La Britney's Rise to Fame as an Independent Artist

The star of VH1's Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood sits down to discuss her loyal fan-base, finding success as an independent artist, and hating laundry.

La Britney's following has exploded since her appearance on VH1's Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood.

But the singer had been working hard on her music career for years before her reality TV debut. As a confident mother, activist, and artist, La Britney didn't listen to critics who questioned her jump to television. As an independent artist, her hard work has earned her a loyal fan-base who've supported her because of her authenticity, which she's imbued into her music for over eight years. Watch below as she describes her rise from her basement apartment to performing before fans worldwide in her most successful year yet, as well as her plans for 2019.

Popdust Exclusive | La'Britney

When faced with Popdust's Magic Box, which contained the deepest questions her fans wanted answered, La Britney stayed smart with her wallet and didn't lie.

The Magic Box interview with La'Britney

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Meg Hanson is a Brooklyn-based writer, teacher and jaywalker. Find Meg at her website and on Twitter @megsoyung.

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Bow Down to your Season 4 Queens on "RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars"

This season will go down in Drag Race her-story. Facts are facts.


Dear plebeians, get ready for some "goopery" and ShamWows from your newly-sequined royalty on season four of RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars.

Your favorite queens who sashay'd away are back and ready to "shantay you stay" for a spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame.

The next chapter in the reality competition series will pit former queens from RuPaul's Drag Race's ten seasons against each other. Beginning Friday, December 14th on VH1, these ladies will assemble divine outfits in the Werk Room and battle it out afterwards on the runway. Queen Mother, RuPaul herself, told Entertainment Weekly (EW) that, "The girls on All-Stars 4 are exciting and they have so much more to show."

Last time we left All-Stars, the fandom was sharply divided over the controversial season three finale, where the presumed frontrunner Shangela was given the boot by fellow contenders Kennedy Davenport, BeBe Zahara Benet, and ultimate victor Trixie Mattel. Angry diva-fans widely criticized the season as giving us weekly installments of "RuPaul's Best Friend Race," since the competing queens were bequeathed the power of eliminating their sisters through popular vote.

Ru hopes All-Stars 4 "will shock fans, although I don't think they'll be as disappointed. We always try to do something fresh and interesting, and sometimes it turns out in a way that you don't really expect. I love Trixie. She's a real superstar, but I really didn't count on the other girls who came back being so vindictive [and voting against Shangela]."

Facts are facts, however, and how the competition will shape up on All-Star 4 remains to be seen. What we do know is that we are here for the newest crop of our favorite returning divas. Her-story will be made. Bow down to your queens, bitches:

Monét X Change

Monét X Change (Season 10, 6th place): Sweeping into Drag Race on a quest to make sponges couture, our season 10 Miss Congeniality is ready to "[clean] up the motherfucking competition" with a new battery of cleaning products including "some ShamWows and some yellow gloves," she told EW.

Monique Heart

Monique Heart (Season 10, 8th place): Monique captured our hearts with her spirit and made us keel over with her legendary catchphrases. Whereas season 10's phrase was "facts are facts," All-Star 4 is all about "the goop." We don't know what it means, but we like it!

Trinity Taylor

Trinity Taylor (Season 9, 3rd place): The pageant queen famous for her capital-T tuck is ready to "finish what [she] started." She promises edgier looks than her usual showgirl fare and may even be getting a bit religious.


Valentina (Season 9, 7th place): She's finally back. Widely considered a frontrunner in her season, Valentina was booted after her infamous lip sync when she covered her face from the judges. "If I lip sync again, I'm going to have to redeem myself," she says, adding that she's running on a "different maturity level" this season.

Farrah Moan

Farrah Moan (Season 9, 8th place): Known as more of a "whiny, obnoxious" queen, Farrah tells fans (and Valentina) to watch out: "Farrah Moan on All-Stars 4 is more of a force to be reckoned with."

Naomi Smalls

Naomi Smalls (Season 8, 2nd place): The queen who almost had it all is back, and one thing is for sure on the menu: LEGS.

Jasmine Masters

Jasmine Masters (Season 7, 12th place): Famous for her memes, Jasmine Masters says fans should expect the comedy gold to continue this season: "We get a lot of jush in there. There's a lot of jush going on, so you're going to get your jush!"

