When was the last time you bought a new bed? Probably a long time ago!

When we shop, we all buy clothes, accessories, or random things for the house. Rarely do we get what we actually need, and most of us need a new bed. We usually stick with an old, creaky, family hand-me-down that's decades old and completely out of style. We only replace it when we have no choice. How about getting proactive and investing in a piece that will last a lifetime?

When looking for a new bed, it can be hard to find everything you want in one package. You need functionality, style, and something built to last. Well, meet The Bed, By Thuma. Innovative, sturdy, and modern, its elevated design and eco-friendly materials create the perfect platform bed frame to upgrade your room.

Here are five reasons to make the switch to Thuma:

Its sleek minimalist design features clean lines and subtle curves that never go out of style. Even as your room evolves, your bed will be a staple.

Thuma's Japanese Joinery means assembly takes just 5 minutes and requires no hardware or tools. All you have to do is fit and lock; it couldn't be any simpler.

The Bed, by Thuma is completely eco-friendly. It's Greenguard certified, arrives packaged in recycled cardboard, and one tree is planted for each one sold.

Thuma uses high-quality, environmentally-friendly, upcycled and repurposed rubberwood. Due to the natural imperfections of handcrafted wood, each bed is inherently unique due to the natural imperfections of handcrafted wood. Every detail is purposeful, each material selection, mindful.

Thuma's PillowBoard and cushion-coated slats give you a squeak and creak-free sleep.

No more shopping around furniture stores and testing beds. The Bed, By Thuma is delivered right to your door and easy to assemble and disassemble. If you want to invest in a timeless piece that will not only upgrade your room, but last for a lifetime of Bed Time, we'd highly recommend The Bed, By Thuma.

Elevate Your Bedroom Today With The Bed, By Thuma

The morning after Mackenzie moved in, I was preparing breakfast, but Mackenzie seemed preoccupied. "Everything okay?" I asked, worried that this living-together-thing wasn't working out.

"Did you know human beings spend a third of their lives in bed?" Mackenzie said.

"They do?" I took a bite of toast.

"They do. And I'm telling you this: I'm not spending one more night in that four-poster monstrosity."

Mackenzie had a point. It was an ugly piece I'd inherited from the dark ages - I didn't hate it, but it was falling apart, creaking like crazy. Plus, it didn't fit our lifestyle or the aesthetic of our place. It was time to see if there was something better for what's going to be the most-used piece of furniture in our lives.

Mackenzie began researching our options, but we wouldn't buy anything unless it was absolutely perfect. We spent hours online, comparing brands and styles. We checked out company after company. None of them had the quality or the flair we were seeking. But then I found Thuma.

Thuma makes beautifully designed beds for modern living in only one style. They've come up with the go-to modern luxury foundation - a platform bed frame called The Bed. It's full of lifestyle-enhancing details that combine minimalism, functionality, and luxury design.

The Bed includes a natural walnut-colored frame, a PillowBoard, and cushion-coated slats. It's sleek and absolutely gorgeous. And it would make our bedroom less cluttered, more airy and open.

"I bet it's so complicated to put together I'd need an advanced degree in applied physics."

We watched Thuma's brief Assembly Video and were blown away because apparently it only takes 5-ish minutes to set up!

"Won't it take forever to be delivered to us? I can't take much more of your creaky old bed."

the bed by thuma

Not a problem. "It says The Bed ships for free and will arrive at our door in 1-5 business days. We can try it risk-free for 100 nights."

With the 100-night free trial and a lifetime warranty, we were curious to try it. The Bed was delivered in three portable boxes by the end of the week. We had no trouble fitting them through our front door and navigating the stairs.

We were super-impressed with the eco-friendly packaging - no styrofoam, and everything is recyclable. I had no real idea what Japanese joinery was until I actually saw it. This timeless Asian technique interlocks the base, creating a platform that's built to last and virtually eliminates squeaks and creaks. And there's no need for any tools - we could put this fantastic bed together in a snap.

The bed that lasts a lifetime
100% Wood, Eco-Friendly, Sleek Design

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Mac stepped back to appreciate the handcrafted, repurposed wood - no MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) or veneers. And there's tons of storage space underneath!

I rolled out The Slats, which are double-strength slats lined with eco-fi felt that's made with recycled purified plastic bottles. The Slats lock into place and prevent slipping and mattress movement. This super-supporting foundation has been strenuously tested for optimum mattress support, breathability, and sound reduction

Finally, we both set The PillowBoard in place on the back of the frame between the mattress and the wall. We'd selected a washable dark charcoal linen-weave for the cover. Mac plans on adding three colorful throw pillows to brighten up the place.

