Delta Boots Tara Reid From Flight

A case of "customer disturbance" was cited

Another day, another Tara Reid ruckus.

Over the years, the American Pie actress and more recently, Sharknado star has found herself in a number of embarrassing, often concerning situations. From her 2004 "wardrobe malfunction" where she turned the red carpet into a peep show, to an interview just a few months ago where Reid's slurred speech was front and center, the D-list actress never lets the tabloids down.

Here we are, back again with another 'hot mess' moment from Reid, this time aboard a flight bound for the Big Apple. On Monday, Reid was set to travel from Los Angeles to NYC via Delta Air Lines (with her dog, no less), but before the plane could take off, Reid was taken off the flight.

Little detail has emerged as to why the 42-year-old was booted. For now, all Delta claims is " customer disturbance." Per a statement from a Delta spokesperson, "Delta flight 613 from Los Angeles to New York JFK-International returned to the gate, prior to takeoff, due to a customer disturbance on board." The flight finally took off once Reid was removed and was only slightly delayed.

Tara Reid Removed from United Flight After Flying Into Rage | TMZ

As they always manage to do, TMZ obtained video footage of the incident. A Delta flight attendant speaks to Reid prior to her "escort" off the aircraft. With her dog in tow, Reid got off the plane while the remaining passengers sat and stared at the scene.

As per People, "A rep for the actress did not have a comment," but TMZ collected some info from sources at the scene. TMZ reports Reid flew into a rage, was "pissed and loudly complained about being given the wrong seat and (about) not getting a pillow." Yahoo adds, "(Reid) was also reportedly upset that the passenger in front of her had a reclined seat."

No police intervention was required to remove Reid from the Delta flight and she took a later flight to NYC the same day, evidently without incident.

While Delta may not be a fan of Reid's, at least she has Linda Hogan (ex-wife of Hulk Hogan) on her side.

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tara reid drunk wasted mess—Tara was caught on camera rambling incoherently on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, and it's just sad..

Tara Reid can't stop won't stop.

The 30-year-old was caught on camera rambling incoherently on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, and it's just beyond sad really.

It seems Reid wasn't aware the cameras were rolling when she embarks on a drunken tirade, slurring and spouting absolute nonsense.

The incident occurred shortly after a therapy session, and will air on this week's episode of the WEtv show—you can watch sneak peek video right here on Popdust.

Tara goes off on one of the show's producers in the production office, as therapists, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, watch from a security feed.

Reid had just walked out of her therapy session after things got a tad too uncomfortable and close to the crux for her.

She's clearly upset—and totally wasted—venting to the producer about her gay friend supposed boyfriend, Dean May:

They only see what Dean tells them because he's a fucking actor and being happy in front of them.

I'm not going to set myself up again.

They don't fucking know the real story!

That's the semi-coherent part…

Then follows something about how she didn't know who any of the "celebs" in the house are…but they all know who she is:

I didn't know who anyone was in that fucking house when I walked in.

But everyone knows who I am, everyone, it's a fact.

Ramble… wah….ramble….wah…slur…ramble…wah.

"I don't know 90% of what you're talking about," the producer responds.

The Carrolls watch closely as the drunken drama unfolds, commenting that it's one of the few times Reid is actually expressing herself—albeit in a totally nonsensical manner.

"I don't know what she's saying, but at least she's not censoring herself again," Jim Carroll opines.

Yep, she's definitely not censoring herself.

She goes on to start doing impressions of Dean, and let's just say there's clearly no love lost between this supposed "couple."

Meanwhile, May and fellow housemate Toya Wright discuss Tara's dramatic exit from the therapy session.

They go back and forth before agreeing on the fact that Tara is "crazy."

Poor, poor Tara Reid.

Seriously, just, bless her.

Scroll down to watch the Tara Reid drunk wasted mess video.

And tune into WEtv Friday at 9pm to watch the new episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality stars.

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Tara Reid trainwreck marriage boot camp combo is going to make for must-watch TV—jump on board the hot mess express!

The Tara Reid trainwreck has pulled into the Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars house—and it was only one day late!

Because, of course it was a day late—Tara “hot mess” Reid folks!

She probably had a super important spray tan appointment she couldn't miss or something.

Not surprisingly, relationship counselor Elizabeth Carroll was pretty pissed at Reid for her tardiness.

Because, let’s face it, nothing says committed to therapy like turning up 24-hours late.

Good job Tara!

Carroll even goes through the motions of pretending they weren’t going to allow Reid to participate in the show.

Which, of COURSE isn’t even a possibility, because Tara Reid makes for reality TV gold.

Carroll tells the 40-year-old:

Boot camp is commitment and we normally don't let people come in late like this.

You've missed a full day.

Meanwhile, Tara's hot mess will be on full display throughout the show, judging by the season trailer—which you can watch below.

