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Patti Smith, Questlove, and Obama Join Joy to the Polls for Election Celebrations

Selena Gomez, Swizz Beatz, Pete Souza, and many others have also contributed playlists to the initiative, designed to bring more happiness and hope to the voting process.

'Joy To The Polls' Brightens Dreary Voting Lines With Music, Dance | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

The election may be freaking you out, bumming you out, or just reinforcing what you already felt about America—but Joy to the Polls is trying to change that.

Too often, voting is a solemn, dread-filled experience. Long lines, high tensions, suppression, and the looming threat of COVID-19 have all made it uniquely difficult for people to get out to the vote in 2020.

But Joy to the Polls is based on the idea that it doesn't have to be this way—in fact, it shouldn't be this way. People have fought and died for our right to vote, and voting is our opportunity to create new beginnings in our nation. The process should be a celebration, not a nightmare.

"We have rampant voter suppression in the US," says Nelini Stamp, campaign director with Election Defenders and performer and organizer with Joy to the Polls. "We wanted to figure out a way so while people are outside of the polling station, we can bring them a feeling of safety and a feeling of joy."

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The Battle Series ​Verzuz ​Is Slowly Losing Its Appeal

Lack of star power and corporate backing is causing the show to lose steam.

Timbaland and Swizz Beatz

Photo by MediaPunch/Shutterstock

With the entire world stuck at home sheltering in place, musicians have had to resort to entertaining fans (and themselves) virtually.

While some entertained the weary masses in the form of TikTok videos and Instagram challenges, others went as far as performing concerts and DJ sets from the comfort of their homes. But it would be the platform created by super producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland that would become the frontrunner in quarantine entertainment.

On March 24, Verzuz was born as a showdown between accomplished artists, songwriters, and producers playing their most popular songs against each other in the spirit of friendly competition. Instagram Live would act as the battleground for the clash of musical titans. Swizz and Timbaland would not only serve as the masterminds of the series but its inaugural battle participants.

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Rick Ross Raps Circles Around Drake on "Gold Roses"

Ross's deep voice melodically weaves into the beat, while Drake sounds like he's rapping over the beat instead of with it.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

After collaborating last month on "Money in the Grave," Drake and Rick Ross are at it again.

This time, Rick Ross reigns supreme. Ross raps the house down with 33 straight bars, starting off by slowly reflecting, "I was nominated, never won a Grammy / But I understand, they'll never understand me / Lot of lives lost, but I never panicked / Lot of lines crossed, I never did a Xanny." Ross's deep voice melodically weaves into the beat, while Drake sounds like he's rapping over the beat instead of with it.

That's not to say Drake doesn't hold his own. The chart-topper took his feature as a second victory lap on behalf of the Toronto Raptors. In his verse, the Toronto native trolls the new Brooklyn Nets player, Kevin Durant, spitting, "All smiles, Kevin Durant trials/Had to blow it on the court, I must of blew a milli' / I'm walkin' on all charges, that's my new Achilles."

Drizzy also throws some delicious shade towards his current foe Kanye West: "Mentally I'm already on next year, that's some 20/20 clear vision, you sayin' let you finish, I ain't tryna hear it. I'm all for spiritual liftin', but I don't fly Spirit." Fans speculate the line to be in reference to West's 2009 VMA fiasco with Taylor Swift.

"Gold Roses" is the first single off Rick Ross' upcoming album, Port of Miami II, which will serve as the sequel to his 2006 debut album. The album is expected to drop August 2nd.

Listen below:

Rick Ross - Gold Roses (Audio) ft.