After we'd finished assembling The Bed - in 4 minutes, thank you - we admired our elegant, thoughtfully designed, sturdy bed. This kind of simplicity is the truest form of sophistication.

That night? No creaks! We didn't need 100 nights to try it - one was all it took to convince us this was the right choice.

Beds are the foundation of our lives, the centerpiece of our home, and our relationship. The Bed is built to last a lifetime, just like us.

Elevate Your Bedroom Today With The Bed, By Thuma

I can't remember the last time I went all out and got myself a gift. Whenever I shop, it's always for my family or my friends. But, since the traditional gifting season was months ago, I thought now would be the perfect time to buy something for me.

But after I made that decision, I was stalled by an even bigger one: what should I buy? A new coffee maker? New clothes? Or something more personal? That's when I remembered what I needed the most: a bed. And I knew no one was going to buy that for me.

I'm still using the bed that my landlord left, and to tell you it's old is an understatement. It creaks and makes my room look cramped and old-fashioned. I'm slowly trying to make this place my own by putting my personality into it. And, there's no better place to start than my bedroom.

I looked at a number of different beds but they all needed so many tools and had a 20-page manual to assemble. I kept thinking how would I ever be able to put this together myself? Moreover, if I was going to invest in a quality piece of furniture, I wanted it to be something that would stand the test of time.

I started looking for stylish, timeless, and easy-to-assemble beds and that's when I found The Bed, By Thuma.

It looked like the perfect platform bed. Plus, when I realized it was made from 100% real, upcycled rubberwood, I was drawn to the natural imperfections in the wood and the one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

The Bed, By Thuma, has a minimalist design that will stand the test of time. It strikes the balance between holding its own and looking amazing in any bedroom, no matter the style. I'm the kind of person that wants to redecorate my space every few years, so I was confident that this was a piece of furniture I would have for a long time. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

It was delivered right to my door and I was immediately impressed because even the boxes were eco-friendly (I hate styrofoam, and was so delighted when there was none of that in my box). The Bed, By Thuma, is so easy to put together because of their Japanese Joinery technique. All I had to do was lock the pieces in place; No nuts and bolts for me to lose. It was assembled in just 5 minutes.

The clean and subtle curves are the perfect base to build upon. I felt like I could do so much with my room decor now—I got some funky sheets and they totally fit with the style of The Bed.

Working from home and being in my outdated room all day, really made me realize how much it needed a revamp. It made it abundantly clear that I needed to start investing in myself, my sleep, and my health. With a good bed, I knew I could now get a good night's sleep.

I was tired of tossing, turning, and waking up with every creak. With the new Bed, By Thuma, which is super strong and sturdy, I can sleep through the night, completely noise-free.

Now that I have The Bed, By Thuma, I feel so much more comfortable in my room.

If you are looking to invest in yourself and getting yourself something that will last, then The Bed, By Thuma is the perfect gift.

Elevate Your Bedroom Today With The Bed, By Thuma

Now that I'm spending all this time working from home, I feel like my apartment has become my entire world. I always cared about how it looked—but now it feels like that's the only thing that matters. When quarantine started, I knew that I was going to be spending a ton of time at home, so I decided to create a little home office for myself.

I spent a ton on a stand-up desk, an ergonomically-correct chair, and a widescreen monitor, but it still felt like something was missing. I realized that despite my apartment becoming my full-time workspace, it was still my home. With all of the new purchases I made to make myself more productive, I ended up neglecting my personal space.

To make my one-bedroom apartment feel a bit more homey, I decided to buy a new bed. I got my current bed frame off Craigslist and I knew that if I was going to be spending all this time at home, I needed a major aesthetic overhaul. My sister recommended that I look at platform beds because I wanted something that was versatile, clean, and modern, but had a timeless quality about it. I was hoping for a chic way to clear up space and find relaxation.

After scouring the Internet, I came across The Bed, by Thuma . Thuma designs thoughtful beds for modern living, with the philosophy that the bed is the centerpiece of our lives and should be treated as such. Given that it's typically the most used piece of furniture, Thuma's perfect bed-frame is so classic, it will fit in anyone's bedroom, no matter what your aesthetic is.

While incredibly simple, The Bed boasts a range of stand-out features and details. Each frame is unique, made from handcrafted, repurposed wood (without MDFs or veneers), and carries the beautiful grain variations of natural wood. No two beds are alike, making yours really feel like yours. The frame itself is constructed using Japanese Joinery, an artisanal Japanese technique that emphasizes minimalism and simplicity. Assembly is very easy, takes about five-ish minutes, and no tools or team required.

