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These Are 6ix9ine's Worst Songs

The rapper releases TattleTales tomorrow

Tekashi 6ix9inePower 105.1's Powerhouse NYC concert, Inside, New Jersey, USA - 28 Oct 2018

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In general, Tekashi 6ix9ine's music is pretty terrible.

The Bushwick emcee's biggest singles– from the nasally autotune grumbles of "Fefe" to "TROLLZ's" relentless "ye, ye, ye, ye, ye, ye"– have often bordered on unlistenable and generally tasteless. "What's the difference between me and Tupac Shakur? I never caught a rape charge – ever," 6ix9ine (born Daniel Hernandez) told The New York Times in a recent interview. Joe Coscarelli rebutted that Shakur was also an artist who translated his pain into his music, and he spoke on Shakur's versatility, while 6ix9ine only has "one kind of record." "I got to feed the masses," 6ix9ine replied. "There's no difference between me and Tupac Shakur."

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7 Smart Ways for Tekashi 6ix9ine to Spend His Millions

With his new record deal and pending release from prison, the world is his oyster!


From his face tattoos to his Nine Trey Bloods associations, and then his extensive cooperation with law enforcement to snitch on those associates, Tekashi 6ix9ine has made a name for himself by ignoring advice and being as over the top as he can possibly be.

And so far that's worked out great! First he aligned himself with dangerous criminals, then he got kidnapped by one, then he was offered a way out—which he ignored—then he was arrested for racketeering, and immediately flipped on his former associates.

Already, dangerous people who want 6ix9ine dead are being sent away, and more convictions are certain to follow, which is expected to drastically reduce the 47 year minimum sentence 6ix9ine would otherwise be facing. His sentencing is scheduled for December, and there's even speculation that he'll be released then for time served. Meanwhile, the notoriety he's earned has resulted in an unheard of $10 million, two album record deal with 10K Projects. With all this success piling up, what could possibly go wrong?

With that in mind, he can still have a bright future ahead of him, as long as 6ix9ine makes smart purchases with his millions of dollars.

A Brand New Crew

6ix9ine loves hanging out with big tough guys, but his old group of pals probably won't be a good choice anymore. It's time for an upgrade! But where do you go when you need tough guys today? For around a million dollars a year, you can hire tough guys to follow you around everywhere you go, looking tough, and keeping an eye out for the haters.