Tom Sandoval worth money—PumpRules bartender, actor, musician, grooming guru, Sandoval's got it all going on... but does he make bank?

He’s handsome, (half-of-the-time) hardworking, and headed for fame (well, at least on reality TV).

Yes, Tom Sandoval seems to be living the dream as a model, musician, actor, and Sur bartender.

What more could a guy ask for, aside from a best friend that doesn’t bone his girlfriend?

While we’ve mostly seen Tom tending bar on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules and dabbling in some mid-level modeling, he comes across as a self-assured and sexually-secure stud with friends who (for the most part) adore him.

Scheana can sit that one out.

Tom's by no means a wealthy fella, but he makes up for his modest income with a winning smile and a dedicated, yet mildly blase work ethic.

Here's how Tom makes bank...

As mentioned, Tom’s an aspiring actor, and aside from his on-screen time “acting” on Vanderpump Rules, he’s appeared in films including Playing with Fire, Behind Your Eyes, Puppet Master: Axis of Evil, and 23 Minutes to Sunrise, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

If you’ve seen any of these, you are a true fan.

We’ve seen Tom and his band, Pierce the Arrow, perform on Vanderpump Rules, and they surely get some gigs which pay from crap to decent money.

One hit song and Tom’s life could change in an instant. We’re rooting for ya, Tom!

Just keep that dough away from Jax – sticky fingers and all.

The modeling gigs keep coming in, and Tom keeps his hair, face, and physique on serious fleek.

Surely he takes more time getting ready for date night than does his girlfriend, Ariana.

So—how much is Tom Sandoval worth money -wise?

As per Fame 10, Tom Sandoval is worth $40,000.

Perhaps if he spent less time grooming his eyebrows and more time devoted to mixing cocktails, Tom could make enough loot to pay Kristin to go away.

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tom sandoval worth money

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tom sandoval worth money


tom sandoval pumprules new season

Did you catch last night's premiere of Vanderpump Rules?

According to Tom Sandoval, we’re going to be in for a roller coaster ride this season, as everyone’s favorite bad girl, Stassi Shroeder, returns once again, Jax Taylor showcases a new girlfriend, Kristen Doute carries on riding the crazy train, Sheana Marie and Mike Shay battle it out, newly engaged Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney bring the drama, and new girls Faith Stowers and Lala Kent join the cast.

PumpRules—Sex And Drugs And Getting Jax’d—Oh My!

Popdust sat down for an exclusive interview with the ever-hunky Sandoval—and he dished on what to expect in season 4.

Something tells us the craziness has just begun.

What have you been up to since we last saw you at the end of season 3?

Me and Ariana are still living together. We’ve been settling in and did some traveling. We definitely took some time off from SUR, which created some friction with Ken and Lisa, obviously. You’ll get to see that when the season starts. I’ve been working a lot on my music project, Charles McMansion, which you’ll also see later in the season.

PumpRules—Ubergate Scandal Shows Kristen’s Level Of Desperation

A lot of your storyline last season revolved around Kristen. Has she laid off you this season?

Yeah, she’s definitely backed off. I think seeing herself was definitely a lesson and motivated her to do so. We try our best to stay away from her but it's hard because we have the same friends. You’re definitely going to see some issues unfold with that. Just because she’s backed off with the attacks towards Ariana and I, doesn’t mean she’s stopped trying to befriend all of my friends.

Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix Talk Cray Cray Kristen, Miami Mayhem And More!

Speaking of shit stirrers, Stassi has returned. What are your thoughts?

As far as her saying everything she said last season about not returning, I tend to take people on their actions. She said she was too good and obviously she wasn’t because she’s back. I’m definitely not a big fan of Stassi and I never really put up with her shit. She talked a lot of shit on us and the show. I can’t really trust her intentions with coming back. It’s to further her career, not because she truly wants to fix friendships. These people are all my friends and there’s a lot of love there. I don’t think Stassi has that same kind of love. She’s had plenty of times before filming to fix things. But with Stassi, once the cameras are rolling, she’s sorry.

TOM’s TAKE—Sandoval Talks Grooming: How To Look Your Best In Winter

After a roller coaster relationship last season, Tom and Katie are engaged! Will we see more drama unfold with them this season?

