Beyonce is launching a clothing line to be released in 2016, with Sir Philip Green, owner of Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge.

Bey has been working on the new streetwear brand that will include footwear and accessories across dance, fitness and sports categories, sold across Topshop stores and First announced in 2014, the range will be sold in 20 countries worldwide.

As we all know, streetwear is a rapidly expanding market, if not the dominant trend in fashion today. Even Levi's is expanding its denim designs to include stretchy jeans that can be worn like yoga pants.

While Rihanna has a deal with Puma and Rita Ora has a deal with Adidas, Topshop doesn't have a strong tradition of athletic wear, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Meanwhile, fame is no guarantee of sales. Kanye's outrageously expensive street-wear is still sitting on shelves at upscale fashion sites all over the world. His shoes are highly coveted but his billion dollar sweatshirts and parkas aren't going anywhere.

Remember Beyonce's House of Dereon debacle? Don't get mad, it has to be mentioned whenever we talk about Bey and fashion.

Launched in 2006, the brand was widely panned by reviewers. 'House of Dereon didn’t deserve a spot at fashion week.' 'Ugliest, cheapest-looking clothes I’ve ever seen.' 'House of Dead Wrong.' The brand stumbled on for several dismal years until 2011.

As Popdust has already noted, Beyonce has had little success as a fashion icon despite the adulation she receives by some of the world's most ardent fans. Her style is indistinct and lacks coherence. No one wants to imitate it because there's nothing to latch on to. There's no Beyonce 'look' to shoot for, outside of big blond hair and figure hugging skirts or jeans. When the New York Times dared to point out Bey's failure in the fashion arena, the Beehive went nuts.

But if the emperor is wearing no clothes, or in this case, the Queen is wearing crap, someone has to call it out.

Maybe this time around, Beyonce will finally nail it.

All the excitement leading up to the long-awaited launch of the new Kate Moss for Topshop Collection has culminated in an exciting Topshop quiz to find out which Kate you are.

Kate Moss has many sides, and finding out which one most reflects your own style will help you to select which pieces to buy. The collection has four themes to represent four facets of Kate's much emulated style: Tailoring Noir Kate, Balearic Dressing Kate, Cocktail Hour Kate, and Pyjama Dressing Kate.

The quiz classified me as Tailoring Noir Kate, but my favorite piece is the paisley trousers from the Pyjama Dressing theme. I think the reason for this screw-up comes down to the deleted categories, featuring sides of Kate Moss that most exemplify the essence of her style and the reason she remains an icon after all these years.

Let's have a peek at the themes that should have been included:.

Nude Kate:

How many times have we seen Kate nude and thought, 'I want that look!' We all know enough about her body to map her moles and list the pubic hair styles she has made so popular. I guess the marketing brains over at Topshop couldn't figure out how to monetize this theme.

Johnny Depp Kate:

This was one of Kate's best eras, one we all can relate to. What's not to like? The messy bedroom hair, the trashed hotel rooms, the boyfriend sweaters, the actual boyfriend—Johnny Depp no less,it was all good.

Coke Whore Kate:

Now leaving this out is a real mystery, since it recalls Kate Moss at the top of her game. The coke sniffing business really vaulted her back to the top, where she has stayed ever since. Big, big mistake to leave this one out, Topshop.

Funeral Kate:

Who hasn't envied the way Kate pulls it together for celebrity funerals? From Alexander McQueen to Peaches Geldof, Kate knows how to rock a funeral. A few pieces from this group would wind up in nearly every closet, am I right?

Well, we'll just have to settle for the themes that made the cut.

Take the quiz, and start shopping before all the stuff is sold out and up on eBay!

Demi Lovato has a lot to be proud of. She's a fantastic singer, for one, who just hands down kills a ballad. She's got a hit album, and another in the works. She's a loyal BF. There's also the great hair, the desire not to name names when throwing shade and the fact that she seemingly conquered her child-star demons of substance abuse, disordered eating and cutting, taking care of her health by staying in a "sober" facility and speaking out publicly about her recovery. In doing so, Demi's become a role model for millions of teens. Not bad for a 20-year-old. Oh, and she's also one of the major reasons that fans tune in to X Factor. Lovato, who along with Britney Spears signed on as a judge for season two of the series, accepted an offer last week to return for season three (Britney, on the other hand, won't be back; neither will L.A. Reid).

In honor of Demi's anticipated return to the small screen, we've cased all her outfits from last season—most sourced from hip British chain Topshop—and pulled the standouts. Consider it a Cliffs Notes to cool style, the Demi Lovato way.

1. A greeny-gold mini

Here it is, our number one look from last season: futuristic sexpot. This gold and green cutout mini is totally cool and look, her eyeliner matches. It was the perfect dress for a big night—the series' season finale.

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison/Gettty Images

2. A combo of blue, yellow and black

With so many things going on prints! colors! straps! an asymmetrical hem! big shoulders! this outfit could have gone horribly awry. However, it's stunning on Demi. She looks like a breath of fresh air next to Britney, who decided on a very Britney-esque skintight white dress. Boring.

Photo credit: Demi Lovato/Facebook

3. A floral dress

It's so hard to choose favorites; this one also is tops in our book. Though Demi doesn't always love a print, she kills it in this rose-adorned dress which is toughened up with one of her many black moto jackets.

Photo credit: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

4. A black dress with sequins

For the premiere of X Factor's second season,  Demi opted for a pretty black number made extra dressy with jewels, sequins and bright red lips.

Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

5. A black dress and a black jacket

Demi can be relied upon to wear a few looks over and over, specifically, little black leather jackets and dresses cut just above the knee. Here she is rocking both on stage with fellow judges L.A. Reid, Simon Cowell and Britney Spears. Hey, was there an office memo sent out about matching or something?

Photo credit: Fox

6. A teal dress and a black leather jacket

Here she is, sticking with the pieces she loves but adding a little twist. In this case, a formal shift is made to look cooler with the addition of Demi's fave, a black leather moto, and a slightly undone fishtale braid.

Photo credit: Demi Lovato/Facebook

7. A bright red number

Don't get too close, or you might be impaled by a shoulder. At this point it seems like she's tried out every hairstyle (and color); the topknot was a runaway hit last summer.

Photo credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

8. A black tux jacket with matching pants

This is business casual in Demi's world. For the taping of part one of the show's season finale, the singer stepped out in head-to-toe black (a tux jacket, a tunic and slim pants) paired with glittery heels, bold brows and gold chains.

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

9. A floral skirt and black top

When you really love a print, there's no shame in wearing it twice. Demi picked out the skirt version of a dress she'd already worn to share the stage with CeCe, Paige and Jennel.

Photo credit: Demi Lovato/Facebook

10. A silver dress

Demi reaches into the future again with this aluminum-foil-like fit-and-flare dress. She shines in it, sure, but that's because it's practically reflective. It's not her best look, but props for coordinating with CeCe and Paige.

Photo credit: Fox