Gia Gunn

Gia Gunn (Season 6, 10th place): Remembered for her rebellious eyelash malfunction during her season 6 exit interview, Gia's return will be her first after coming out as a transgender woman. Some fans are wondering whether RuPaul's inclusion of Gia is the Queen Mother attempting to make up for her controversial anti-trans comments made earlier this year.

Latrice Royale

Latrice Royale (Season 4, 4th place): This is mother Latrice's fourth Drag Race appearance after sashaying away on Drag Race season four, All-Stars season one, and professor-ing on the third season of RuPaul's Drag U. She isn't taking no shit this round: "This whole new sisterly thing we got going on where everybody's like 'sis,' that's some bullshit. You ain't really my sister because my real sister would let me know the real tea," she said.

Manila Luzon

Manila Luzon (Season 3, 2nd place): And last but not least—welcome back to a queen whose last broadcast on Drag Race was in standard definition. "Drag has changed so much," Manila told EW. "It's nice to come back and show what I'm capable of after I've had the opportunity to become a drag superstar."

We don't know about you, but we're ready for some eleganza extravaganza, honey! Catch the premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars season four at 8 p.m. ET Friday, December 14th on VH1.

Joshua Smalley is a New York-based writer, editor, and playwright. Find Josh at his website and on Twitter: @smalleywrites.

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Exclusive Premiere | Rose Villain's New Video "Funeral Party"

Popdust's Very Own Brent Butler Gets an Exclusive Scoop on Rose Villain's Newest Release

Meet Rose Villain.

Rose Villain is a singer and songwriter from Milan, Italy, now based in New York City. A film and horror enthusiast – she's inspired by directors including Quentin Tarantino,the Cohen Brothers, Stanley Kubrick, and David Lynch - and a fashion devotee, her eclectic interests include poetry, aliens, criminology, and natural catastrophes, all of which find their way into her singular lyric sensibility. Having grown up on a love of rock – Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Guns'N'Roses, and Metallica to name a few – Rose was soon drawn to hip hop, citing Kanye West as a major influence. Her music fuses pop, trap, and 80s vibes.

Rose Villain

Hi Rose Villain, welcome to Popdust! Ms. Villain, how have you been?

Miserable, thank you!

Can you talk to us more about "Funeral Party?"

So the story is pretty clear, he's dead to her. And she's so happy about it she takes full responsibility for the funeral arrangements. I think it's about moving on, to feel confident and mostly about letting go of the negative shit.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this?

I did write it after a funeral. It was a truly sad moment and I felt lost there. But the person who passed away taught me in life to take all the negative and turn it into something positive. So I tried to write something funny about it, to exorcise.

What can you tell us about the making of the video?

It was toug hhh. But in every single video, I put myself in the most bizarre and painful or dangerous situations. Diving into icy waters, cockroaches and tarantulas, standing on the edge of really high buildings... In this case I was riding backwards on a very fast motorcycle and walking in winter clothes at noon in Jamaica. That means a million degrees. But it was beautiful and I got to meet really wonderful people in Kingston, especially at Life Yard, this community of talented kids who live for music and arts.

How was the recording and writing process?

I work on all my music with Sixpm, my producer and boyfriend. He's a genius and everything we write, including Funeral Party, comes very naturally. We're both obsessed with details and spend hours in the studio on maybe finding the perfect sound for an instrument. The writing is the easy part for us both, we're very creative. In the vocal booth, he sorta yells at me a lot. He thinks that if I get angry I will perform better. I hate men.

How did your upbringing influence your music? We see you draw from everything from ACDC to Ye. Interesting!

I grew up with the devils of rock and they still make my blood boil. I think they totally influenced my way of writing but mostly they pushed me to try and make high quality music. You see, they are the Gods. The rock of the 70s, the 80s, even the 90s… That was real music, with real instruments and they would cut the tapes to pick the best takes, no autotune and no laptops. I wish we could still do it like that, I know Jack White does. The least I can do is to keep it authentic and true to who I am. I love Kanye cause he broke all the rules and made real music with a laptop.

NYC vs. Milan - go!

I gotta say, they have similarities. They're both very international cities and there's a huge presence of fashion and the food is great. People are ambitious and a little snobbish. New York is more frenetic and the people are more aggressive towards their jobs, they bust their asses and try to become the best. Milan is more laid back and chill about this, they wake up, get a cappuccino and a croissant, then try to leave early and do aperitivos with friends in the evening.