Like any relationship, there’s turbulence, but I feel like they’ve both really grown as individuals and because of that they’ve grown together. They’re doing really well and I definitely believe they’re going to last.

Jax has a new lady friend. Do you think they’ll last or will Jax quickly go back to his old ways?

She’s great. She’s a really nice person and has obviously had to put up with a lot because, well, it’s Jax. I definitely feel strongly about them doing well and working out more so than any other girls Jax has dated. Old habits die hard, but I’ve seen a better version of him since he’s been with Brittany.

TOM’s TAKE—Sandoval Talks Style: Finding The Perfect Wedding Tux

We see some pretty heavy drama unfold with Scheana and Shay this season. What can you tell us about that?

You’re going to have to wait and see, but with any relationship things come up that you eventually have to deal with. I think as people we sweep problems under the rug and pretend they’re not there. You’re going to see a side of Scheana and Shay this season that you’ve never seen before.

Tell us about the new cast.

Ahhhh yes, Faith and Lala. They didn’t necessarily come in to stir things up, but that’s just what happens with our crazy group. Lala was a good addition not only to our cast, but to our group of friends.

PumpRules Tom And Ariana Talk Miami, Stassi Sex Tape, ‘Delusional’ Kristen

What should we expect for season 4?

You’re going to see some friendships put to the test in different ways than the past. There’s some surprises on that front. This season is different, but I think it’s our best one yet. It doesn’t follow suit with the other seasons and isn’t all about cheating rumors and stuff like that. People will be able to relate to a lot of our issues. I think our show is revamped and reborn. There’s a variety in the issues we deal with and the things that happen. It’s going to be a really fun season.

Tune into Bravo Mondays at 9/8 central to catch all new episodes of Vanderpump Rules

There’s no getting away from the fact that the most recent season of Vanderpump Rules was action packed and emotionally charged—to say the least.

It culminated in an explosive two-part reunion show, with confrontations, allegations, name calling, screaming and lots and lots and LOTS of tears.

PumpRules—Ubergate Scandal Shows Kristen’s Level Of Desperation

Now the dust has settled—well, kind of anyway—Popdust sat down for an exclusive interview with Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix to get the inside track on all the drama, including what REALLY went down in Miami; Stassi Schroeder’s sex tape; “delusional” Kristen Doute; and, if they think Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney will ever actually make it down the aisle.

Popdust: The biggest bombshell of the reunion was the revelation about Stassi’s sex tape. If she didn’t want anyone to know about it, why was she the one to bring it up? And why is she blaming it on Scheana Marie?

Tom Sandoval Dishes On ‘Revamped, Reborn’ PumpRules—Season 4 Is Best Yet!

Tom: I think Stassi doesn’t like Scheana and will use any excuse to bully her. There is nothing justifiable behind Stassi’s hatred for Scheana. She just thought she was better than everyone else. Whatever kind of tape it is, I don’t know. She accused Scheana of having something to do with it and she didn’t. She likes being pissed at someone. She loves a good apology and she wants her ass kissed.

Ariana: She thought we were talking about the sex tape all season but it was just getting edited out. However, we truly weren’t talking about it. No one cared.

Popdust: Katie stood her ground this season and was adamant about not being friends with Stassi about the way she treated her over going to Miami. However, on the reunion Stassi changed her tune. Do you believe Stassi is truly sorry?

Ariana: I think Stassi lives in a bubble. I don’t think Katie holds any sort of grudge, but I don’t think Stassi lives in the same world as everyone else. She disposed of Katie.

Tom: I’ve known Stassi for a long time. I’ve seen her talk so much shit on people. She likes when people kiss her ass and as soon as they stop doing so, she snaps her fingers and is over it. We didn’t film much this season together because she is so about herself and I personally can’t deal with that. If you give Stassi a foot, she takes a mile.

Popdust: Stassi seems so pained to speak about Jax Taylor, let alone be in the same room as him. Was there more that went on between them to fuel her hatred, than we saw on camera?

Ariana: I think she’s justified in not wanting to hang out with him, but she went to such great lengths to not film with him. A lot of it she has built up in her mind. She’s taken it way over the top. I think with time and distance it should become less of a problem, but with her it’s become more in her mind.

