Stop Freaking Out About the TikTok Skullbreaker Challenge

The Skullbreaker Challenge is actually pretty funny.

Meet the newest bad boy of "Internet Challenges That Can Kill Your Kids": TikTok's Skullbreaker Challenge.

The Skullbreaker Challenge is easy to do, and boy oh boy, is it dangerous! Here's how it works:

Two of your kid's friends convince your kid to do a new TikTok dance on camera. They flank your kid, one on each side, and jump. Then they tell your kid to jump, and your kid does it because they're a follower. Then, midair, they kick your kid's legs out, causing your kid to fall on the floor and possibly die. Ouch!

Yes, if CBS, Yahoo, and the New York Post are to be believed, some kid somewhere has literally died from the Skullbreaker Challenge, and your kid is definitely next. So, as a parent, what can you possibly do to protect your family?

Before you have a conniption, ask yourself this: How many people do you actually know who have eaten Tide Pods?

The answer is almost definitely none, considering the fact that despite the collective media freakout surrounding the Tide Pod Challenge, fewer than 100 teenagers actually ever tried it. Which means that sure, around 100 teenagers are absolute idiots clamoring for natural selection to do its thing, but a lot more people are also huge idiots for believing in a borderline fictitious "epidemic." The main point of this crisis-level coverage of dumb sh*t isn't to warn parents; it's to farm views.

So is your kid really in danger of breaking their skull on the Skullbreaker Challenge? No, almost definitely not. A perfunctory search under #SkullbreakerChallenge on TikTok reveals a sea of videos wherein people warn you about the dangers of the Skullbreaker Challenge. Indeed, sprinkled amongst them, there are a few videos––probably, like, ten total––of the dumbest teens in the world actually performing the Skullbreaker Challenge.

Of course, if your kid is forcibly dragged into the Skullbreaker Challenge, then your kid's friends are most likely budding lunatics who have purposely assaulted your child, and now you can sue their families for everything they're worth with the video evidence on TikTok. Also, the videos are pretty funny, so it's kind of a win-win.

Even funnier, though, are the rube local Fox News reporters trying to turn the Skullbreaker Challenge into a big scoop. It's not.

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