Does this mean we can expect more new material from you - how's that coming along?

I'm at a point where I have TOO MUCH new material. I'm just waiting for the label to say ''UNLEASH'." I'm over-excited cause after years of looking for my sound, I now have that feeling I had when I listened to new tracks on MTV as a kid, the chills and the connection, with my own music. I cry a lot when I hear my newest tracks. Happy tears.

If so, any tentative release date or title in mind for the next project?

I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you.

Any plans for upcoming shows?

Hopefully we'll go on tour very soon. I love to perform live, and I wanna go around the world and see as many sweaty faces as I can.

What else is happening next in your villainous world? Everyone staying out your pool?

Ah it's tough to be evil. Next up of course is the conquering of the world, duh. A few can totally stay in my pool, but they have to play by my rules cause there's no lifeguard on duty.

Follow Rose Villain on Facebook | Instagram

Brent Butler, Co-frontman of The Cold Press, actor and host of PopDust Presents!

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WEEKLY RUCAP | Episode 4: All Stars Snatch Game!

I really thought this was going to be a great Snatch Game - and I was sorely disappointed.

Me during the whole episode.

Let me tell you something - everybody looks forward to a good snatch game. And with a team like this - a group that has proven to be both funny, and astounding impersonators - it should have been an AMAZING one. Unfortunately, we were given a game that went on too long, and a bunch of drama that grated on my nerves. I don't know what it is about this season, but something isn't right. Is it the weird fabricated mind games? Or is the clear divide between the talented girls and the girls who don't really deserve to be there?

I don't know.


The only good thing Milk contributed to this show.

This episode was absolutely filled with pettiness - and Milk kicked it off postmortem with her mirror message. It didn't phase any of the queens, because everybody knew how shady Milk was. Nothing jumped out at me with this opening - just Kennedy essentially saying that she sent Milk home for discrediting her drag (which she did). And BenDeLa chose Chi Chi because, well, she's been in the bottom four goddamned times.

Then there was Trixie's little, last second observation. She said that no one was safe, because eliminations weren't based on critiques - they were based on relationships. And that's the gospel truth, because that seems to be the only game most of these girls are playing now.


The number 1 rule of the Snatch Game!

There weren't any real assignments this go-around. But RuPaul did reveal that we were doing Snatch Game this week! And right away, everybody is excited. They all start talking about how this challenge shows who the best of the best - and who deserves to be there - which is true. I can't think of one Drag Race winner who didn't do a good job on their Snatch Game performance/

There wasn't a lot that happened during the initial set up - except that Shangela was trying to start some beef with Trixie for no reason - except to get into Trixie's head. It starts with Shangela noticing the note she received from Thorgy after Thorgy's elimination. The note says that Shangela is a shady bitch, and all that. And Trixie is confused - because she also kept Milk's note too.

Oh Trixie.

And yeah, it does seem like a shady thing to do - but I don't think Trixie meant anything by it. Especially because it was hung up in her private area - and it's not like Trixie has ever shown any outward aggression towards Shangela in the past. It seemed very fabricated to me - and Kennedy didn't make it any better after she chimed in. It seems that she and Shangela are taking this alliance thing all the way.

Shangela forgives her, but has Trixie on her list.

Calm down, Shangela.

Other than that, you have RuPaul going around with special guest, Marc Jacobs, and shading all of the queens' choices. The most shaded were Bebe (who chose the amazing Grace Jones) and Shangela, who actually did a last minute switch from Miss Cleo to Jennifer Lewis.

In the end, this was the line up:

Trixie: RuPaul

At least it looks like her.

Chi Chi: Maya Angelou

Poor Chi Chi didn't get a GIF!

BenDeLa: Paul Lynde

BenDeLa, you funny bitch.

BeBe: Grace Jones

Beautiful. Gorgeous. I love this.

Shangela: Jenifer Lewis

Shangela, I can't deal with your talent.

Kennedy: Phaedra Parks

When you miss the mark on the challenge you're supposed to do well on.

Aja: Crystal Labeija

Aja is so good.


This Snatch Game went on forever. Like, far too long - and it wasn't even that good. I sat there watching a lot of the queens go through this train wreck - and the issue was that so many queens who should have done well... tanked. Like bad.