Tom: It’s only since she’s been with this boyfriend that she acts this way. Part of the deal when she came back this season was that she needed to film with everyone even though she wasn’t working at SUR anymore. However, she refused to show up to filming multiple times. I had to film with my crazy ex-girlfriend and I obviously wasn’t thrilled about it, but Stassi felt she was above the rules.

Popdust: Jax was adamant all season that something happened between you and “Miami girl”. On the reunion though he completely changed his tune. What are your thoughts on that?

Tom: I know exactly what happened and that’s all that matters.

Ariana: Jax was sitting at a table of people (Kristen and her posse) who would love to hear something negative about Tom, so that’s what he gave them. If it benefited him to tell people I was a heroin addict, he would tell them that. He says whatever, to whomever, in any situation that will result in attention. You learn to ignore him.

Tom: The problem with the Miami situation is that it’s not something I can explain in three sentences. I get cut off every time I get to talk about it and they cut to Kristen or James. People think I’m guilty because I get so frustrated, but it’s really because I never got to fully explain myself.

Popdust: Okay, so tell us what really happened in Miami.

Tom: The girl is fucking crazy. She charged hundreds of dollars to Jax’s card in the room. Jax was with her friend and we were waiting for them to get back and we had to kick them out. It’s bullshit. She tried to say she had text messages between us, which conveniently never made it on the show because they don’t exist. There’s no texts. There’s no selfie. This girl was pissed because Jax took her laptop because she stole so much money from him. She refused to pay him back so he wouldn’t give the computer back.

Popdust: What happened exactly before he took the laptop?

Tom: These girls came up to us while we were doing an appearance in Miami. Jax and one of the girls disappeared for a while. They, including Anna Marie, stayed with us while we waited for them to come back.

The girl Jax was with didn’t have a phone for whatever reason so she took Anna Marie’s and they waited with us while she was out with Jax. The bar we wanted to go to was closed so we went back to our hotel. Keep in mind that I was talking to Ariana the entire night. I was calling Jax the entire time asking where he was and he told me he lost her phone and was going to buy her a new one. He felt bad, and because they were checking out the next day, he told them they could keep their luggage in our room until they caught their flight later that night.

Schwartz and I said they were shady. We hid all our stuff and I told Jax no one could come in our room. Schwartz and I left for a while. When we came back, Jax was at the pool with them. Once I got there I knew something was up because Anna Marie wouldn’t look us in the eye. I thought she stole something.

Once they finally left we realized her laptop was still in the room. Jax went to checkout and saw she charged hundreds of dollars to his card, so he said he wasn’t giving the laptop back. Meanwhile, he gave them money for dinner and for their cab. She tried to sell the story about Jax to the tabloids and it wasn’t interesting enough. So, that’s why she targeted me.

It’s fucking bullshit. It just pissed me off that they never gave me more than 30 seconds to tell what really happened. I mean, at this point, what the fuck else can people say about me?

Popdust: There’s no denying that Kristen is insane when it comes to your former relationship. However, on the reunion, she seemed rather tame in comparison to her past standards. Is she finally leaving you alone, has she managed to move on?

Tom: It’s so obvious that she’s delusional from everything that comes out of her mouth. However, she was on damage control at the reunion. I was way more reserved at the reunion than I should have been. I used to stress so hard about Kristen’s actions when we were together. I would always have to talk to her about the binds she’d put herself in and now I don’t. James is now seeing what happens when someone isn’t there to babysit her.

Ariana: I think she’s trying to rehab her image and it’s bullshit. She should have never even gone down that road.

Tom: She acts like she has all these reasons to have beef with Ariana. I have way more reason to have beef with James.

Popdust: Katie and Tom went through their fair share of drama this season. Schwartz took a lot of heat for his actions. Do you think they’re in it for the long haul?

Ariana: I think he is the guy she wants him to be. They’re doing really great and possibly better than ever. I think he needed to find himself. Because of things they’ve gone through in the past—and not having Stassi being a huge influence in their relationship and voicing her opinion all the time—Katie’s opinion has really come to the forefront, which has helped them really rediscover their compatibility.

