It's no secret that women everywhere want long, full lashes. Falsies and extensions can help you achieve the coveted, glamorous look of lush lashes, but the harsh glue can leave your real lashes brittle and sparse. While there are a ton of prescription options like Latisse on the market, they can cause negative side effects like eyelid discoloration and even eye color change. Luckily, there's a natural solution that's proven to work even better than prescriptions and comes with no scary side effects.

Vegamour is a vegan, cruelty-free brand that's committed to giving you longer-looking, healthier lashes in as little as 2 weeks. Vegamour's experts have searched the world to find the safest ingredients to promote the rejuvenation process by waking dormant follicles, for a radiant, voluminous look. Here's everything you need to know about Vegamour:

1. How do Vegamour's products work to encourage lash growth?

Vegamour offers three lash products that work in conjunction with one another to improve density, length, and curl. There's a potent serum, which is applied twice per day, a mascara that has the added benefits of Vegamour's growth-promoting ingredients, and a primer that conditions and curls. Each has been clinically proven to promote lash growth with no added toxins, hormones, or harmful ingredients.

2. How does the serum work?

Vegamour's Vegalash Volumizing Serum is lash enhancer used before applying mascara—or just on its own! VegaLASH contains a powerful phytoestrogen, red clover, which can help stop lash loss from the root. Mung bean is also in the serum, which is filled with protein, B vitamins, iron, and more. You simply apply the serum to the upper and lower lash lines. Using it twice daily for the first two months will result in optimal lash growth but people start seeing a measurable difference in just two weeks.

3. What do Vegamour's mascara and primer do that others don't?

Vegamour's mascara and primer are designed to work with the serum to maximize hair growth. The Vegalash Volumizing Mascara offers so much more than the next drugstore wand - it contains an extra dose of lash serum and a proprietary ingredient that helps curl and lift lashes. Use it in conjunction with Vegalash Volumizing Serum to provide an extra boost to promote growth. The brush even has a rounded tip to get the hard-to-reach areas near the ends of your lash lines and comes in both Brunette and Noir to match your coloring. The primer preps those lashes for beautiful curl and all-day wear. Use during the day to prevent smudging, smearing, and flaking or at night to revitalize and condition - it's a win, win.

4. Why is Vegamour different than other products?

Unlike Vegamour, other lash plans aren't nearly as committed to re-growing your lashes safely and effectively. False lashes and extensions can be seriously damaging to your eyes and lashes. Even worse, chemical lash enhancers can cause inflammation, irritation, and long term side effects like lash discoloration or permanently darkened eyelids.

5. Should I get a subscription?

Yes! Vegamour offers a subscription plan where the products you pick will deliver to your doorstep every 2 months, letting you get everything you need without having to remember to refill your stash. These ensure you'll never run out of your favorite products, and you get extra savings (25% off!) and first access to exclusive deals. You can also cancel or reschedule anytime - so you're not locked into anything. If that's not your jam, they still offer everything for one-time purchases.

For so many women, getting your lashes to grow is a serious struggle. So many products promise fuller, longer lashes but risk serious side-effects. Vegamour uses only the safest, best ingredients that naturally lengthen, strengthen, and nourish your eyelashes, so you can get full-lash confidence and sleep easy knowing it's totally safe and effective.

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Vegamour's lash growth serums are blowing up on Instagram, so you might be surprised to learn that this vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand was created by a small team who wanted an alternative to harmful ingredients found in pharmaceutical products. They believe that women deserve better than toxic chemicals and unproven promises to repair hair loss. Their mission is to deliver thicker, fuller, and lengthened lashes in as little as 15 days, all with 100% natural ingredients like mung bean that works by stimulating your follicles' innate ability to produce hair—and it's been clinically proven to work again and again.

Need to see it to believe it? Here are the Vegamour before and after pics that are making the biggest splash on Instagram feeds:

The best part is how easy the Vegamour Lash Volumizing serum is to use: simply apply it twice daily before putting on your makeup. For an added boost, you can also add their mascara which goes on just like any other mascara but has added growth benefits of the serum. It's completely safe to use and you're guaranteed to see results quickly. If Vegamour sounds like it's for you, subscribe to one of their plans and you can save on costs and get your serum delivered right to your door as often as you need it.

Brittle or thinning lashes shouldn't hold you back or make you feel self-conscious about your appearance—and thanks to Vegamour, they're not even something we need to worry about anymore. The natural and effective lash growth serum can give you voluminous, old Hollywood confidence without resorting to harmful chemicals.

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