The only thing more American than apple pie is a nip slip.

Or in this case, bottom slips. On August 29th, Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom fame accidentally showed more skin than planned on the red carpet for the screening of Ad Astra. Her floral-print ball gown by French designer Christophe Guillarme featured a thigh-high slit that made it clear Abraham had opted to attend the premiere sans undergarments. You might think that in this age of sexual freedom, skimpy outfits, photo leaks, and body positivity, we'd be past making a big deal out of something as run of the mill as a skirt revealing more than intended. But the incident immediately made headlines, overshadowing the premiere and causing a stir on social media. She later posted a picture on Instagram.

Interestingly, the reality star had a similar "accident" at last year's Cannes Film Festival, and video later showed that the crotch-shot was intentional. Commenters on Abraham's Venice Instagram were not going to let her forget it.

One person wrote: "So you had to flash your vag just like you did at the Cannes? Pretty sad that's how you choose to keep your name in the tabloids. At each event you were clearly pulling your dress to flash everyone your vag." Another said, "Farrah 101 for when you're an irreverent wannabe...of course we flash our cooter...oooops I mean 'wardrobe malfunction''ve got to be one of the most desperate people I've ever seen...and all in the presence of poor Sophia...such a roll model."

If the "malfunction" was in fact intentional, one has to admit that if the goal was free publicity, it was a savvy move. If you Google "celebrity wardrobe malfunction," 32,100,000 results appear immediately. Admit it, you can't name who won the 2004 super bowl, you probably can't even say for sure which teams played, but you absolutely remember the exact instant during the half time show when Janet Jackson showed America more than her killer dance moves.

The iconic wardrobe malfunction made headlines everywhere, throwing the game into the background. Or maybe you remember when Chrissy Teigen didn't account for the breeze and accidentally showed off her immaculately waxed undercarriage. Or the famous instance of Britney Spears exiting a car without any underwear on. So why are people vilifying Abraham for merely giving the people what they want?

Why do we care so much about glimpses of usually covered human anatomy? Why do we find nip slips and accidental cr*tch shots more titillating than images of bare bodies that are readily available online or even in movies? What is the undeniable appeal of an outfit going rogue?

The truth is that we love seeing someone's body without their explicit consent.

People are so riled up about Abraham's manufactured malfunction because knowing it was intentional takes away much of the appeal. And that's pretty f*cked up.

As we take baby steps towards becoming a society that prioritizes consent, we have to realize that reveling in wardrobe malfunctions can't be a part of that better future. The human body isn't inherently sexual or scandalous, and it's never okay to look at someone's naked body if they don't mean to show it to you. It's 2019: Aren't we a different society than we were when n*pple gate shook our worlds? Isn't it time to stop treating the human body like a spectacle? Maybe, instead of shaming Farrah Abraham for merely capitalizing on an American perversion, we should take a look inwards and think about why we're still so fascinated by wardrobe malfunctions—and what exactly that says about us.

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry dating woman after split from soon-to-be-ex-husband, Javi Marroquin—and, it may not be a new development..

Teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, jail sentences..

And just when you thought Teen Mom 2 couldn’t get any more delicious, Kailyn Lowry moves on from her soon-to-be-ex-husband Javi Marroquin…with a woman!

And it’s only been a few weeks since they announced the split!

The 24-year-old reality star was spotted swapping spit with her longtime friend Becky Hayter at a Gay Pride Festival in New Jersey on June 5.

There was also a Snapchat video posted of them kissing, but it has since been deleted.

Lowry posted a photo with Hayter’s arm around her on Instagram, captioned, “Girlfriend status. ”

She also posted another pic with the caption "my girl" with a heart emoji.

Kailyn’s divorce from Javi, the father of her second child, is not yet finalized and while her estranged husband is still deployed, she's  flaunting her lesbian lover!


But just how long has this been going on?

Over 2-years ago, back when Kailyn’s son Lincoln, was a little baby, Becky shared a photo of herself, Kailyn, and the kid— captiontioned, "me and my girlfriend and our son."

And this isn’t like “that one time in college.”

No, Lowry’s history of girl-on-girl action is right up there with Lindsay Lohan’s.

A source spoke about a middle school relationship Kailyn had, to Star magazine back in 2012:

Kail was with a girl named Shelby for about two years.

[Jo Rivera] knew about Kail‘s relationship with that girl.

He thought it was a phase.

You mean like TV, or the internet?

Lowry also hooked up with her friend Gigi Hanna.

“Kail cheated on Jo with Gigi, but he knew and didn’t care,” Star's insider revealed.

On a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Marroquin revealed that the marital deal breaker was that Kailyn didn’t want any more children.

“We texted and we talked about our future,” he told his wife over FaceTime when she revealed she doesn’t want more kids.

“There is no future. That’s a big reason why we’re not going to work.

Your excuse is bullshit.”

Their marriage lasted almost 4 years.