Tom: I think that Schwartz now doesn’t have to deal with Stassi and Kristina Kelly chirping in his ear—Kristen too really. They were all major influences and third parties in his and Katie’s relationship. And Katie was in such a vulnerable position to have to listen to that. I would have ripped Stassi a new asshole when Tom took Katie flowers and Stassi went off on him. When people have a problem in their relationship, you don’t butt in. Stassi has no concept on what is appropriate for a friend to do.

Popdust: What are your thoughts on the season as a whole?

Tom: I really think the overall feel of the season is that a lot of us have grown into our own and matured.We’ve figured out what our priorities are.

The ones who haven’t are the ones being left behind—Kristen, Stassi, and Jax.

Welcome to the second installment of Tom's Take—your weekly style stop where Tom Sandoval discusses men's fashion, grooming and lifestyle.

This week, Tom talks skin care regimes and how to look your best throughout the cold, winter months.

Why should the winter months result in you looking less vibrant and healthy than during the spring and summer?

PumpRules—Ubergate Scandal Shows Kristen’s Level Of Desperation

What happens if you’re forced into removing your beard or handlebar mustache because your boss decided to implement a "clean shave” rule as part of his company's New Years resolution? Not only do you lose the confidence, security, and edginess that you felt with your facial hair, but now you are stuck feeling like your face is naked with a two-tone facial farmer's tan.

During the winter months, the heater is constantly on. We become prone to cracked lips, crusty noses with pale skin that can

actually cause your teeth to appear less white as well. Trust me, there are little things that you can do to make a huge difference. There are very easy ways to take care of any of these issues.

Tom Sandoval Dishes On ‘Revamped, Reborn’ PumpRules—Season 4 Is Best Yet!

There’s no need to jump on the sunbed or get a spray tan every week. One of the benefits of this time of the year, is that all

people really see is your face. As guys, we have the benefit of not having to outwardly show off our bodies. Which is a relief to those of us who let our abs fly south for the winter along with the birds.

First things first:

At night, before you go to bed, when you wash your face, get a warm wet cloth and scrub and exfoliate those lips. No-one is

going to want to kiss that mouth of yours if they think they might end up chewing on little bits of dead, white, crusty lip skin. (There are lip exfoliators you can buy if you feel "you got it bad" like Usher.)


You need a heavy moisturizer to apply over the whole face (except the eye area)— especially at night before you go to bed, and especially this time of year. Sleeping with a heater on just sucks all the moisture out of your face, which can cause you to appear older than you are.


Clinique makes a great liquid bronzer especially for men— it retails for $20 and will last you an entire year. It works on nearly any skin tone and will never appear "orange". Take a tiny amount (about the size of a pea) and quickly spread it over your entire face. Just a small amount goes a long way and easily washes off your hands with soap. It will give you a nice subtle glow during those winter months, and get rid of the "I just shaved" look, if you are forced to get rid of your "sexy stubble" or beard. Also, using this bronzer will help your teeth appear brighter because you are creating more contrast between skin tone and teeth.

Check back on Popdust next week for a whole new TOM's TAKE

Welcome to the very first installment of Tom's Take—your Thursday style stop where Tom Sandoval discusses men's fashion, grooming and lifestyle.

This week, Tom talks wedding style and finding the perfect tuxedo.

Hello everyone, I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge how amazing my friends' Scheana and Mike Shay's wedding was on the last couple of episodes of Vanderpump Rules.

PumpRules—Ubergate Scandal Shows Kristen’s Level Of Desperation

We all know the bride is the main focus on the big day—but, it's important that the groom looks every bit as stylish—and guys, when it comes to your wedding tuxedo, if possible, you should save the rentals for your groomsmen—and not you.

For Scheana and Shay's wedding, I really wanted to do something special for Shay. As soon as I found out they were engaged, I told him I would buy his tux as a wedding present. I feel like when people get married, the bride is usually showcased in a stunning custom wedding gown, while the groom is stuck wearing a boring and baggy, ill-fitted, rental tux.

Tom Sandoval Dishes On ‘Revamped, Reborn’ PumpRules—Season 4 Is Best Yet!