Aja and Bebe were okay. Aja gets some major points for being a huge drag icon and educating some of the masses. After all, who is as iconic as the original mother of the Haus of Labeija? And Bebe was uncharacteristically crass, yet elegant as ever, as Grace Jones. They were both fine, but not incredible.

OH YEAH - AND KRISTEN CHENOWETH WAS JUST THERE? For no reason, except to just hang out and play the game. It's was cute, and she was definitely funny.

BenDeLa and Shangela killed it. BenDeLa once again brought out an iconic portrayal of someone we've never heard of - Paul Lynde - who appeared on a lot of television and film stuff way back when. And Shangela's perfectly sassy portrayal of Jenifer Lewis was hilarious - and had Ru rolling. Of course, I knew these two were going to bring it - they bring it every episode.

There Mya Angelou is!

Now, we get to the disappointing part of this whole mess. First, Kennedy fell flat as Phaedra Parks of The Real Housewives of Atlanta - she had jokes, they just weren't landing. I was mostly surprised, but also, she has been super up-and-down this season, so not really. And Chi Chi was just bad - she misspelled Maya Angelou's name, and then didn't even deliver on RuPaul's references. It was a train wreck.

The biggest shock of the night was how bad Trixie did as RuPaul. I have always been a fan of Trixie, and I expected her to turn it out this season. She's known for being hilarious, and having watched videos of her live performances - I know she's funny. But her RuPaul was embarrassingly flat - and it didn't read at all. And you could say how much that hurt her throughout the rest of the episode. I was shocked, and disappointed, but also worried.

It can't be easy to know you're failing.


This was surprisingly short, because of the length of the Snatch Game - or maybe it wasn't and the Snatch Game just felt like it went on forever. Either way, this was a speedy transition. We saw Trixie feel horrible about her performance, and almost crumble because of it. BenDeLa admits that Trixie should have won the previous challenge - which Shangela thinks is ingenuous, because Shangela is playing a game that doesn't exist.

And that's all I could remember!



Before we go down the list. I have two points to make:

1. RuPaul's dress was straight up hideous - it was this awful bacon-esque flower monstrosity and I don't know who told her it was okay, but it wasn't.

2. This runway was so fast, I could barely get my ratings down before we moved onto the next queen!

With that, here is my list:

Aja: 10/10 - gorgeous, beautiful, stunning.

Shangela: 9/10 - I loved it so much. She was giving me pregnant flower fantasy and it was amazing.

I wish you could see how great this whole dress was.

Bebe: 10/10 - gorgeous, stunning, amazing, ethereal, transcendent, goddess.

Kennedy: 7/10 - a sunflower dress with some sunflowers blooming out of a black dress. Pretty, but not that amazing.

Chi Chi: 6/10 - The judges loved this, but I thought it was too much.

This is how I felt when I saw that dress.

Trixie: 5/10 - This was not her night and this dress reminded me of her Ugliest Dress from a few episodes ago.

Ugh, Trixie, you knew this wasn't good.

BenDeLa: 6/10 - I don't remember her dress.

All in all, this went too fast to really enjoy - but hey, what are you going to do?





There wasn't a lot that went into this deliberation. Bebe and Aja were praised for their outfits and told that their Snatch Game performances were decent - and then were told that they were safe. Chi Chi and Kennedy were read for their Snatch Game performances - as was Trixie/

Trixie's critique upset me, because I'm not used to seeing her like that - so emotional. And you could hear the genuine fear and worry in her voice - and it hurt her to admit how scared of the competition she was. I was glad to heard Michelle sticking up for and saying what everyone is thinking: We want to see the real Trixie Mattel.

Oh bby, don't cry.

In the Work Room - we see Trixie confiding to everyone that she's not handling the pressure well. She's having a much worse time than she's been showing, and she can't help it. It's heartbreaking - but it makes sense, because she hasn't really been present. She's faded into the background, and that's not the Trixie I've come to know. It's unfortunate, and I hope she picks herself up next episode.

Chi Chi, when talking with BenDeLa, basically says that she's been in the bottom four times and she's okay to go. It's nice to see her being honest with herself, I just wish she would try a little harder and not sabotage herself.

Then there's Shangela and Kennedy. Shangela gives Trixie a hug, and talks more about her alliance strategy. Trixie explains the note - and they seem to walk away on good terms. But Shangela is playing this weird, manufactured game that none of the other girls are actually playing. And she admits that she still doesn't trust Trixie.

