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7 Iconic Filming Locations You Can Rent for Your Next Vacation

Because we all need an escape from reality now and then.


Since lockdowns and social distancing have taken over the world since spring, we've had to become more creative about vacations.

For some people that means going on a camping trip or renting a cabin in the middle of nowhere to escape the city and pretend the world doesn't exist for a while. But for those of us who aren't up for roughing it, there are some options for a different kind of escape.

If you would rather relax in luxury, pretending to be a celebrity, or a character in your favorite movie or TV show, these vacation rentals may be right for you...

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The 13 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Feel better about your life choices after looking at this absolutely disastrous ink.

Celebrities are not known for their good decisions, but a few bad press cycles can usually heal with time.

On the other hand, tattoos are forever.

Tattoos are beautiful, personal methods of expression, and nobody has the right to judge whether a tattoo is "good or bad." Yet here we are. Here's a list of the most egregious, horrible, and disconcerting celebrity tattoos, so you can feel better about your life choices at the expense of someone else's.

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Dumbest Celebrity Fashion Lines

Could any celebrity brand be dumber than Goop? Unfortunately, yes.

Paris Hilton x boohoo

Rihanna's Fenty luxury fashion line with LVMH is one of the best additions to the high fashion scene in quite a long time.

Just like her groundbreaking makeup line, Fenty Beauty, Rihanna's new fashion line is designed with diverse women in mind, instead of the pure White aesthetic that's usually so prevalent in high fashion. But sometimes it takes a great celebrity fashion line to really make you appreciate just how terrible so many other celebrity fashion lines really are. So we're counting down the top five dumbest celebrity fashion lines of recent years.

These are the Dumbest Celebrity Fashion Lines RANKED:

5. Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton x boohoo

paris hilton x boohoo dog Paris Hilton x boohoo

If a fashion scientist tried to distill the worst bubblegum aesthetic of the 2000s into one terrible clothing line, I'd still be shocked if the result was as bad as the Paris Hilton x boohoo collection. Oh, it's bad. We're talking bright pink zipper midriffs, bright pink not-really-sweatpants, and bright pink shirts that say "Diamond Baby" with chihuahua silhouettes. At least everything is under $100.


Paris Hilton x boohoo

$20. That's all it costs to look just like Paris Hilton in an electric pink, low-cut one piece emblazoned with "That's Hot" in cursive. You might be able to pull it off at a 2000s-themed costume party, but that's only because it's so bad, it borders on parody.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow - Goop

Goop Goop

I realize I'm kind of cheating here. Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop isn't a fashion line so much as it's an entire lifestyle brand. But doesn't that make it worse? From overpriced outfits to overpriced "wellness" products, Gwyneth Paltrow seems hell-bent on making people ask, "WHO WOULD BUY THAT?" The craziest part is that I wholeheartedly believe the answer is always, "Gwyneth Paltrow."



Of course it's the yoni egg, because what else could it possibly be? This is a "Jade Egg" that you put in your vagina. If that sounds dangerous, it's because yes, it is. Very much so. No, it will not "balance your hormones" or "regulate your menstrual cycles." It will just get stuck.

3. Kanye West - Yeezy

kanye west yeezy 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards - Inside Arrivals Kanye West Yeezy

Kanye West may be a super-talented musician, but his "hypebeast" fashion is pretty ugly. Yeezy sneakers look like souped-up slippers (of course, plenty of people would disagree), and the clothing is bland at best. But worst of all, Kanye West is a notoriously bad player in the fashion scene, mistreating models at shows and lashing out over industry-standard criticism.


yeezy jumpsuit Kanye West Yeezy Supply

Yeezy's outfits for women seem like a major afterthought, which is especially bad when they're so absurdly priced. For a mere $760, you can buy this gross charcoal jumper, certain to make everyone wonder if you just escaped from an insane asylum. The answer might be yes, because why else would you ever buy this?