To prevent Shay from suffering the same style-less fate, I wanted him to have something special... a garment signature to his personality. That's why I decided to buy Shay his tuxedo jacket. I feel that the groom's appearance is just as important as the bride's, and wanted to showcase Shay too. The groom deserves to look just as amazing as the bride.... well, at least as close as he can.

Shay had originally wanted to wear a white tux with tails with high-tops. I figured all he needed was to see a couple of pics of tailed tuxes to change his mind. In my opinion, tails scream old school, usually worn with high wasted pants. Pairing them with high tops screams super '80s—only missing a mullet to seal the deal. Unless you are super slim, tails often end up accentuating the mid-section and creating an over-all diamond-like shape appearance, especially when you unbutton the jacket. I started sending Shay pictures of different tailed tuxes, and we finally both agreed on the fact that tails were out.

I was originally going to have Shay's tuxedo made from scratch, but we were only two weeks away from the wedding at that point, and most tailors don't have the fabric for white tuxedos at the ready—so time restraints nixed that idea. However, I was determined to keep Shay away from renting, so, I hit the keyboard—and the streets—to track down the perfect tux.

After much online research, and running around LA, I came across an amazing white, classic yet current, Hugo Boss tuxedo jacket with a black, rounded Shawl lapel.

Pro tip: when shopping for a custom tuxedo, make sure to have a piece of fabric from the bride's wedding dress with you for

comparison—especially if you are trying to match. No two colors are the exact same, including white.

With some convincing, I had Shay come with me to a tailor to have the jacket custom fitted to him. He was initially nervous that the word "fitted" would translate to a jacket that is snug and tight. However, instead, I put more emphasis on shortening the sleeve to show the perfect quarter-to-half-inch cuff of the dress shirt underneath—there's nothing like showcasing those fancy cufflinks on your French cuffed shirt when you bend your arm to sip your champagne or martini. They also fixed a bit of gathering that happened when the jacket met up with the collar.

I also hired someone to embroider "Shay" into the underside of the back of the collar—after having the underside and overside fabrics separated to ensure that the stitching would not show through when the collar was flipped down. I suggested green for the embroidery because of Shay's Irish heritage. I also thought using green would break up the overall black & white color scheme of his outfit—but, of course, I double checked with Shay before moving forward. (I actually wanted to have his family crest embroidered or printed on the inside of his jacket, but unfortunately ran out of time.)

My idea was for Shay to have a tied bow tie, with his collar down for a clean look at the wedding. For the reception, the bow tie could hang untied while having the embroidered collar flipped up to go with his fun, laid back personality—complimenting his high-tops.

Overall, Shay's tux was not what I would consider cheap (close to $900 after tailoring), but seeing him look like a million bucks—and the (almost!!) jealousy I felt—was priceless!

When it came for me to buy a tux a few years ago for the Cannes Film Festival, I couldn't afford to spend much money at the time, so I ended up going to Men's Warehouse. I had found a pair of used tuxedo pants for $20, and bought a single button jacket for $75. Then I went and had them tailored for $60.

Mens' tuxedo pants run incredibly big, even if they are a slim fit. I normally wear a 31", but in tuxedo pants, that size would be too big in the legs and the butt. None of the ones that I tried on in my size fitted like the European style I was going for. So, instead, I bought a pair of 27" pants that fitted perfectly in the legs and back, but didn't fit on the waist. When I took them to the tailor, I had him take out the pants to fit my 31" waist. The result was a pair of pants and full tuxedo that looked as though it was made just for me.

The point that I'm trying to make here, is that you don't have to spend a fortune in order to get your own custom tux. Mine looked and fitted like a $1,000 suit, but cost less than the average rental—which is around $200. I not only saved money, but I now had a tuxedo that fit perfectly....well at least for a while—Sadly, I left it in the overhead compartment on a connecting flight in Germany, and it was never seen again. R.I.P. Tuxedo.

When it comes to what to wear on your wedding day remember these points:

  • Give yourself time! I would've easily been able to find a jacket very similar to Shay's Hugo Boss one, at a fraction of the $$$, if I could have waited an extra week to have it shipped in from overseas.

