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Cardi B Obliterated Tomi Lahren

Like, totally decimated.

Cardi B

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Cardi B is no stranger to public feuds.

She also happens to be very good at winning them, which is why it's almost baffling that professional nobody, Tomi Lahren, would try to start shit.

The feud began after Cardi B tweeted about Trump's ongoing government shutdown, recently exacerbated by his decision to force furloughed government employees to return to work without pay.

Cardi B, as one might expect from any empathetic human, suggested that those supporting Trump's decision to force others to work without pay should try working without pay themselves.

Tomi, most famous for screeching at brown people who are smarter than her, did exactly that.

And Cardi fucking wrecked her.

"Leave me alone I will dog walk you."

Tomi predictably responded by calling Cardi "moronic" and tweeting a Trump hashtag.

Cardi shut her down again as the racist garbage she is.

Tomi immediately set out to prove Cardi right by lashing out at another smarter, more successful brown woman, and also crying about how "dog walk you" is violent.

Then again, can you really blame Tomi? Even she knows that racism is her only claim to relevance.

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