2. Victoria Beckham - Victoria

victoria beckham trousers Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham's Victoria line is real high fashion with the price tag to match. Which would be fine if it didn't embody all the worst elements of the high fashion world. Not only is everything so clearly designed for one very specific body type (hint: it's Victoria Beckham's), but the super-high-end materials include very real animal skin products like Python skin, which is illegal in California due to endangered species status. Maybe that's why the Beckhams sold their mansion in Beverly Hills.


victoria beckham python bag Victoria Beckham

If you're going to make a handbag from the skin of a probably tortured animal, you might as well make it look as gaudy as humanly possible. For $2,150, what can this stupid bag even hold? Your wallet and a few mints. The gold would look especially nice covered in red paint.

1. Justin Bieber - Drew House

drew house Justin Bieber Drew House

Justin Bieber's Drew House is a cautionary tale about the perils of surrounding yourself with yes-men. Named after his own middle name, Drew House wins the number one spot on this list by a mile. With this "fashion" line, Bieber seemed to take the old adage of "looking good in anything, even a burlap sack" all too literally, because everything looks like an actual burlap sack. Oh, except the super derivative smiley face logo, which also looks terrible.


Honestly, all of it. It's all so stupid. These people look like couches.

Victoria Beckham Long Trousers

Victoria Beckham is usually flawless in her fashion choices these days.

It's her brand and her business and despite being castigated for not smiling ever, her style is pretty much impeccable.

Victoria Beckham: Mom, Designer, Now Goodwill Ambassador!

So what is the deal with the hideous clown like bright orange trousers she wore on Monday night to catch a flight out of LAX? The color is fine if you can wear that shade (I personally can't after wearing red trousers once as a teenager and someone asking me if I had got my period).

No it's the length of them that's the problem.  What's happened to her feet? The pavement skimming pants make her look like she is on wheels—surely she knows someone in her fashion empire who can take up a hem at short notice?

Taylor Swift Fails Attempt To Be Edgy With Stupid Harness

Actually maybe we should cut her some slack (geddit).  Maybe she had some sort of trouser-emergency on the way to the airport and had to borrow a tall person's pants to make sure she made her flight.  Well she would have been better off borrowing something from a small child that actually fit her, as not only do they look hideous, quite frankly wearing that much excess fabric in an airport is fraught with danger.  Escalators and moving walkways lie in wait—one false move and she'll be lost for ever.   Victoria Beckham Long Trousers

Kim Kardashian Brings The Crazy To Fashion Week!

La Beckham isn't the only celeb to be under the (wrong) impression that super long pants a) look nice and b) are practical. Check out these other celebrities who thought they were on the money with their choice of trousers...

1. Victoria Beckham long trousers—hit or miss?

Victoria Beckham

2. Amal Clooney just about gets away with these super long pants as they only just touched the ground, plus she accessorized them so well.  George would look good with anything.

Amal Clooney

3. Cheryl Cole—A massive fashion fail all round with this ensemble—did this contribute to her US X Factor firing?

Cheryl Cole

4. Simon Cowell—Someone obviously told 5ft 8.5" Simon that wearing his pants a little longer would make him look taller. Wrong.

Simon Cowell

5. Kim Kardashian—Whatever the fashion fail, you can guarantee there will be a picture of Kimmy wearing it.

Kim Kardashian

Victoria Beckham Long Trousers

Are you going on vacation this year?

What do you wear to travel long haul?

Jeans? Sweats? Or a full on stylist put together outfit complete with sky rocket heels? (No prizes for guessing which of these three the Kardashian Klan opt for).

Some celebrity travel attire has to be seen to be believed. Now obviously they don’t fly coach so have all the room they need to change mid air, but even so—could you squeeze your feet back into a pair of tiny stilettos after a 12 hour flight?

Check out our gallery and let us know what you think...

We all know that celebrities have a team of stylists and make up artists on hand to ensure their beauty shines through at all times - however there seems to be an area that is being overlooked and ending up…well, ugly.

Other than the basic pedicure available to all us lowly commoners, it seems that the rich and famous don’t get any other foot work, leaving their feet fails exposed for the world to see.

Corns, bunions, over hanging toes, crossed toes, wonky toes, claw toes – the list of foot flaws is endless and makes them human.

But wait! I don’t want human from my celebs. I want to look up to them, aspire to be them and be able to admire their beauty from head to toe.

Sort it out celebrities - time to get fanatic about your feet!