  • Your jacket doesn't always have to be a tux. For instance, a blue jacket accompanied by black tuxedo pants and a tuxedo shirt will sell the look of a tuxedo just fine. Don't just go running to the local tux shop and look through their catalog. Get online and image search until you hit the jackpot!

  • When you find the one, BUY don't RENT. That rented 40 reg jacket is made to be worn by you AND the guy wearing it next week who's maybe sporting 40 more pounds in the mid-section, but happens to have the same size chest/shoulders as you. Renters only adjust pant and sleeve length.

  • If you find something too expensive online, trust me, where there's a will, there's a WAY. You can probably find something similar that's WAY cheaper than you think if you keep looking and shop smart.

  • Your look doesn't have to be tuxedo. Many people get married in suits. Just make sure your suit comes across classier than the rest by possibly adding a vest if your groomsmen are similarly dressed to you. I recommend for the most part to stay away from linen or other fabrics that stretch and wrinkle easily unless that is the look you want.

  • A suit or tuxedo doesn't have to be expensive to look upscale. It should be all about the fit and not the brand. Most of the time with expensive suits, you are actually paying for the fit and not the fabric. Make sure there are no language barriers between you and your tailor.

  • The length of your tux or suit pants and jacket sleeves should be shorter than normal. There should be only a slight break in the front crease of pants at the most, and a quarter-to-half-inch of your dress shirt protruding from the sleeve of your jacket with your arms at your side. Don't stress if you feel like your pants flood too much when you sit down. Besides dinner, the only time when you will NOT be on your feet is after the wedding when your pants will most likely be off and strewn across the floor of your hotel room.

In summary:

Don't settle. Be specific. It's your day too, dammit! Don't settle for the rental. Your soon-to-be wife wouldn't, and neither should you. Save it for the rest of the wedding party. Your wedding photos are going to be hanging somewhere in your home for (presumably) the rest of your life.

If and when I get married, among other things, I have definitely thought of what I will wear. Obviously I'm a ways off, but there exists a color called Sandoval Blue and I can assure you that it will be somehow included in the ensemble of epic.. and who knows, maybe a jet pack while I'm at it!

I guess you'll just have to wait and see...

Check back on Popdust next Thursday for a whole new TOM's TAKE


Popdust sat down with Vanderpump Rules stars, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, to discuss all the drama happening on the hottest reality TV show of the moment.

The super down-to-earth couple dish on everything from the upcoming Miami cheating scandal, dealing with the cray cray that is Kristen Doute, Jax Taylor (Oh, Jax!) to where they currently stand with Stassi Schroeder.

PumpRules—Ubergate Scandal Shows Kristen’s Level Of Desperation

Popdust: What are your thoughts on the Scheana Marie/Kristen friendship? Specifically what went down in Miami?

Ariana: My number one priority was for Scheana to have the best bachelorette party ever. Whether it was something we talked about or not when we got back…I knew it wasn’t something that I was going to discuss with her there and ruin the trip.

I honestly didn’t hear any of the things Kristen said in Miami until we got back, including the physical threats. Knowing what I know now certainly changes things, but Scheana was, and still is, my first priority. Scheana is an optimist and just thought it wouldn’t be as big of a deal as it actually was.

Tom Sandoval Dishes On ‘Revamped, Reborn’ PumpRules—Season 4 Is Best Yet!

Popdust: Do you think Stassi took the Katie Maloney situation too far? Where do you stand in terms of a relationship with Stassi?

Tom: Yeah, she took it too far but I wouldn’t expect anything less from her. I’ve known her for years and I’ve seen the way she handles situations—including when Jax was trying to get her back last season. She loved and relished in him groveling at her feet. It’s a common thing with Stassi.

I have a huge issue with the way she treated Katie and Tom Schwartz. She overstepped her boundaries of a friendship. She projected such jaded and opinionated things toward Katie when she was in such a vulnerable state dealing with Schwartz. I know for a fact Katie tried to reach out to Stassi and she was flat out not responding.

Other than filming and occasionally running into her this past summer, I don’t really have much respect for someone who has no respect for anyone else.

Popdust: You seemed genuinely sincere and seeking nothing more than closure during your conversation with Kristen in Miami. Looking back, do you think Kristen was genuine or was it calculated on her end?

