Versace Brings Back Iconic Biggie Frame for One Month Only

The newly acquired brand updates its classic sunglasses inspired by the Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie Smalls wasn't just known for his rapping skills.

The Brooklyn-born rapper also made waves in fashion. He introduced his followers to Versace shades, COOGI sweaters and turtleneck sweaters. Now, Versace is bringing back his iconic Medusa frames in a newer, updated style for one month only.


The updated style boasts a low-lens front shape and wide-style temples for a more modern look. Compared to the OG shades, this new pair is definitely more structured and fresh, but the shades will still feature the same gold metal Medusa medallions that Biggie wore.

The glasses will cost $295 and be available in Barney's stores and on their website starting Oct. 8, and will be available for purchase until Nov. 8.

Along with fellow rapper 2Pac, Biggie locked down Versace as a staple of hip-hop fashion. He was also one of the first rappers to be invited to the Italian house of opulance's fashion shows. Modern rappers like 2 Chainz and Tyga have also attempted to revive the famous Medusa shades.

Another one of Biggie's favorite fashion choices was the COOGI sweater — originally made in Melbourne for rich, upper class white folks, the Notorious B.I.G. re-appropriated the sweater for the hip-hop community. And again, rappers today love paying tribute to his looks — Drake and A$AP Mob are just a few of the artists who have sported the colorful threads.

Not all of Biggie's styles were discontinued — Biggie loved to rock some BAPE camo which is still trendy today. NIGO, a young designer who was also a fan of hip hop, started designing camo inspired pieces and managed to get the Bad Boy rapper to wear some. Now, BAPE is a popular brand and camo is everywhere.

The revival of the famous Versace shades was the brand's first major announcement after being bought by Michael Kors. Some say it's Kors already trying to profit off the brand's history, while others think this is Versace's last big stunt. Regardless, a little more Biggie fashion in the world can't be a bad thing.

Amber Wang is a freelancer for Popdust, Gearbrain and various other sites. She is also a student at NYU, a photographer and a marketing intern.

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Michael Kors is thisclose to Buying Versace

Valued at $2 Billion, this sale is far from a steal

Fashionistas...take notice!

Fans of fashion are familiar with designer Michael Kors, and Versace is a name even people who prefer sweatpants over sheath dresses have heard of when it comes to their style IQ. And now the two are in talks to become closer than ever, as according to Bloomberg, "Michael Kors is close to buying Versace for $2 billion." Although The Wall Street Journal puts the price tag at closer to $2.4 billion…but who's counting?

Michael Kors

After various parties of interest had their eyes on snagging Gianni Versace SpA, Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. ( KORS.N) has risen above the selection of suitors seeking to sign their name on the dotted line. As per Bloomberg, "Michael Kors may announce a deal as early as this week. Donatella Versace, who has helped run the company with her brother Santo Versace since the murder of their sibling Gianni in 1997, has called a meeting with employees Tuesday to announce the sale."

Donatella Versace

According to Reuters, "Michael Kors, whose namesake label is best known for its leather handbags, has made no secret of its ambition to grow its portfolio of high-end brands after swooping on British stiletto-heel maker Jimmy Choo for $1.2 billion last year." And with a brand like Versace on Michael Kors' "resume," the "high-end" factor gets a major boost. As Reuters notes, "The deal gives Michael Kors a mega-brand and red carpet favorite that is among the most recognizable and followed fashion labels in the world."

Runway looks

Neither party has commented on the rumored upcoming purchase and sale, but the wheels are in motion and this could be one of the most talked about fashion moments of the year. As per Bloomberg, "A representative for Versace declined to comment on the potential transaction. Michael Kors couldn't immediately be reached. A spokesman for Blackstone (Blackstone Group LP owns 20 percent of Versace) had no comment. While talks are advanced, no final agreements have been reached."

Will the everyday "Jane" be sporting Versace on the regular? If she can afford a $2,470 leopard-print sweatshirt, then sure. Otherwise, the lavish looks will live on the bodies of runway models and A-listers as always. "Who are you wearing?" will be a question Michael Kors' will be anticipating being asked at awards shows and celeb-studded soirees. Versace is what will turn heads, but hopefully the ensemble will be paired with a coordinating Michael Kors handbag.

