The Myth of the Mad Genius: Kanye West Says "Crazy Music" Comes from a "Crazy Person"

In an interview with David Letterman, West spoke out about being "drugged" and "handcuffed" in the psychiatric hospital. He called for better treatment of people experiencing a bipolar episode because fans of his "crazy music" should accept it comes from a "crazy person."

Kanye West on stage

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Kanye West believes that crazy art comes from crazy people.

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Tiffany Haddish "Ate a Bag of Dicks" on New Year's Eve

The comedian forgot her own jokes and fumbled punchlines before cutting her set short and drinking with audience members (at least, the ones who hadn't walked out).

Tiffany Haddish at the "Girls Trip" Premiere

Photo by Kathy Hutchins (Shutterstock)

Tiffany Haddish's most well-received joke while bombing at the James L. Knight Center in Miami was, "This is gonna be on TMZ or whatever like 'Tiffany Haddish Ate a Bag of Dicks on New Year's Eve!'"

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2018 MTV VMAs – Hits, Misses, and So Much More

A Recap of the Big Night – The Big Winners, Fun (and fails) with Fashion, and Memorable Musical Moments

Last night, the stars came out to sing, schmooze, and see and be seen.

The VMAs are always entertaining, from the outfits to the on-stage performances. With J. Lo receiving the night's highest honor, taking home the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, Madonna giving an "it's all about me" speech to "honor" the recently departed Aretha Franklin, and plenty of performances to wow the crowd, the show, while not the most outrageous we've seen, was VMAs-ish enough to hold its own.

With presenters including The Backstreet Boys, Kevin Hart, Millie Bobby Brown, and Tiffany Haddish, performances by Nicki Minaj, Shawn Mendez, a well-deserved lengthy one by Jennifer Lopez, and others, and lots of fun and flair throughout the night, the show went along smoothly, yet not spectacularly, as some reviews have mused. Still, who could resist seeing some of the year's biggest and best stars come together to celebrate and collaborate, making the awards night a bright spot for what would have otherwise been a blah Monday night.

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BOX OFFICE BREAKDOWN | Get your head in the game

JUNE 29TH - JULY 1ST | What's Coming to Theaters this Weekend?

Breaking back into prison and old men playing basketball: it's time to go to the movies.

In Popdust's column, Box Office Breakdown, we aim to inform you of the top flicks to check out every weekend depending on what you're in the mood to enjoy. Looking to laugh? What about having your pants scared off? Maybe you just need a little love? Whatever the case may be, we have you covered. Take a peek at our top picks for this week…

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SATURDAY FILM SCHOOL | Tracy Morgan Is Back Y'all

Who knew we were all missing Tracy Morgan from our lives?


The Last O.G. is about how people rebuild their lives in spaces where they've been erased.

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