I know everyone says this, but Fall is my favorite time of year. The colder weather, changing leaves, and weirdly, I even like the shorter days!

Even though this year is set to be a lot different, I'm still looking forward to a lot of fun at-home activities. For me, Fall is a perfect excuse to stay home, light a fire, and chill out. Doing nothing is therapeutic sometimes, but even on my laziest evenings spent at home, my friends and I always treat ourselves to wine.

As I've gotten a little older, I've become more interested in finding great bottles, as opposed to the best deals I can get my hands on. Having said that, price is still a factor for me when it comes to selecting a bottle. So when my friend suggested I should sign up for a wine club, I shrugged it off, thinking it would be too expensive.

When clubs sound great — I mean, who wouldn't want wine delivered right to their doorstep on a regular basis? But my wine-savvy friend said that wine clubs can be super affordable- if you can find the right one. She insisted I check out Tasting Room.

Turns out, not all wine clubs are the same. What makes Tasting Room different is that they go the extra mile when it comes to curating your shipments. After you take a quiz on their site detailing some of your flavor preferences, they send you a tasting kit of 6 mini bottles to rate for only $9.95. Once you rate the mini bottles online, Tasting Room's experts curate your personalized wine profile and send you 6 full-sized bottles every month.

I liked the sound of being able to do a mini tasting from home before having full-sized bottles shipped to me. But what really struck me was Tasting Room's new TREX membership.

TREX is designed to bring a full at-home wine experience to you. For me, an amazing wine experience is so much more than just drinking a few glasses. I love learning about vintages and pairings, talking about the flavor profiles with my friends, and discovering new bottles that I end up falling in love with.

A TREX membership gives you access to a pretty impressive set of perks. Firstly, you get matched with your very own personal wine concierge. They are available at any time to help you curate your monthly shipments, answer any questions you may have about a bottle, and make recommendations for dinner parties or birthdays.

For TREX members, every 5th month is complimentary, you get free shipping on all monthly orders, and you get exclusive discounts from Tasting Room's partners, like Fortessa (the stemware of choice for the Ritz Carlton).

With so many incredible perks, I had to sign up. But the one I'm most excited about is the virtual wine tastings! The tastings happen twice a year, and I'll get to talk to my concierge and other wine lovers and further expand my knowledge base.

A TREX membership costs just $58.95, which includes the cost of the tasting kit, and it's been the perfect addition to my cozy fall evenings at home. I've loved picking my wines every month with the help of my concierge, and so far I've absolutely loved every bottle I've gotten.

You can't beat the convenience of having wine delivered right to your door. I've been having so many great evenings at home with friends, enjoying great wine, and cooking (thanks to the pairing recommendations from my concierge). At-home nights are the new normal, and thanks to Tasting Room, I'd happily never leave the house again!

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Tasting Room Is Bringing Wine Tasting To The People

Make the most of your nights in with Tasting Room.

When my weekends went from super busy to nothing, I fell into a rut real fast. Friday and Saturday nights were spent on the couch, watching movies I'd already seen. After a few weeks of doing nothing, I decided I needed something new! Something spicy!

I asked my friends if they were doing anything fun - there were nightly walks, organizing DIYs, some rewatches of Parks And Recreation… ugh, we'd really done it all, hadn't we? One friend told me she was waiting for her Tasting Room wine kit to arrive - she took a short quiz online detailing some taste preferences, like light or dark chocolate, and based on her answers, they were sending her 6 miniature bottles of wine to taste and rate, before she got 4 full-size bottles.

I'd tried a wine subscription before, but after 2 months, I really wasn't impressed with what they were sending me. She told me to be quiet about my mediocre experience - with Tasting Room's mini-starter kit, you get to really figure out the wines you like, and when you continue rating, the algorithm learns what you really like. And it's all high-quality wine, from some of the best vineyards from all over the world.

She and her husband were going to make a charcuterie plate and taste all the wines.

That sounded so cute! My goodness did I miss a good glass of wine with some fig jam, brie spread, and prosciutto. And we'd been buying the same 3 reds all quarantine. I'll admit, I'm nervous to try anything new.

I thought I'd wait for my friend's kit to arrive, and then her full-size kit to arrive before I thought about purchasing, but I was so bored, and the kit wasn't too expensive, so I bought it!

Tasting Room
6 Mini Bottles In Your Tasting Kit
Full-Sized Bottles Of Your Favorites
Try Tasting Room Today For $9.95!

