Over a decade has passed since The Fratellis released their iconic debut Costello Music.

A quirky collection of brash post-Libertines Brit-rock, the Scottish band soared to chart-topping success in the UK and garnered international fame after "Flathead" was featured in one of Apple's epochal early-2000s iPod commercials. Four albums later, the band has slowly pivoted away from the brash and thrash guitars of their debut in favor of more polished pop sensibilities. "I really liked [In Our Own Sweet Time,]" frontman Jon Fratelli told Popdust. "But I think in the end it veered off somewhere else. It's always hard for the people who create anything to have perspective!" He stopped himself. "Actually, we're really the last people you should ask!"

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The world is up against a seemingly insurmountable threat, but luckily, we've got a crack team of heroes on the case.

Sure, there's already the girl with super strength, the guy who can fly, and the anthropomorphic, trash-talking animal tailor-made for merchandise. But this is a threat of intergalactic proportions, and we're going to need all the help we can get if we want to survive.

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