Gioli and Assia are making sure the world knows women have a place in dance music. No longer do we live in a world in which the music industry is a boys only club. In fact, there doesn’t have to be a man involved at all.

Both Gioli & Assia kickstarted their careers uploading videos to YouTube where they automatically began building their separate personal brands. By 2015, the two met through the platform and discovered that their sounds not only combined beautifully, but they also worked together seamlessly as singers, songwriters, DJs, and producers.

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MYRNE & Manila Killa - Where Do We Go From Here? (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

Electronic artists MYRNE and Manila Killa unveil the music video for "Where Do We Go From Here," a track from their collaborative EP, Fluorescence.

Teeming with house energy, the song relates the tale of a young Japanese girl living with her grandmother, grieving the passing of her mother. Feeling alone, she seeks out the company of her pet fish, and finds catharsis through dancing. Soft velvety vocals infuse the tune with aching sadness and a questioning of what's next.

MYRNE & Manila Killa - Where Do We Go From Here? (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

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