I picked up some soft goat cheese, hard gouda, this other cheese that smelled good, honey, dates, olives, thin crackers, and a little soppressata. When my friend's kit arrived, she told me she had so much fun, and she really loved a couple of the wines - she told me she could also finally articulate why she didn't love the others.

The kit arrived in a sleek black box. This was way easier than putting on a mask and going to the liquor store, trying not to bump into anyone as I browsed.

I opened it up to reveal my 6 little bottles. Yay! I assembled my cheese plate and grabbed two wine glasses - one for the reds, and one for the whites. As I drank, I followed along with the guidelines from the kit - it helped me describe the different wines. Were they dry? Jammy? Were there notes of chocolate? Melon?

It was really fun! And I'd been looking forward to it all day. I'm so excited for my first month's full-sized shipment to come - it ended up being super affordable at around $13 a bottle. The rating process is so thorough that I'm also confident it's going to be good. Tasting Room gives you notes on every bottle you get, so I'd get to do this tasting experience every time if I wanted to.

I never thought I'd have any interest in a wine subscription, but Tasting Room helps make nights-in a lot more enjoyable. Follow this link to get your wine tasting kit for only $9.95 (that's $30 in savings!)

Staying in is the new going out. The most exciting innovations in the wine world mean that you can learn about new wines and sample them right from the comfort of your own home.

That wine industry is changing, people want to have their wines perfectly matched to their palette and delivered right to their door. Online wine clubs like Tasting Room are using all that technology has to offer to provide a new age of wine lovers with a fun, accessible, and completely at-home experience that's tailored to your tastes and preferences—and it's totally changing the way we enjoy wine.

Here are 4 reasons why you should skip the liquor store, stay home, and have your wine delivered.

1.The wine tasting experience comes to you

With people starting to spend more and more time at home, an interactive tasting experience makes for a great night in.

Tasting Room uses technology to make informed recommendations for you based on how you rank their wines. Everything is done online.

Start with an online quiz. Then, you'll get six samples of wine, which you'll rate online.

Based on your ratings, Tasting Room creates a personalized wine profile with wines you'd like, which they'll continue to update based on your enjoyment of each order.

Tasting Room
Interactive At-Home Tasting
Wine Delivered To Your Door

Try Tasting Room Today!

2. Every shipment is tailored to your taste perfectly

Unlike the liquor store, you won't need to look to others to recommend wines for you; your taste buds will give Tasting Room's curators all they need to pick your wine. You can check out your wine profile for recommendations, and they'll ship 12 bottles that they've hand selected to your door on whatever schedule works for you.

You'll develop a more refined palate, learn how to pair wine to elevate any dining experience, and know whether you prefer earthy reds from Italy or zingy whites from Spain.

What's better than spending time at home with loved ones and friends cooking and trying new wines?

3. You get more way more variety than the liquor store

Why bother leaving the house only to have a limited variety at your local liquor store? Stay in and let the variety come to you. Tasting Room exposes you to a wide variety of wines from their partnering vineyards all over the world, from Napa Valley to South Africa, New Zealand, and more, that you might not come across all in one store. You'll try wines you know you'll love from a variety of vineyards and blends. Tasting Room bring vineyards from around the world to your living room, so experience a cab from Napa or a Sav Blanc from South Africa without even having to leave your couch!

4. TREX Membership

If we weren't already loving Tasting Room, their new TREX membership has sealed the deal. TREX gives you access to a seemingly never-ending list of perks(over $600 in value!) for just $59.85.

So what exactly does it entail? The first 500 members to sign up for TREX will get every 4th shipment of wine for free, access to a personal wine concierge that is always on hand to help you curate your shipments and offer recommendations for pirates and birthdays, free shipping on all orders, exclusive discounts from Tasting Rooms elite partners, 2 free Fortessa wine glasses(the stemware of choice for the Ritz Carlton!), and invite-only virtual wine tastings.

Tasting Room cuts out the middleman by working directly with wineries, so they can pass along the savings to you. To join the club, you'll pay $10 for your six-bottle tasting kit, and after rating they send you your first case of wine tailored to match your tastes for $13/bottle. Getting the kit means getting your first tailored case. So join if you want the wine :).

Join the movement and have your wine delivered from Tasting Room. Stay at home and let the best wines from around the world come to you.

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