She may be shady, but she can also be a lady.

Kennedy thinks she doesn't belong in the bottom - and she totally does - but she doesn't deserve to go home.


The lip synch to I Kissing A Girl by Katy Perry is dull. Shangela plays the sexy and BenDeLa plays up the campy comedy. HOWEVER, at the end, when Ru was deciding the winner, I was on the edge of my seat. I knew that if Shangela won then she was definitely sending Trixie home, and that BenDeLa was her only shot. AND THEN RUPAUL SAID THEY BOTH WON, AND I FLIPPED OUT.

BenDeLa revealed that she was sending Chi Chi home - thank god - and then Shangela took her sweet time talking about her choice, before ALSO REVEALING THAT SHE WAS SENDING CHI CHI HOME.

I breathed a sigh of relief, and shut my laptop. This episode wasn't great, but it kept me on the edge of my damned seat, I'll tell you that.

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Top Videos

WEEKLY RUCAP | Episode 3: B*itchelor

Oh gurl. This is one of the best episodes of the season so far!

Making up for last week, this episode managed to be one of the most fun and drama-filled episodes of the season. With a fun acting and challenging acting challenge and a surprisingly stellar performance from one Kennedy Davenport - I am so glad to see we're finally getting some of the fun Drag Race is known for. Not to mention, we've got an all out feud that seemed to be cut short pretty quick and a surprisingly somber lip-synch.

It was AMAZING, y'all.


Right off the bat, we start with Kennedy being very upset on Shangela's behalf in regards to Thorgy's less-than-funny-definitely-more-insult-y lipstick message. And then Milk, who is shaping to be the bitch (or at least get the "bitch edit"), chimed in and said that it was supposed to be a joke - and Kennedy was not having it.

In case you're wondering what Thorgy drew.

Shangela, who sent Thorgy home, didn't care. She reveals that she let Thorgy go, because Thorgy wasn't loyal - and that's not the kind of game Shangela can afford to play.

When they eventually migrate to the couch - BenDeLa reveals she also picked Thorgy. But when asked why, she can't think of an answer that isn't nice - so she deflects to Shangela. Milk says that Thorgy should have stayed and Shangela wanted to know why she had to defend her choice. And now they seem to have quite a feud going.

Shangela is PISSED!

Hell, Milk seems to be having a feud with everybody at this point.


The next day, we are given the new challenge: The Bitchelor - a improvised parody of The Bachelor. The queens are paired together and will go on a double-date with hottie special guest judge, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman. The assignments are:

Aja, The Needy Girl + Kennedy, the Party Girl

Trixie, the Fake Bitch + Milk, the Psycho Stalker

BenDeLa, the Cougar (of course) + BeBe, the Virgin

Chi Chi and Shangela, the Polyamorous Duo

We know, Milk.

As they get prepped, we see BenDeLa getting nervous about Bebe's lack of a comedic background. And, as much as love Bebe, I see where Ben is coming from. Bebe's idea to play a virginal African princess isn't the worst, but it's also not amazing. Ben's main worry is that Bebe won't let herself not be the regal queen she is - which is very valid.

Aja doesn't seem to know what a needy girl is and Kennedy seems kind of nervous about that - but she seems very confident in herself. Milk and Trixie are both pretty comfortable - Milk really wants this to be the challenge she wins, but so does Trixie.

And poor, unfortunate Chi Chi is TERRIBLE at improv, and Shangela is trying to help her - but it's not really working out. At least, according to what we're shown.


So, each of the girls get their own entrance, to showcase who they are. And the major high lights were BenDeLa, who managed to play this GROTESQUE cougar, who could barely even stand up and really wanted to jump Jeffrey's bones. Trixie also managed to embody her Fake Bitch character - and managed to keep her loud, Trixie-Mattel-esque vibrancy to it. And then, we've got Kennedy motherfucking Davenport - KILLING IT with her southern party girl. Both my little brother and I immediately knew who she was - hell, we grew up with women like her. It was BRILLIANT!


Some lowlights included Aja, who was basically playing a psychotic Farah Moan. Milk completely overdoing it in all the wrong ways as her Psycho Stalker. Shangela and Chi Chi's dismal dual performance - which definitely wasn't Shangela's fault. Acting beside Chi Chi was basically like acting beside of a brick wall - which was unfortunate, because I know she can do better than what she gave.

