Exclusive Interview: Loud Luxury Return to Brooklyn for Epic Show

The duo sat down with Popdust before the show to talk about their inspirations and life since "Body."

When Popdust last caught up with Los Angeles based duo Loud Luxury, they had just landed in New York to celebrate their breakout single "Body," garnering a gold certification.

Loud Luxury feat. brando - Body (Official Lyric Video)

Coming up on a year since the single's release, Loud Luxury has evolved into a household name in the EDM pop landscape. But when asked to elaborate on the quick trajectory of their fame, the duo themselves couldn't believe it. "'Body' was never meant to be a hit song," said Andrew Fedyk. "It took so long for us to find our sound," added Joe Depace. "And that's what we're gonna keep doing. That sound is what took us 3 years in Los Angeles eating dirt to discover."

While their upward trajectory hasn't ceased since the single's release, they owe the fame to those who believed in them. "Tiesto has been a massive mentor to us," said Depace. "He brought us up basically." Fedyk added that they "wouldn't be where [they] are without their relationships and mentorships." Popdust spoke with the duo about their new single, "I'm Not Alright" featuring Bryce Vine, before their knockout performance in Brooklyn. The guys also discussed their first show, their inspirations, and where they plan to go from here.

When we caught up with Heldens and Tiesto at Electric Zoo they were absolutely raving about you.

A: "We love them, they gave us our first real start at this."

J: "Heldens supported one of our first tracks, and Tiesto has been a massive mentor to us. He brought us up, basically."

A: "Heldens is the first person we ever did dates with in the U.S. We were set to come over once from Canada and -"

J: "It was the most stressful show of my life."

Why is that?

A: "He didn't know if he was gonna get into the United States."

J: "We were about to make it legitimate. Pack our bags and move to America, and [Andrew] got his Visa way before I did. I was in my living room with my bags packed the night before a show, waiting on a phone call to see if I'd get [let into the country]."

Wow. Did you make it?

J: "At 9pm I got the call that I got my visa, went to Toronto as fast as I could with all of my studio equipment. Flew to LA, and played our first show."

Loud Luxury and Bryce Vine - I'm Not Alright [Official Music Video]

Where would you say you draw your inspiration from?

J: "I started learning how to produce because I always wanted to recreate Avicii tracks. I thought, how the hell does this guy do it? So I would just try to make every thing he did."

A: "Avicii and Calvin [Harris] were really special because they were the first artists to make dance music super accessible. I just always loved the idea of being able to make a song that your friends know and can party to, but that your family can also know [and appreciate]."

It's that melodic sound that you guys are also incredible at.

A: "That's what we're chasing."

What track have you grown to be most proud of?

A: "Body is awesome because it changed things, but "I'm Not Alright" was special. We took a risk there, and knew that some people might not like this because of how different it is from what we've done before. But the reception has been amazing so far, and it's helped remind us that you have no reason to not take risks in what you're doing. What's the worst that can happen?

So then where do you see dance music going, and what risks are you going to take next?

J: "I hope there's more collaboration. That's why Andrew and I started working together cause we love collaborating with each other, and that's what we [like to do] with other people. I love how you can take a genre and mix it and craft something completely new."

A: "You can't have a brand and no music. The brand is the 'why.' Why should you listen to this song? But putting the two together is what makes sense [for us.]"

J: "At the end of the day what we're doing is [pushing] our sound. It took a long time to find it, and as long as it is something that's Loud Luxury. That's major. That's what took us 3 years to figure out."


VASSY Causes "Trouble," and Pushes The Limits Of Pop Music

The singer talks her new single "Trouble," and paving her own path

Dolly Ave

In EDM music, VASSY is one of the most established vocalists in the genre.

"I had a point there where so many DJ's were reaching out to me and asking me to do collabs with them," VASSY said. "I had some cool collabs with DJs like Showtek, Afrojack, KSHMR, and so on." In reality, thats a modest way to describe the singer's impact. Her 2014 tracks "Bad" and "Secrets" both went on to chart globally, the latter of which hit #1 in over 30 countries, while the former clocked in over a billion streams and was certified double platinum in multiple countries. As an artist, VASSY has topped the Billboard Dance charts 7 times. She has 17 platinum certifications and 8 #1 Billboard singles. "[They] were asking me to do collabs with them to create another "Bad" or another "Secrets," she said. "I was really craving to have some me time and create records that were more melodic and had more of traditional pop craftsmanship to it."

VASSY - Concrete Heart (Official Music Video)

VASSY's solo career thus far has been incredibly fruitful. The singer recently hit her 8th solo #1 hit with "Concrete Heart," a charismatic mix of Vassy's smooth vocals and Disco Fries authoritative Electro House sensibilities. VASSY's latest single, "Trouble," which premieres today exclusively on Popdust, is equally as immaculate. The single's production, much like that of "Concrete Heart," was handled by Disco Fries' Danny Boselovic, and has all the makings of another chart-topper.