There’s Tara screaming at her (probably fake) boyfriend of five minutes; Tara screaming at the therapists.

There's Tara screaming at her housemates as they scream at her and each other.

There’s Tara chugging back shots; Tara drunkenly dirty dancing on the kitchen table; Tara and the (probably fake) boyfriend of five minutes in handcuffs.

Yeah, this is going to be golden.

In addition to Tara trainwreck and her “party boy Dean May”  there’s a whole other bunch of D-listers you’ve likely never heard of:

Memphitz Wright, the bad boy who won’t commit to his wife Toya

Model Lisa D’Amato and her doomsday prepping husband Adam

The Bachelor couple no longer in paradise Michelle Money and Cody Sattler

And the fiancés battling infidelity Brittish Williams and Lorenzo Gordon

As per WE TV:

On this season, five new reality show couples enter the compound grounds to fight for their damaged relationships under the strain of secrets, lies and jail time!

And find out what happens when one couple’s deceitful plot tornados through the house, and goes down as the biggest train wreck in Marriage Boot Camp history.

And when Hollywood wild child Tara Reid and her party boy Dean May break down the doors and all the rules…there’ll be hell to pay.

Directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, along with co-directors Ilsa Norman and David Bishop have their work cut out for them as they take on relationships that are on the verge of massive destruction.

And the honorable Judge Lynn Toler is back to lay down the hammer during nightly evaluations.

Up against the most intense exercises and drills yet, including a talk show with a shocking twist hosted by Montel Williams, the toughest weeks of their relationships lie ahead.

But in the end, which couple will survive when NO ONE is safe?

Our money is on Tara—that chick is like a cockroach…. she would survive Armageddon.

Tune into WE TV June 3 at 9/8 to see the season premiere or Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

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Tara Reid Trainwreck Marriage Boot Camp combo is guaranteed reality TV gold


There's a new celebrity bitch feud brewing in Hollywood.....

Elizabeth Banks told The Hollywood Reporter, "I used to go to auditions with Tara Reid. So, you know we didn't all make it. We're not all still here."

During the interview, Banks, 41, had not been asked about Tara at all, she just threw a sucker punch out of no where.

Meanwhile, Reid, 39, told TMZ, "I've always been a fan of her work and that’s sad to hear she said those things about me."

Later in the interview, Banks attempted to save face by saying, "But I do love Sharknado."

Well, good news Elizabeth! Sharknado 3 is out this summer!

Poor Tara added that if she bumped into Banks today she would "smile and say, hi."

Bless her cotton socks.....

Tara Reid is kicking off her big comeback proper! The 39-year-old party girl stripped down to her epidermis to celebrate the dawn of 2015 in Tulum, Mexico—posting the results on her Instagram account.

In the photos, the D-list diva is seen posing nekkid in a hammock, in addition to showing off her bikini body, which can be described as falling somewhere between super skinny and scrawny—but, seems the Sharknado 3 star didn't feel she was quite thin enough naturally, so following in Paris Hilton's big old footsteps before her, she embarked on a quick photoshop diet, in order to make herself look even scrawnier.

“It looks like the photos have definitely been tampered with around the waist area,” a Photoshop expert tells Popdust. "There's a strange blurring around the waist area, and the natural line is disrupted. Then, in the hammock photo, her arm appears distorted and misshapen."

"Happy New Year," The American Pie babe captioned the buck naked pic, in which she smiles seductively at her followers and drapes her hands over her ta tas and hoohaa.

“Caves are so beautiful in Tulum. I love it. Wish you were all here with me," she captioned one of the bikini pics, adding, "My amazing boyfriend who I adore. Thank you for making my New Years. You are wonderful."

Reid neglected to identify her boyfriend. Lemme guess. Because he’s filthy rich but not so attractive, maybe?

Fresh off the premiere of Sharknado 2: The Second One comes Tara Reid's first fragrance, Shark by Tara.

Yes, you read correctly: Tara Reid has officially entered the celebrity fragrance market.

Ads for Shark by Tara are now appearing on the Sharknado chanteuse's official website, which is selling the scent for the affordable price of $24.95.

Contrary to what you might think, Shark by Tara does not smell like cigarettes, pie, suntan lotion, and Long Island Iced Tea carpet stains. It's actually a lavender inspired perfume (Tara's favourite color), with refreshing top notes of iced mint, violet, and lemon. The heart is a floral concoction of jasmine, tuberose and lily of the valley, while musk, amber, and "cool blue rose" (whatever that is) make up the base.

It actually sounds quite nice, doesn't it? In fact, if I was having a B.O. emergency and had to choose between Paris Hilton's Dazzle, Nicki Minaj's Onika, Nicole Polizzi's Snooki Couture, and Shark by Tara to cover up my smelliness, you can bet your sweet ass I'd be dousing myself in Reid's signature scent.