Melissa A. Kay is a New York-based writer, editor, and content strategist. Follow her work on Popdust as well as sites including TopDust, Chase Bank, P&G,, The Richest, GearBrain, The Journiest, Bella, TrueSelf, Better Homes & Gardens, AMC Daycare, and more.

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Migos To Give Lecture at NYU

Rain drop, get taught.

Migos announced on their Twitter today that they'll be hosting a lecture on their album CULTURE at New York University, and what they've contributed to us in terms of it. The lecture is scheduled for January 28th, the day after the album's official release, and is going to be held at the Iris B. Gerald Cantor Film Center on NYU's campus. At the time that I'm writing this, tickets exclusive to NYU students have already sold out.

Can the Atlanta trio do no wrong? They've already hit it big with their Billboard-topping single "Bad and Boujee," receiving a shoutout from Donald Glover in his Golden Globes speech, and killing it on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video below). It also helps that the memesphere has elevated so much of their music to great heights. Like come on, dabbing? That's nothing but Migos.

This isn't a first for New York University, as the Washington Square-based campus has been host to several other hip hop acts through the years, such as Lil B, Pharell, and Joey Bada$$. But as for the actual lecture itself, there's no telling what Migos is going to talk about to all of those students. So far all that's been said is it's going to be about their "contribution to music, fashion, dance, and other forms of popular culture." Some of those things make sense, but then again...


It goes without saying what Migos has done for music, with each member having his own distinct flow that can only be described as the "Migos sound," the quick triplet on the beat that sets them apart from all other acts. Let's not forget, the Atlanta trio originally blew up as a result of Drake's blessing, with him remixing their song "Versace."


Ever heard of the Dab, or have you ever Piped it Up? Not only does their music make you want to dance nonstop, they've even taught us how to do it! Personally, I think the dab hit the highest level it could possibly reached when Microsoft founder and multibillionaire Bill Gates hit it (or at least tried to).

Honorable mention: Paul Ryan seeing the son of Rep. Roger Marshall trying to dab on-camera, and calling him the f*ck out on it. Historians will argue 50 years from now whether or not this was the end of it all.


See: Versace (Remix)

At the end of the day, who knows what Migos will say at their lecture.

Will they announce the follow-up to CULTURE? Will they debut their most powerful dance move yet, the move to end all moves? Will they end up having to explain to 300 white college kids what crockpots are actually used for? Probably the third thing!


Migos are literally trappin' in "T-Shirt" video

Ride along with the Atlanta trio for a quick winter getaway.

Are you the type of person who saw The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and thought it was lacking say, 2 or 3 dope boys showing off in their own fur pelts? Or maybe you just happen to live in NYC this weekend, and are getting ready for this "winter wonderland" snowfall that'll quickly turn into gray mush?

On Friday afternoon Migos came out with a fresh video for the song "T-Shirt," off their new album CULTURE. We get to see Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset retreat to a cozy cabin in the mountains, while dressed head to toe in the most outlandish furs you've seen since Leo fought that bear for the Oscar. They were fighting each other for the Oscar nomination, right?

Throwing in my nomination for Leo as the 4th Migos member.

In my experience as a hip hop head, I feel as though we haven't gotten to see a lot of rapper's arctic adventures in the tundra. Even Drake, who's arguably from the coldest climate of any popular rapper, has never been seen relaxing in a snowy winter getaway like the Migos are doing here.

Migos are definitely going for the gold this year with this video, seeing as it comes only a few days after their video for "Call Casting." And let's not forget the real runaway hit "Bad and Boujee," featuring Lil Uzi Vert. Blessed with a low-key yet menacing melody by none other than Metro Boomin, the song has quickly risen to the top of the charts and been recognized by the meme-sphere, certainly boosting hype for the album CULTURE.

Having been a Migos fan myself since their debut mixtapeYRN, I'm happy all three of them have been able to stay out of trouble with the law, long enough to get this album made. Offset, I'm looking at you. Back in the days of "Hannah Montana" and "Versace," you would've thought the 3rd member of the group was named "Free Offset."

The one thing about "Bad and Boujee" though is the real absence of Takeoff, one of the group's founding members. It's all the more reason for him to go off in "T-Shirt" as you see here, in the song's hook:

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