U.S. President Joe Biden

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The 2020 presidential election has just been called for Joe Biden.

While different news outlets make these calls according to different metrics, CNN has now declared victory for the Democratic challenger in enough states to send him over the 270 electoral vote finish line, and it seems certain that the AP will follow shortly. Meanwhile, Joe Biden's team is preparing to make a victory announcement and preparing for a long road ahead.

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Voters Across America Demand: Count Every Vote

We need to come together for a last-ditch effort to make sure that our election is fair and democracy lives another day.

Count Every Vote

The 2020 election is reaching its dramatic conclusion, and the world is watching to see which old white man America picks next.

The election was not the Blue Wave that Democrats hoped for, but it is still extremely close, with no definitive victor emerging on either side as of now.

But before we get to analysis, we must make sure to count every single vote. That is the basis of our democracy, the meaning of America and the center of what the founding fathers fought for when they dreamed up the United States so many years ago.

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First-Time Voters Know This Is the Election of a Lifetime

We spoke to five first-timers in states across the country about why this election matters to them.

First Time Voter

With early voting winding down and election day still around the corner, Americans have already turned out in record numbers to cast ballots that will decide their nation's future.

And they've done so despite mounting barriers to voting access and while bearing the weight of collective traumas, from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to police violence against protestors and extreme weather events that have wreaked havoc on frontline communities.

"My anger factored into my decisions," Gwen, a 19-year-old voter from rural New York, admitted to Popdust.

Voter turnout is up this year because first-time voters are making voting plans, getting to the polls, and casting ballots in droves. Some have just become eligible to vote because of their age or as recently naturalized citizens, while others have never felt compelled to vote before but changed their minds this year. Popdust spoke to five first-timers in states across the country about why this election matters to them.

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Interview: YelloPain Talks Viral Hit "My Vote Don't Count" and How Voting Makes Real Change

In this exclusive interview, YelloPain talks about his viral hit song and how his stance on voting has changed along with his outlook on politics and the community.

YelloPain - My Vote Dont Count 🤷

With Election Day only one day away, rapper YelloPain discusses why your vote not only counts, but amounts to change.

His words and music are necessary reminders to join the headcount, hold your local politicians accountable, and VOTE.

YelloPain grew up in Dayton, Ohio. Discouraged by the living conditions and lack of resources available to get ahead, he gave up on the government. But he has realized that in order to fix the system you have to understand the system, so he is spreading knowledge about how government works and how to make your vote count. Now, he's encouraging everyone to hit the polls in the upcoming election.

His song "My Vote Don't Count" gained millions of views across multiple social media platforms, and the reaction he has received from fans and his peers back home has given him hope that change will come to the communities that need it the most.

YelloPain does not just rap about social empowerment and voting; his actions match his words. He has personally been registering new voters within his community, and his music is bringing his message to the masses. For anyone who still thinks their vote doesn't count, check out YelloPain's music video and let him break it down for you.

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Culture Feature

The 5 Types of Voters You Meet Making Calls for Joe Biden

Making calls to Americans about Joe Biden was an illuminating, sometimes horrifying experience.

Joe Biden

Photo by Shawn Thew

Like most people I know, I've been existing in a state of dread for all of October in anticipation of November 3rd.

In order to spend less time languishing in that dread, I've been partaking in small bouts of political activism in an effort to get out the vote. I've written the requisite several hundred postcards and made several strongly worded posts.

I've also been attempting to call voters. Earlier in the pandemic, I phonebanked for the first time—for progressive candidates in NYC, many of whom won their primaries. Fresh off that success, I felt ready to make some calls for Biden.

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Music Features

Taylor Swift Praises Bon Iver, Anaïs Mitchell, and Aaron Dessner's "The Latter Days"

Justin Vernon debuted the song as part of a GOTV initiative in his home state of Wisconsin.

Taylor Swift

Shutterstock, By Tinseltown

Taylor Swift just announced support for a new song by two of her folklore collaborators: The National's Aaron Dessner and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon.

The song, called "The Latter Days" is, first and foremost, a call to action. Written from the perspective of someone in the future, it asks the question: Have I done enough?

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