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teen mom kailyn lowry dating woman

leah messer rehab drugs depression

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer talks rehab drugs and depression on the Steve Harvey show today.

The mom-of-three entered a rehab treatment center for a 30-day program last summer, amid accusations of drug abuse.

Prescription pills

Her decision to seek help was documented on season 6 of the MTV reality show.

Throughout the season, both Messer’s then-husband, Jeremy Calvert and her first husband, Corey Simms, showed concern about her alleged drug use.

Calvert believed Messer had a prescription pill habit, while Simms confronted her about hiding a “drug problem.”

However, Messer insists her issues stemmed from mental health problems and not drug addiction.

No support

With tears in her eyes, the 23-year-old admits how difficult it was for her to enter treatment.

She tells Harvey:

It took me quite some time to know whether I was gonna go or not.

I’m from West Virginia, and everyone that I was around didn’t quite support me going away.

They didn’t think it was good.

I knew I was suffering from something. I didn’t know what it was. I just knew that I was suffering and I needed help.

It’s just me and my husband’s working out of town. I’m trying to do everything I can to take care of the girls.

Narcolepsy was also a contributing factor and during one Teen Mom 2 episode Messer was shown falling asleep while holding her infant niece.

Single parenting

Messer explains how difficult she found it, looking after the kids on her own—Calvert worked as a pipe-fitter and would be away from home for extended periods.

She admits it all became too much for her:

I was on the anxiety and depression track. I put every single bit of me into my kids, marriage and house.

It always felt like it wasn’t enough. It took me down. I had to learn I had to make time for myself.

That’s the change I had to make in order to be happy and healthy.

Not even six months ago, I probably would have never seen what I see now.

Doing it the right way and being able to have that platform to teach girls how to do it the right way, that’s what matters to me.

Back on track

Since her rehab stint, Messer and Calvert have divorced, and she’s been back and forth with Simms over custody of their girls.

Although she, Corey, and Corey’s wife, Miranda, have had very public battles on Teen Mom 2, Leah insists they are currently on good terms.

She tells Harvey:

Corey and I, we have been co-parenting really well.

I came back from treatment, they actually looked to me for their therapy activities. They didn’t believe in therapy until I came back.

We’re in a much better place.

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leah messer rehab drugs depression

leah messer rehab drugs depression

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leah messer rehab drugs depression

farrah abraham insane angry

Poor poor Farrah Abraham.

The reality star is basically just an angry scared little girl inside a surgically altered tough-woman-acting 24-year-old’s body.

Abraham has one go to emotion in any time of stress, or in any situation when she feels fear or discomfort, and that’s anger—insane, immense anger.

Big Bro Live Show Cut After Farrah Abraham Gets Into Physical Fight

The lights are on but no-one's home farrah abraham insane angry

When she’s not displaying that anger, Abraham comes across as some weird kind of Stepford Wife, unauthentic and almost robotic in her behavior—like, the lights are on but no-one’s home.

She’s at her most authentic Farrah Abraham, when she drops the Stepford Wife facade, loses control, and allows the anger to come out—and she appears to be the most proud of herself at those times.

CBB—Jenna Jameson And Farrah Abraham Simulated Sex Show Is Suitably Revolting

Sadly, the longer she continues her weird Stepford/insane anger dynamic, the less likely it is that she’s ever going to resolve her issues once and for all—in fact, she seems to be turning into more of a caricature of herself with each passing day.

When Teen Moms attack farrah abraham insane angry

That was no more apparent than in Monday night’s Teen Mom OG finale, when Farrah launched into an insane expletive filled attack on MTV producer, Larry Musnik.

It all kicked off after Musnik turned up at Abraham’s new $2million mansion in LA, with a crew, to film her moving day.

CBB—Jenna Jameson And Farrah Abraham’s Deranged Delusional Double Act

Abraham had just been told she couldn’t take part in a rival network’s reality show, with her mom, Debra Danielson, as it would make her in breach of contract—so, she refused to allow Musnik and his crew to film her.

The two went back and forth, with Abraham posturing, and insisting she’s done nothing wrong, and the confrontation got increasingly more heated.

"You know what's so fucking laughable right now?" Abraham screamed at Musnik. "I'm laughing, I would love to not laugh in your face, why are you so white trash? What a dumb, twisted motherfucker!”

Farrah Abraham Wants To Boost Her Backdoor With Butt Implants

"This entire thing for you is because of this show!" Musnik countered. "We walked in the door when you were in a cheerleading outfit. This gave you your start."

"Sophia's dad died, that's what got your shit picked up," Abraham screamed. "I don’t need to be a part of a trashy ass show anymore because I make millions of dollars doing other shit.”

"This gave you your start! This gave you your start!" Musnik yelled.

Farrah Abraham Fixes Disastrous Trout Pout—Futurama Lips No More

"Why are you so white trash? Are you around people all the time who are trash, and you need to keep arguing with me?" Abraham screamed. "Get the fuck out of my property!"