Tom: I was completely shocked and disappointed at how she took that conversation and totally manipulated the situation. She essentially preyed on weakness. All I wanted was closure.

I had been very short with Kristen because I didn’t want her to take the conversation a different way. I didn’t want her to think that something was there when it definitely wasn’t.

I tried everything to get her to move on. I don’t feel like I was dealing with a rational human being. Kristen lives in an alternate reality and lacks self-awareness.

Popdust: How is it for you Ariana not only having to work with Kristen, but also having to socialize with her?

Ariana: I do not associate with her as much as I humanly can. Had I been aware of the things Kristen said about me, including holding a knife, I would have totally taken legal action. It’s five months later now, so it’s hard to take that to court, but if I were aware at the time I most definitely would have taken legal action.

I mean, she punched people at my best friend’s birthday party, so I don’t think her becoming violent is that far out of the picture! There’s no being nice to her. She just doesn’t get it, so its better that I don’t associate at all.

Popdust: Do you find Kristen and James' relationship to be a joke?

Ariana: We’re not really around it so I couldn’t tell you from personal experience. I basically go off of what I see on the show.

Tom: After we broke up, I wasn’t very social and wasn't going out much. Kristen started collecting my friends Jerry Maguire style and I would hear things through them. Pretty much all of them have had falling-outs with her at this point. From what I hear, their relationship is pretty tumultuous.

Prior to my conversation with Kristen in Miami, I very respectfully asked James if I could speak to Kristen. After that, James was upset, but I reassured him that all we talked about was stopping the drama and respecting each other. She clearly took the conversation a very different way.

Popdust: She spends most of the show talking about you two.

Ariana: We didn’t have any idea it was that bad until we watched the show. We stopped filming in August. A friend of mine last week overheard Kristen talking about me at a club. Even still, I take it all with a grain of salt.

Tom: I’m trying to remember a single scene yet that she isn’t talking about us. I honestly didn’t think it was that bad.

Popdust: Tonight we see the Miami chick who claims to have hooked up with Tom arrive. What do you have to say about this, Tom? Ariana, did you ever believe Tom cheated, or just think this was simply a scheme run by Kristen?

Ariana: Just to address it—people aren’t considering that I lived through that “Miami night.” It bothers me because I don’t have to believe anybody. I personally lived that night. I had multiple phone conversations with Tom. Nothing she or Kristen says adds up.

I have never questioned the situation because I know what happened that night. I trust Tom. The way I’m being portrayed is against my character. I don’t just believe anything. It’s even more frustrating to try and defend myself to the viewers. It’s hard to explain your true self in a 140-character tweet.

Tom: It’s frustrating for both of us because it makes Ariana look naive and it makes me look untrustworthy. It’s funny, because any other time on the show they have no problem showing something in order to prove something to be true—such as a “beamerselfie” or screen shots of texts messages.

But, for some reason, when they make reference toward a text message conversation and a selfie I supposedly sent this girl, it’s conveniently left out. As the viewer your imagination runs wild thinking I sent shirtless selfies, but I absolutely did not.

A lot of facts were left out. The girl sold a story to a tabloid for money, yet everything was spun for people to think it was my word against hers.

Ariana: Tom is such a good guy and so genuine. You have to keep in mind that we’re making a show. You have to take it all with a grain of salt.

Popdust: Jax is a compulsive liar. Why do you think he constantly tries to bring you and Schwartz down?

Tom: There are a lot of reasons. I honestly have gotten used to it and don’t let it bother me for the most part. I think a big factor is that Jax loves being the center of attention. Don’t get me wrong, so do I, but for good reason. He will start a rumor simply to get attention from people, whether it’s good or bad.

Popdust: Can you give us any sneak peeks into what's still to come this season?

Tom: You’re gonna see me get blindsided with this Miami thing. What would a season of Vanderpump Rules be without blindsiding Tom, right?

Ariana: Some people come into their own and solidify who they are. You’re also going to see a really beautiful wedding. You just have to keep watching—there’s way more to come!

The craziness continues this tonight! The chick from Miami finally confronts Tom and chaos ensues. I mean, you couldn’t possibly think that was going end well, right?

I think we know better than that by now.

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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