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Joe Rogan Is Right — Straight White Men Are Being Silenced!

Won't anyone please consider the plight of the straight white man?

I'm not supposed to be saying this.

I'm not really sure I'm supposed to be saying anything at all. Because the truth is... I'm a straight white man.

I know it's shocking. I'll probably be fired before I can finish typing this sentence. A straight white male being paid to voice his opinions in the year of our lord 2021 — and saying shit like "year of our lord" as if it weren't bad enough already.

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Each week one of Popdust's disposable clones — grown in a vault deep beneath the Mojave desert — is exposed to the outside world through a relentless feed of news, pop culture, and social media.

The arduous process accelerates their dissolution back into an amorphous clone slurry. But before they go, they leave behind a document of what they've absorbed and what they've learned — a time capsule preserving a single moment in the slow-motion collapse of civilization. An End Times Update...

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No One Knows Elite Victimhood Like Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson attacked Meghan Markle as an example of "elites' unseemly victimhood," but elite victimhood is his whole schtick.

Tucker Carlson is an every man.

Sure, he makes millions of dollars being on TV, but he still knows how tough it is out there for working Joes, and he just wants the politicians and Hollywood bigshots to get off their high horses and stop lecturing us normal folks about how racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia are "problems" for other people. He's tired of guys like him and all the white men in his audience getting pushed around and shamed by the rich jerks with all the power.

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TV News

Tucker Carlson Has an Opening for a New Secretly Racist Writer (Again)

Blake Neff is just the latest secret racist to be exposed and ousted from Tucker Carlson's orbit.

Tucker Carlson Tonight

On Friday Blake Neff—the top writer for Tucker Carlson Tonight—resigned after years of his racist, sexist, and homophobic Internet posts were exposed.

As a result, Tucker Carlson now has an opening for a new top writer who is better at hiding their secret racism. But maybe that assessment isn't fair. After all, Carlson isn't like the rest of Fox News.

Sure, he earns millions of dollars a year telling his viewers to be afraid of Democrats because if they get into office "people who supported Donald Trump will be punished" and that "there's never been an American political party as radical and as angry as the Democrats are now."

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Cody Johnston's "Some More News" Is Essential Quarantine Content

Watching him slowly lose his mind might be the only way to keep your sanity


Cody Johnston is a news dude.

That's the official title listed on screen in each episode of his (almost) weekly YouTube series Some More News. It conveys the tongue-in-cheek formality of the videos which play on conventions of traditional TV news, with an anchor desk, lots of flashy graphics and sound cues, and increasingly absurd segment titles.

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An Open Letter to Tucker Carlson from His Biggest White Supremacist Fan

Don't bite the hand that feeds you, Tucker Carlson.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Dear Tucker Carlson,

I'm a real fan of yours. Tucker Carlson Tonight is an ever-present part of my weeknight routine. Whether I'm cooking myself dinner or cleaning my semi-automatic AR-15 style rifle, if it's after 8 p.m. your face is on my TV screen. As a proud white supremacist***, imagine my surprise when I heard you tell me that white supremacism "is a hoax" on your show last night. Now, I'm here to give you a piece of my mind: We white supremacists are your fans. Please do not erase us.

tucker carlson Tucker Carlson fighting off Jews and brown people.Fox News

I yearn for an America with only real Americans of Viking origin, but does that mean I cannot laugh, smile, and joke? I believe race-mixing is destroying whiteness from the inside out, but does that mean I cannot love? And yes, I do hate all the globalist Jews who are attempting to cuck real Americans from the shadows, but does that make me inhuman? Is that really how you feel, Tucker? Because if so, I hope you know we see eye-to-eye on more than you might think.

Wasn't it you, Tucker Carlson, who said immigrants "make[s] our country poorer and dirtier and more divided?" You also said, "Latin American countries are changing election outcomes here by forcing demographic change on this country." You made this great point, too: "If you have a country full of 335 million people who don't share common values, why does that country not break apart?"

tucker carlson wife Tucker Carlson and a white woman with whom he shares common values.PHOTO: WIKI

I AGREE. That's exactly why we want a white American ethnostate.

Wasn't it you, Tucker Carlson, who questioned Barack Obama's blackness: "How is he black, for one thing? He has one white parent, one black parent."

I AGREE. And may I just say, your phrasing was brilliant because if he's not black, he's also certainly not white. This is exactly how race-mixing is destroying our people. White genocide is a real problem, and I think that a white man as smart as you, Tucker Carlson, would agree with me on that.

Lastly, you have discussed the dangers of the "globalism and cultural liberalism" and the "globalist left" many times on your show.

I AGREE. Let's be honest here: We both know who the globalists are. When anyone says "globalists," what they really mean are "Jews."

My point, Tucker Carlson, is that we basically hold all of the same views. Before your offensive "hoax" comment, I even assumed you were a white supremacist. That's why I watch your show. As far as mainstream TV goes, you and Laura Ingraham are the only people pushing ideas fully in-line with white supremacist ideology––like when Laura Ingraham pushed the great replacement theory saying, "The effort here is to replace kind of the old America with a new America who's not coming into the country legally. And the Democrats know that will tip the balance for them in every state where it's even close and that will just be an electoral lock forever." This is exactly what we've been saying the whole time!

tucker carlson and laura ingraham Two white patriots who actively promote white supremacist ideology

But if the fact that we already agree on so many established aspects of white supremacy still isn't enough to convince you that we're not a hoax, I've compiled a whole bunch of information that proves how us white supremacists are actively trying to fix our country.

Just last year, FBI Director Christopher Wray said, "A majority of the domestic terrorism cases we've investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence." The liberal pansies at the ADL back this up, documenting how us white supremacists were linked to every "extremist" murder last year.

We are real. Dylan Roof is one of us. The Pittsburgh synagogue shooter is one of us. The Christchurch shooter is one of us. The Poway shooter is one of us. The El Paso shooter is one of us. All these guys believe the same things we do––that immigrants are bad for American unity and liberal (((globalists))) are trying to destroy white hegemony. They echo the same talking points in their manifesto that you've outlined on your show; their fears are the same as yours. Heck, most of them probably considered themselves fans of yours, too! And yet you call us a "hoax?"

White supremacy is on the rise, Tucker Carlson, and we are your fans. Your talking points confirm our beliefs and spur us on. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, Tucker Carlson. We're all in this together (unless you're a globalist).

***This article is satire intended to display the indistinguishability between Tucker Carlson's views and white supremacist ideology. The writer is, in fact, a globalist Jew and not a white supremacist at all. All of the relevant links, however, are real and accurate. Happy reading, and hi Tucker :)