"Son of a bitch, get the fuck away from me," Abraham shrieked, physically shoving Musnik onto the street.

Sex Tape Star Farrah Abraham Is Too Demure To Actually Say The Word ‘Sex’

"Go fuck yourself, and I will never work with you guys again," Abraham vowed,  before running into her house and slamming the door.

Fighting proud farrah abraham insane angry

Although she’s not publicly commented on the altercation, she’s clearly proud of her behavior, as she tweeted a clip of her attacking Musnik, on Monday, along with the warning, "Don't Mess with this mama's family."

In a sneak peek clip of part one of the Teen Mom OG Reunion special—which you can watch right here on PopdustDr. Drew attempts to get to the bottom of Farrah’s angry outbursts.

Teen Mom Porn Star Farrah Abraham Writing Christian Parenting Book

Why so angry? farrah abraham insane angry

“Obviously we’ve got to talk about that fight with the producer, Larry, that we saw there. What got you so angry? What was that all about?” He asks.

“I think there was a bunch of things that got me angry, and I don’t really feel that any person who is an elder who I am working with…” Farrah begins, prompting Dr. Drew to laugh, and interrupt, “An elder?”

“An elder, who I’m working with, should antagonize me or fight with me, and not communicate appropriately. And I think things got heightened and out of control.” Abraham says.

Farrah Abraham’s Blowin’ Lyrics Analysis—Booze Bullies And Babies Come Together

“I, I — Larry doesn’t usually get like that,” Dr. Drew counters.

“I’ve seen Larry — I mean, everyone changes over the years, so,” Farrah says.

“How are you and Larry doing now? You guys cool?” Dr. Drew asks.

“Great,” Farrah says. “Fine. I’m fine with everyone.”

Farrah Abraham Enlists 5-Year-Old Daughter For Bizarre New Video—Thankfully It’s PG

As she is clearly NOT fine with anyone, let alone everyone, Dr. Drew probes further, perhaps in the hope of sparking some self-awareness.

“Um, You had something horrible happen in childhood?” He asks.

“Yeah.” Farrah replies.

“There’s something called traumatic reenactment that humans do…one of the crazy things about humans is when something bad happens to us — particularly in childhood — we reenact it over and over again in our adult life. And you’ve had men exploit you?” Dr. Drew continues.

Just So You Know, Farrah Abraham Is Making a Fortune Off Her Sex Tapes

“Yeah.” Farrah replies.

“You had some things happen to you that you would not do today?” Dr. Drew asks.

“Yeah.” Farrah replies.

“You look sad while I talk about this.” Dr. Drew says.

“Because it’s so sad,” Farrah replies.

“Why?” Dr. Drew asks.

Farrah Abraham: “The Sex Tape Ruined My Life!”

“I don’t really feel like people should have to go through with that.” Farrah says.

“Well, but you’ve been there,” Dr. Drew points out.

“That’s part of life,” Farrah says, doing her usual act of putting on a big tough girl act.

“Well, stop it. Stop dismissing it. That is sad,” Dr. Drew says.

“Yeah.” Farrah replies.

“It’s sad to have been hurt a a child, right?” Dr. Drew asks, as Farrah nods, and starts to become visibly emotional and upset.

“Super sad,” Dr. Drew says, as Farrah starts to cry.

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Bless. Poor poor Farrah.

You can watch part one of the Teen Mom OG reunion Monday on MTV at 10 p.m. EST.

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Teen Mom

She's been arrested for heroin possession, spousal abuse, stalking, harassment, breaking and entering, violating her restraining order, and now Jenelle Evans can add driving without a license to her rap sheet.

TMZ reports that the Teen Mom star spent an hour in a South Carolina jail cell on Tuesday, February 24 after Highway Patrol arrested her and booked her into the J. Reuben Long Detention Center. She posted a $237.50 bond and was free.

The 23 year-old later retweeted a friend who wrote, "Yall chill she paid a speeding tick 3 days late in 2013 & license was just suspended recently & she had no idea. It's cleared up It's all good."






Farrah Abraham wanted to look like Angelina Jolie, but she came out of the plastic surgeons looking like that Leela chick from Futurama. Or, like she had a giant facial tumor.

As Popdust previously reported, things turned uglier than a Couples Therapy reunion show a couple of weeks ago, after Farrah attempted to have an implant placed in her upper lip—a fairly new procedure—and she suffered an ungodly reaction to the anesthetic.

In true Farrah over-share style, she generously posted photos of the plastic-surgery-gone-wild carnage on Twitter—but, thankfully, the 23-year-old mom-of-one-reality-star-turned-porn-goddess is seemingly back to normal now.

On Saturday, the Back Door Teen Mom hosted a night at New York's The Scene Nightclub ... where she debuted her new and improved pout.

Can I get a Amen?!

When surgery goes wrong...very, very damn wrong....