I'm generally comfortable with my appearance, but my smile is my biggest insecurity. I've never been super happy with the color of my teeth, so I whitened them once with strips in my teens, but it was super painful and I chipped a tooth at that time, so I've always felt like it weakened my teeth.

As much as I would love a brighter smile, it has to be safe or it just isn't worth it for me. I tried a charcoal hack on TikTok, but apparently that's also pretty unsafe and can even interact with medications?! I was complaining to a friend who mentioned I should look into Spotlight Oral Care.

It's a dentist-founded company that focuses on total oral hygiene, not just whitening, so I could completely transform my smile safely if I wanted to. My entire routine did need an overhaul, so I took a look at what Spotlight had to offer.

They had electric toothbrushes and specific toothpastes, like for sensitive teeth and different whitening products. I really wanted to try the whitening products… I also had never had an electric toothbrush, and theirs had a whitening setting, which would be a great asset for in-between whitenings.

I ended up drawn to their Ultimate Care Bundle. It would be a routine overhaul, and for less than $200, I was getting 5 products. My toothpaste was almost out anyway, so I took a risk and bought it!

When my package arrived, this is what I unpacked:

  1. The Sonic Toothbrush - a 3-speed deep cleaning electric toothbrush with amazing reviews
  2. Teeth Whitening Strips - a 2-week course made with a safe amount of hydrogen peroxide
  3. Teeth Whitening Pen - for on-the-go applications, this pen helps touch up your teeth between whitenings
  4. Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth - hydrogen peroxide and sodium fluoride lift stains and prevent decay
  5. Dental Floss for Whitening Teeth - whitening floss helps with the in-between spaces

It's a comprehensive package for whitening, maintaining white teeth, and preventing oversensitivity. I liked the look of the package, not that that mattered, but it did look very nice in my bathroom.

I let my toothbrush charge while I unpacked the floss. Mmm smelled nice.

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I got right to work that night on the whitening strips. I finished dinner, so I wouldn't be eating the rest of the day, and placed the strips gently on my teeth. No immediate pain which was good. I remembered the sharp pain of the ones I tried a long time ago. That one also definitely didn't taste as good.

After leaving them in for the recommended time, I took them out, rinsing with room temp water. Was there already a difference?! It was tricky to tell.

My toothbrush was ready - once it's fully charged, it lasts 70 days, which is way longer than I thought. I clicked on the brush and tried the 3 settings: sensitive, clean, and whitening.

The sensitive mode was gentle, but strong enough that I could feel my whole mouth buzzing. It's got a timer, too, so every 30 seconds, I know to switch quadrants of my mouth for a full 2-minute brushing. Loved the feeling in my mouth when I was finished! So clean.

After two weeks, I noticed an amazing difference in my teeth. They were whiter than even the first time I tried whitening, and I hadn't noticed any serious sensitivities.

I'm so glad I invested in my teeth, and not just in whitening them. Sure, they're whiter, but now that I'm actively flossing and using an electric toothbrush, I feel like I'm giving them the daily clean they deserve. (But I'm not gonna lie, I smile bigger now because they're so white.)

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