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7 Ways Betty White Makes Us Smarter

She's often been called America's sweetheart, but she's more like our favorite grandpa's chill girlfriend.

By: Matt Sayles/AP/Shutterstock

Happy 99th birthday, Betty White!

Even though learning history is pointless (since it's for nerds and never repeats itself), we've all enjoyed the historical fact that Betty White is, in fact, older than sliced bread. But sliced bread can't serve as a measurement of time the way that Betty White can. Aside from her 70-year television career, the actress and comedian lived through the advent of traffic signals, sunglasses, and ballpoint pens.

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From Sitcom to Cereal – ‘The Golden Girls’ are Now for Breakfast

The round blue bites bring a retro touch to the kitchen table.

Fans of the 80s sitcom, The Golden Girls, can now have breakfast with those four funny senior citizens!

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