And Bebe was okay - she wasn't hilarious, but she also wasn't bad. She definitely coasted this episode.


The dates were mostly okay! Again, one of the major high lights had to be Kennedy's slow decent into craziness. She was loud, lewd, and crazy - and it was one of the funniest performances I've seen on this show in a while. At one point, she even snatched her wig off - and drunkedly said into Jeffrey's ear, "I'm a man." I died. Absolutely died. Poor Aja got drowned out quickly - and definitely had no idea what Ru meant when she said, "Needy."

Look at this messy bitch.

BenDeLa also killed it - bringing on the raunchy fun as she tried to seduce her way into Jeffrey's pants. She literally tried to feed him a chewed up banana, but the best line had to be: "Have you ever taken out a catheter?" All the while, Bebe was trying to maintain this weird purity - and it's not that it didn't work, but it definitely stopped being funny. In a rare twist, someone actually managed to steal the show from Bebe Zahara Benet.

Milk and Chi Chi were probably the worst of the night. Milk kept drowning out Trixie - who only barely managed to get a few good jokes in. And everybody was getting pissed off - you could feel the energy emanating off the screen. Poor Chi Chi tried her best, but she seemed to be negating everything Shangela tried to throw at her.

What we ALL wanted Milk to do.

In the end, Jeffrey found all of them too horrendous and ended up giving the Eggplant (the Bitchelor version of the rose) to RuPaul. Personally, I would have gone with Bebe, but that's just me.

Overall, the challenge was really fun and really allowed some queens to shine. It was nice seeing Kennedy recover from last week - and recover in stride. I hope that we start to see more challenges like this in the future.


This runway was Wigs on Wigs on Wigs, inspired by Roxxxy Andrews' iconic wig reveal from Season 5.

Not much happened as the girl's were getting ready. Chi Chi lamented about her feelings of insecurity and worry, because she's obviously not as polished as she thought she was. Then there's Trixie, who is worried about floating through the competition - because that's what happened in her previous season. And then we have Milk - who thinks that she did amazingly on the Bitchelor - to the surprise of literally everyone.

Listen, I'm not saying Milk is delusional, but she's totally delusional. Shangela, and all of the other girls are definitely in the mindset of, "Can you believe this bitch?" Especially Kennedy, who thinks that Milk is fake, because of what Milk said - which is true. Kennedy says that they have worked together loads of times and Milk's never had a problem with her - but she's over it. She's seen Milk's true colors.


Here's a quick run through:

Kennedy, looking fine as hell.

BenDeLa: Very Michelle Visage, and revealed into a beautiful, long ponytail. AND THEN INTO A HAIR DRESS! 10/10

BeBe: She had a beautiful dress, but her reveal was definitely basic. 6/10

Trixie: Lady Bunny realness, revealed into a 70s, Dennis the Menace fantasy. 8/10


Milk: Horrible wig, because you could see the other wig underneath. The reveal was meh. 4/10

Aja: Amazing, a beautiful inflated Sailor Moon fantasy, which revealed into a lovely blonde wig, which revealed into a purple pony-tail wig. Very pink and very pretty. 10/10.

She looks amazing. I'm so proud of her.

Kennedy: Yet another triple reveal, matched with a beautiful dress. 8/10

Chi Chi: I don't remember Chi Chi's that well. I know she revealed into a beautiful long, black wig. 5/10


It was a pretty decent runway! The reveals were good, and most of the costumes were either beautiful and lovably wacky.






Their relationship in a gif.

We started off with a bang, as Trixie read Milk for crying. Milk was genuinely shocked that she was on the bottom, while literally everyone else rolled their eyes at her. Kennedy decides not to do one and ones - and to be honest, I am convinced she decided not to do it, because she knew that she was going to send Milk home - but that's just me.

Cause you want to send Milk home.

During Ben's one on ones, we find out that Aja is pretty confident that she isn't going home. After all, BenDeLa did say that she would take the judge's critiques into account when deciding - and honestly, I think BenDeLa knows she would get murdered if she sent home Aja now.

Chi Chi, though, definitely has a lot to say about her third time on the bottom. She basically tells Ben that she doesn't think she's ready to even be in competition. After all, she has been performing poorly pretty consistently - and she's struggling really hard with her own feelings of insecurity and intimidation when it comes to the other girls.

I'm sorry girl.