The Bed, By Thuma
Elevated, Timeless Design
Built To Last A Lifetime

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In terms of functionality, The Bed provides a perfect alternative to the uncomfortable headboard. The PillowBoard is extremely versatile. It can be covered by throw pillows or left visible as a design accent. The board itself is covered in a washable pebbled linen-weave cover, making it the perfect stress-free lounging environment.

My biggest concern when I first purchased The Bed, by Thuma was its durability, but after using it for over a month, I can admit that my worries were unfounded. The Bed is constructed from double-strength slats which are optimally spaced to ensure mattress support and breathability. Even better, these slats are made from eco-fi felt made from recycled plastics.

The Bed is also Greenguard certified, meaning all the materials were thoroughly tested to meet some of the world's most rigorous chemical emission standards. It's better for the environment and better for you! Did we mention there are no box springs or bed skirts required? Simply put, The Bed is built to last a lifetime and comes with a lifetime warranty as proof.

Now that we're spending more time indoors, it's important that you have a bed that you actually enjoy. Say goodbye to that tired old bed frame and elevate your bedroom with Thuma's perfect platform bed frame.

When my husband, Zack, and I got married early this year, we were happiest we've ever been, blissfully unaware of how crazy the next few months ahead of us would be.

We moved into an apartment together last year, and we wanted to save as much as we could for the wedding, so our budget for the apartment was low. We spent the majority on a new kitchen, and when it came to buying furniture, we mostly got old furniture from our parents' houses.

Zack's parents lent us a nice leather sofa, and my parents graciously donated their old, creaky bed frame. We were okay with our small collection of furniture since we prefer a minimalist look instead of an eclectic interior anyway.

The wedding ended up being everything we dreamed of, and we were lucky that we got to have it in-person. But after missing our honeymoon and spending a lot more time at home than we expected, we decided it was time to invest in the apartment.

Thanks to our relatives being so generous at the wedding, we had money to spend on a new mattress as well as a new bed. The mattress was the first hurdle, and it took us a long time to find one, but after a lot of searching (and arguing), we eventually found one we were both happy with. I was dreading trying to find a bed frame next.

I started my search online and came across Thuma, and was instantly drawn to their platform bedframe called The Bed. The Bed is a go-to modern luxury foundation for your bedroom. It includes a natural walnut colored frame, a PillowBoard, and cushion-coated slats.

What initially struck me about The Bed is its timeless, yet modern look. It really would compliment any style, and since I like to update our interiors as often as I can, I liked that The Bed would go nicely with virtually everything.

The only thing I was dreading was putting a whole new bed frame together from scratch. However, once I watched Thuma's brief assembly video, I was amazed at how simple it is. It only takes 5-ish minutes to set up!

When I showed Zack, he was super impressed, but being his typical impatient self, he asked how long it would take to be delivered. We checked, and it turns out, The Bed ships for free and would arrive at our door in just 1-5 business days. We also saw that we could try it risk-free for 100 nights.

A 100-night free trial and a lifetime warranty? It was a no brainer. And, a few days later, it arrived at our doorstep. We were super impressed with the eco-friendly packaging—no styrofoam, and everything was recyclable.

Then it was the unexpectedly fun part: assembling The Bed! We had never heard of Japanese Joinery before Thuma. It's a timeless Asian technique that removes all unnecessary hardware to create a simple assembly process. It creates an interlocking base that supports The Slats perfectly and virtually eliminates squeaks and creaks. We don't know how long we're going to be in the apartment, so the fact it would be equally as easy to disassemble was a major plus.

It's super simple, each rail locks into the adjacent rail at the leg and the slats simply lock into place. No power drills, countless screws, allen keys, detailed instructions, or hours of effort needed. We had The Bed assembled and ready in just 6 minutes! ( yes, we timed ourselves).

When we finished the assembly we stepped back to admire The Bed's amazing design. Not only is the packaging eco-friendly, but The Bed is made from up-cycled rubberwood and other mindfully selected materials like eco-fi felt. The handcrafted wood is gorgeous, and we noticed how much storage space there was underneath. It really is built to last a lifetime.

That night, we slept the best we had in a while, not because we were tired from assembling our new bed, but because for the first time in months there were no creaks! We also really love that The Bed is officially Greenguard certified. All of the materials have undergone extremely thorough testing and meet some of the world's most rigorous chemical emissions standards, which results in less indoor pollution and cleaner air for the environment and us!

We got The Bed about two months ago now, and we've been sleeping soundly ever since. If you're looking for a new bed that's sturdy, easy to assemble, eco-friendly, and noise-free, as well as beautifully designed, I'd highly recommend The Bed by Thuma.

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