Tell me about your upbringing. How has that shaped your artistry?

I grew up in a Greek household in a little town up north in Australia. I knew from a young age I wanted to do music despite being kicked out of school choir and told I didn't have what it takes. I also did not have the blessing of my father's presence because we lost him, unfortunately.

How did you navigate that?

I promised him I would finish my degree in Architecture, and only then would I pursue music after I got his blessings, that was before he passed away. I started my career in Australia, got signed to Universal Music and had a great career as a pop-indie artist but I really wanted to spread my wings so I came to America and started all over again, even though at first no one gave a sh*t about me. My background shaped my artistry in the sense that my father worked hard and his hard work ethic has shaped who I am today and how I approach life.

How have you handled fame?

I'm not caught up in the lifestyle of our business, I live a private, humble, normal life. I just love creating and making records. It's my way of expressing positive energy, to inspire people to feel good and feel motivated in life. I have mentored in detention centers at remote communities and schools to empower kids to believe in themselves despite bullies and rejections, as I too have experienced all this. I want my fans and people to see how rejections can lead to redirections and how you can be anyone from anywhere and can still make it. You don't have to be rich and famous, or perfect, and fit in a box, you just have to be authentically you, work hard, believe in yourself and you will prevail.

You're a highly accomplished and highly decorated artist. Was there a moment where you felt it all change for you?

Less than a year after "BAD" went platinum in several countries, I performed "Secrets" with Tiësto at Ultra in front of 150,000 people. [The song] had only been out for 48 hours and already hit #1 on Beatport. I think in that moment I realized that I had created 2 of the biggest dance music anthems with the biggest DJ legends in the that moment, I thought wow they know all my songs inside out, these thousands of people. Not bad for an Aussie girl like me!

Tiësto & KSHMR ft. Vassy - Secrets (Live @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2016)

Tell me about the creative process behind "Trouble." It seems more pop oriented than "Concrete Heart."

I wanted to self-indulge and create records that fulfill me. At first, I was scared that the fans may not embrace it, and perhaps think it was too pop leaning to dance to? But after being embraced and supported so well on the radio and from the fans, it lead me to create "Trouble." This is a song I had written a while back with a buddy of mine and I have been looking for the right home for it for a while now. I wanted a pop-leaning dance record where the ledge drives the song through the lyrics, while you still have the dance grooves and progression. I wanted a more vocal chop melodic riff so that its more of a post-chorus drop, I like classic song writing style so from A to Z, the verse to the pre-chorus to the chorus to the bridge and so on. I like the journey it takes the listener on. I like a lot of texture that pop records have, dance records are infectious but tend to be more two-dimensional in the production. So on this record, I wanted to get people up and dancing while delivering a cool attitude and story line through the narrative of this song.

Headlining Las Vegas pride is a huge deal. How are you gonna prepare? Are you excited?

Yes, I'm always excited to perform especially for Prides, they are full of love and positive vibes! It's always so celebratory, coming together as one united through dance and music, to celebrate good vibes.

What can we expect from Vassy later this year?

More trouble! *laughs*. I got cool remixes coming and the music video, and I'm the kind of artist that likes to focus on one record at a time. I really nurture it, give it all my love before moving onto the next...I guess I'm an artist and so that's my creation in a way – like a plant.



Electric Zoo | The Big 10 is the One Party You Can’t Miss This Summer

"It will be the biggest, wildest fiesta ever thrown down in its history."

Nobody knows how to close out the summer better than NYC thanks to the epic Electric Zoo Festival. The annual event is the mecca of electronic music festivals on the island and this year it is promising to be the biggest, wildest party it has ever thrown. Made Events and LiveStyle are not setting any kinds of limits for Electric Zoo: The Big 10 in celebration of its tenth year of melting our faces. As always, the party is taking place on Randall's Island during Labor Day Weekend.

Courtesy of Electric Zoo

The massive 3-day festival will feature performances from hundreds of DJs and producers encompassing a wide range of styles from deep house to dubstep. Headliners include heavy hitters like Tiesto, Alesso, Marshmello, Kaskade, Gramatik, AC Slater, Andrew Bayer, Chris Liebing and so many more. And, if you've ever been to Ezoo before, you already know the set designs and laser lights are going to be top-notch. The festival is already close to selling out - last year 90,000 fans (aka "animals") made it out to have the times of their lives.

Courtesy of Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo: The Big 10's theme will focus on celebrating the wild ride Electric Zoo has been on over the past 10 years, each of which has been nothing short of amazing. If there's an EZoo you can't miss it's this one. Honestly, nothing compares to that moment when you disembark from the 32nd street ferry and onto Randall's Island on day one. The music, the views and the crowd make it one magical event. We can't wait to see all you animals out there!

Tickets for Electric Zoo: The Big 10 are on sale now. Follow this link to grab yours before they sell out!

