After much deliberation and speculation from fans, Travis Scott announced on Monday that "Highest In The Room," his new single, would finally drop this Friday.


Two days prior to the single's release, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott "broke up," with Jenner being spotted hours later alongside Tyga, her pedophiliac ex-boyfriend who reportedly started dating the reality star when she was a minor. She was then spotted again, dancing with Jaden Smith at Justin Bieber's wedding. The timing of Travis Scott's release feels too close to the break up to be coincidental, and Scott fans everywhere began to salivate as they waited for Scott to address the break up on the track.

Fans got what they wanted—kind of. But publicity stunt aside, the song itself is boring. Scott meanders his way through each verse, talking about his recent break up, his fast cars, and of course, how high he is, in the same auto tuned pitter-patter flow that consumed all of Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho. It has the ghostly auto tuned "Yeah's!" and "Whoa's" that we've come to expect from the artist, but Scott himself just doesn't sound like he's having that much fun. The track's outro is additionally captivating, but frankly fades away before it has time to really sink in. The video, in contrast, is an absolute trip, with Scott's dark creativity in full swing. Check the new single out above.