G, who scores the second top twenty entry of her career with the sexy "Yasisi" at No. 17. While Yoon-G still hasn't broken through with a proper hit song yet, she's been slowly but surely improving on the charts over the past five years.

Further down we've got Super Junior-M, who debut at No. 28 with "Swing." Considering that Super Junior have never fared too well with digital sales, a top thirty single from their subunit isn't too bad.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits below!

No. 1. Park Hyo-shin - Wildflower

No. 2. A Pink - Mr. Chu

No. 10. Crayon Pop - UH-EE!

No. 17. NS Yoon-G - Yasisi

No. 28. Super Junior-M - Swing

SM Entertainment --easily the biggest entertainment agency in K-pop-- has revealed some pretty exciting plans for 2014. The good news comes from a leaked document from the head of SM's production department, which mention's a handful of comebacks and surprises scheduled for this year.

  • TVXQ's 'Tense' repackage album will be released February 17
  • Girls' Generation will release a new album
  • EXO are set for a comeback
  • Super Junior have been preparing for their comeback since the beginning of the year and will return with a completely new image
  • The Teddy Riley writing camp is currently working on f(x)'s new single
  • There are two projects coming up that will surprise people (one of them probably being the Key/Woohyun unit that was recently announced)

There was no mention of SHINee, but considering that SHINee already made three huge comebacks in 2013, that's no surprise. As for f(x)'s comeback, we can only home that SM promotes them properly this time, instead of burying them underneath EXO like they did last year.

Which new SM Entertainment release are you looking forward to the most?

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