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Happy Birthday, Tyler, the Creator: 9 of His Most Iconic Moments

The eccentric rapper turns 29 today.

Today, March 6, 2020, Tyler Okonma—best known as Tyler, the Creator—turns 29 years old.

The polymathic rapper first rose to prominence as a founding member of the alternative hip-hop collective, Odd Future, whose debut album was released in 2012. And although multiple members of the now-inactive group have experienced fruitful solo careers—Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt among them—Tyler, the Creator's has arguably left the most recognizable influence. With five studio albums, a clothing line, a music festival, and much more on his resume, Tyler has been cited as a major inspiration to Gen Z icons like Billie Eilish and BROCKHAMPTON's Kevin Abstract.

Occasionally controversial but always a brilliant artist, Tyler has made himself known as not only a masterful musician, but a filterless class clown of the real world. Below, here are nine of Tyler, the Creator's most iconic moments.

A Walking Paradox

With just a cockroach, a noose, and a perspective control lens, Tyler introduced his solo rap career with one of the most unforgettable music videos of the decade (self-directed under his alter ego, Wolf Haley).

Tyler, The Creator has a notorious Twitter presence.

He shares his thoughts, from the most mundane to the most complex, with his 8.5 million followers on a daily basis. Whether he's holding a baby alligator in the Everglades:

Or complaining about small talk:

You can count on Tyler to keep it real online.

Last night, after he won the Grammy for Best Rap Album at the 2020 ceremony, Tyler took to Twitter for a new purpose: revenge. Quoting a tweet from 2011 in which an unknown Twitter user named Mark Anthony said that Tyler wouldn't ever get a Grammy, Tyler said:

Fans reaction to this incredible feat of pettiness ranged from approval to laughter.

But however you feel about the Tweet, one thing is sure: Tyler got the last laugh.