There are few things I love more than a bunch of powerful women commanding a stage for the night, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend FLETCHER’s Pride event: FLETCHER & FRIENDS. On June 4, UPSAHL, Olivia O’Brien, and FLETCHER took the stage at the iconic Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ to celebrate Pride Month 2023 with a concert. And, honestly, I wasn’t disappointed.

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The Demi Ramos Show: UPSAHL

THE PHX TAPES V2 is out now

UPSAHL is one of the hardest working artists in pop music. She consistently releases new music and plays shows around the world. Since scoring the hit "Drugs" in 2019, she's shown versatility with singles like "People I Don't Like" "MoneyOnMyMind," and the dance floor anthem "Into My Body."

Her latest project, UPSAHL PRESENTS: THE PHX TAPES, is an homage to the singer-songwriter's hometown. She's always moved fluidly between genres, but the first two volumes have her experimenting even further. The single "WET WHITE TEE SHIRT" features spaced-out house, while other tracks have a fuzzy, '90s rock sound.

Watch UPSAHL talk to Demi Ramos about the music she's been making, writing for artists like Dua Lipa, and why she now prefers a sober tour.

UPSAHL | The Demi Ramos Show

For more from UPSAHL, follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

New Releases

5 Tracks That Inspired UPSAHL

The new single "Into My Body" is out now

Video and Photography by Jordan Edwards

UPSAHL just released her latest single "Into My Body," along with a music video. The energizing dance pop track celebrates being comfortable with yourself and your body. It will appear on the upcoming EP Sagittarius, due out Dec. 9.

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