For information on ELECTRIC ZOO: THE BIG 10, please visit:
Electric Zoo Festival | Facebook | Twitter |Instagram

Can you smell and feel the summer weather? We sure do!

Award shows and headline tours steal the spotlight every year.  However, KiisFM 102.7's Wango Tango is one of the hottest shows of the year.  On Saturday (May 10), Wango Tango took over the StubHub Center in Carson, California.  The line up included: Maroon 5, Shakira, Ed Sheeran, Tiesto, Ariana Grande, Paramore, OneRepublic, Calvin Harris, B.o.B., ZEDD, Kid Ink, A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera, Rixton, The Chainsmokers, R5, and Iggy Azalea.

While you missed the hottest show of the year, that's okay, Popdust has you covered with the hottest performances of the night.

Ariana Grande's performance kicks off with Big Sean rapping.  The two perform their "Right There" collaboration.  Grande is dressed up in a black and white checkered outfit (top, skirt, and boots).  While, Big Sean is dressed in a jersey, black cap and pants.  After the song is done, the two clear the stage.  Seconds later, Grande appears again, to perform her smash hit "The Way."  Of course Grande's going to perform her new hit single "Problem."  She indeed does, shake her booty from left to right.  Also, for the first time ever, Iggy Azalea joins Grande on stage to perform.  Watch the full performance below:

Shakira hits the stage with "Can't Remember to Forget You," "Empire," "23," and "You Don't Care About Me."  She's dressed up in white and bedazzled with necklaces and bracelets.  With Shakira, her hips never lie, so we know for sure, she moves them hips! Work it, girl!

ZEDD and Paramore's Hayley Williams come together to perform "Stay The Night."  The crowd waves their glow sticks from right to left.  Williams gets the whole crowd on their feet to jump.

OneRepublic steals the stage for a thirty minute set.  They perform "Secrets," "Stop and Stare," "Apologize," "Same Love," "Good Life," "Counting Stars," and "If I Lose Myself."  Watch the entire performance below.

Iggy Azalea performs "Fancy," in a black and white checkered outfit and is accompanied by backup dancers.  And it's such a fancy performance.

R5's thirty minute set is spectacular.  They kick off with their single "(I Can't) Forget About You," to pump up the crowd.  Their set also includes "Pass Me By," "Loud," "I Want U Bad," "Love Me Again (cover)," "Ain't No Way," and "Cali Girls."

A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera perform "Say Something."  They're all dressed up in black and accompanied by a piano.  Oh and CA is showing off her baby bump!

Until next year, folks.

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Superstar DJs seem to have it easy: Think of David Guetta, splitting time between his private jet and his villa, or Skrillex, effortlessly building a beautiful relationship with Ellie Goulding even as he takes Kanye West's career to the next level. But life in the upper echelon of the EDM scene presents its own challenges: Namely, just what do you do on stage, once the track's queued up, the  knobs are turned just so, and a sea of delirious hedonists need to see that you're as into the music as they are? There's no hiding behind guitars, drum kits, or scarf-festooned mic stands, and the light shows and pyrotechnics favored by the likes of Swedish House Mafia (before they quit touring) only add to the excitement that the performers must then attempt to match. So what have EDM's stars done? Thrown up their hands—literally. Every DJ seems to point skyward at key points in their sets. But they have more than just one hand up their sleeve when it comes to showing how deep they are into the groove: Scroll through the photos below to discover what they do when they're really, really feeling it.

One hand to God...


TWO HANDS, pulling down heaven ...

Of course, if you've got a trio of DJs, two dudes can split the work while the third one rests.

Oh, those European celebrities—assemble enough of them in one place, and you're all but guaranteed that a charity soccer (NO WE'RE NOT GOING TO CALL IT FOOTBALL) match will break out. Such appears to be the case during Miami Music Week—which is totally a thing that is happening—where many of the continent's finest famous DJs have converged for general mirth and merriment purposes. Rather than just spinning records, however, these guys are putting their cleats where their turntables are, taking to the field (sorry, pitch) this Wednesday to represent for their respective countries. According to MTV, the match will be split between DJs from Sweden and The Netherlands, and "will consist of two 30-minute periods with a ten minute break in between." The teams are as follows:

Team Netherlands

Tiësto (Captain)


Nicky Romero


Sidney Samson


Sunnery James

Ryan Marciano

Team Sweden

Sebastian Ingrosso (Captain)


Adrian Lux

Dada Life (Olle and Stefan)


Otto Knows

Based on the assumption that the more famous team will be the better team—which seems like a safe bet to us—it appears this thing will be Team Netherlands' match to lose. In either event, this might be the closest thing to the World Cup that we see on US soil until 2013, so let's hope it's getting carried on one of the fourth-tier ESPNs. WHO'S GONNA SAAAAAAVE THE WORRRRRRLD TONIIIIIGHT???