Milk - oh Milk. Milk. Milk. Milk. Milk is still as obnoxiously delusional as she has been throughout the whole challenge. She even tells BenDeLa that judges WANT HER TO STAY - despite putting her on the bottom. As she talks to Ben, Trixie and the other girls dish about how terrible Milk's performance was - and how she bulldozed Trixie.

This deliberation was INTENSE - and honestly, I loved every second of it.



The lip synch to Lorde's Greenlight was surprisingly somber - BenDeLa decided not to camp it up in order to show the judges her versatility. But she was no match for Kennedy, who took a page from Latrice Royale's playbook, and decided to do a less is more. Not only did she reveal into another wig, but she also revealed into a beautiful dress and delivered a powerful lip synch. Ben, while staying serious and performing well, didn't enrapture the audience like Kennedy.

In the end, Kennedy won, and she sent home Milk. THANK GOD.

Come on, Trixie, were you that surprised?

And Milk was salty about it during her exit interview - that is, until RuPaul showed up again, accompanied by Chad and Alaska who were doing... the Macarena?

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WEEKLY RUCAP | Episode 2: Divas Lip Synch Live...

The claws are out honey, and it doesn't look like anybody is safe.

This was probably one of the most up and down episodes of Drag Race herstory. With a lackluster challenge, and an even more lackluster performance from some of these queens - I am left wondering just how this is all going to shake out. Unlike it's previous season, these queens definitely seem to be out for each other's necks - and it doesn't seem like they're afraid to go for the jugular.


We start off the episode with the typical post-previous episode challenge reactions from the queens. It was a lot of BenDeLa being emotional and the other queens not really having it - which is fair. Not even I could stomach her tears for WINNING the previous challenge, but I could just be heartless.

Some highlights were Aja revealing that she wanted to send Chi Chi home (which is what should've happened, tbh), and Chi Chi getting really upset about. It goes to show just how different these queens are - because it felt like last season they didn't take it nearly as personally as these girls do. Everyone wants to win, sure, but this batch of queens has a certain ruthless edge that adds so much more tension to every scene.

Another highlight was Chi Chi (rightfully) being shady towards Milk's performance, which was really boring. Like, she literally just Velcro-ed dresses to a body suit! Come on! And Milk - who seems to think she's much better than she is - got very upset. She thought her talent was both unique and fun (even though Velcro isn't a talent).


The challenge this week SHOULD HAVE BEEN a good one. The queens were all assigned a different, iconic diva and tasked to perform in a VH1 Diva's Live: Salute to Mama Ru Lip Synch Extravaganza!

Cast List:

Milk: Celine Dion

Kennedy: Janet Jackson

Aja: Amy Winehouse

Chi Chi: Patti LaBelle

Trixie: Dolly Parton

Shangela: Mariah Carey

Thorgy: Stevie Nicks

BenDeLa: Julie Andrews

Bebe: Diana Ross

Everyone seemed pretty happy with their assignments, except for Thorgy, who seems to be pulling a Nina Bo'Nina and calling it a conspiracy. After all, Stevie Nicks isn't realty the same as someone like Mariah Carey and Diana Ross. So that must mean that RuPaul is gunning for her to fail. Right? RIGHT? Of course not. But hey, this is just Thorgy being Thorgy.

Other highlights include Milk getting read for her decision to do literally the least iconic Celine Dion look. And I feel like this is Milk's problem, she's trying to make these really different decisions, but completely forgetting what the challenge is about. Much like in the previous challenge, she is assuming her knowledge of fashion and its conventions are going to get lauded by the judges - but come on, I don't think Celine is known for being this huge fashion icon. Unless I'm wrong?

As for the runway, the queens are given the task of redeeming themselves from the worst looks of their season. And honestly, this is probably one of my favorite runway prompts - because it's really going to show how these queens have grown and if they've learned from their mistakes.


Todrick Hall is back to choreograph - and it seems like no one is really getting it. Even Kennedy, the dancing diva of the season seems to have trouble getting the steps. Todrick lays into her and makes sure she knows how important her part is - which only seems to rattle Kennedy even more. Kennedy claims it's because she's not a choreography-oriented dancer, but a freestyle one, but come on girl, this is Drag Race. You knew there'd be choreography!

Shangela, the star of the episode in my opinion, came to rehearsals completely in character. She really captured Mariah's diva-ness, so much so that it really got on everybody else's nerves. I lived for it, because I knew that she'd be able to turn it out, and it's nice to see a queen really prove that they have the character down. I just loved it. I love Shangela - she's really killing it this season.

Poor Thorgy is getting really rattled about everything. She doesn't have a lot of choreo and seems to be too into being the real Stevie Nicks to do any kind of funny and campy drag version of her - much to the chagrin of Todrick. And it's very disappointing to watch, because you can see her crashing and burning just like she did in season eight - and I just want to shake her! Because I know she's so good!

The other queens seemed fine - Shangela and Milk are shaping up to be the enemies of the season. And honestly, I have to side with Shangela. Milk has an almost delusional confidence in her abilities, and I think it limits her, because I feel like if she ever gets critiqued... it won't end well. But that's just me.

The rest of the rehearsals felt like typical Drag Race fare - except for this odd moment where Todrick felt the need to pressure the hell out Bebe by reminding her that Diana is Ru's favorite artist of all time. Bebe handled it though - even if she looked a little shook after the conversation.


This. Challenge. Sucked. The music was bad, and a lot of the performances weren't good. Milk was terribly basic, and she didn't look like Celine Dion. Kennedy just didn't lip synch and looked very nervous. Thorgy also didn't do a good job - it was just boring and unfortunate, because I know she could have done better.

The other queens did a great job with what they were given. Shangela KILLED IT as Mariah, and honestly, she was my favorite part of the night. Chi Chi also did a pretty spot-on Patti LaBelle, and redeemed herself from last episode. BenDeLa did an AMAZING JOB as a rapping Julie Andrews - and was just hilarious, even though she kind of stumbled on her choreography. And Trixie delivered a spot-on Dolly Parton that deserved a lot more recognition than it got.


And I just want to say that this challenge was bad. Not the queens. The challenge sucked, and was a big let down compared to the Herstory challenge of the previous season. Even though a few these girls sucked - I think the challenge as a whole fell flat. What do you think? Am I wrong?



So, I'm just going to list them and give you a score:

Milk: Attempted Glamour, didn't do it very well. 3/10.

Aja: Redid her Princess look from season 9. AND LOOKED AMAZING. 8/10.

Chi Chi: Redid her Neon look and redid it well. 7/10

Trixie: Redid her Ugliest Dress challenge. And it was UGLY. 7/10

Kennedy: The only thing I have written in my notes is "SHE CRYSTALLIZED BITCH" and "SHE. DID. THAT." 10/10

Thorgy: Redid her neon look. Looked better, but really weird. 5/10.

BenDeLa: Attempted to do her Dripping with Jewels dress, and failed. I hated it. 3/10.

Bebe: I don't remember what her old challenge was. But she looked like a strong-ass business woman. I loved it. 10/10


This runway definitely made up for the horrible challenge. It was both nostalgic and very telling of these queens' skill level and taste evolution.


The TOPS were obviously: Shangela, Bebe, and BenDeLa.

The BOTTOMS were surprisingly: Chi Chi, Thorgy, and Kennedy.

And the safe queens were: Milk, Aja, and Trixie.

I also want to point out that Milk got VERBALLY upset about being safe and talked about it in front of Ru. And man, I cannot see that helping her as the competition progresses.


Shangela and BenDeLa won, which is great, but part of me wonders if BenDeLa is going to be the Alaska of the season? But also, she does deserve all of the wins - maybe I'm just not used to so much talent.

Meanwhile, Kennedy and Thorgy wound up being the Bottom Two.

During the deliberation, the had their usual interviews. But most of the attention was given to Milk, who seems to be really upset that the judges aren't falling in love with her? Like, this girl CRIED because she was SAFE - and none of the other girls were having it. And frankly, neither was I. I really do think that Milk is edging on delusional - and it's crazy. I hope she comes back down to planet earth so I can start liking her again.

The Lip Synch was surprisingly basic. BenDeLa did a funny schtick, but Shangela used her typical Haus of Edwards flare to secure a win and send Thorgy home.

Thorgy was upset - and as she lamented on how upset she was and how she wasn't ready to go home, Ru showed up on the screen. And after delivering yet another Handmaid's Tale themed call-back - informed Thorgy she had her back.

I really want to know what kind of challenge is going to bring these queens back - and how they could POSSIBLY drag up Handmaid's Tale.

Here's to another episode of a very weird season.

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