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Maybe Love Is Blind—But It Doesn't Happen Within 30 Days

Can you truly know you love someone within the span of a few weeks?


After my last serious relationship, I decided to "put myself out there" again and downloaded Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid.

Being an active user on all these platforms solidified to me how different the dating scene is nowadays. Most of it is due to technology and our social media culture, which has definitely made us a bit more narcissistic, fake, and even cold-hearted. Romance in this day and age is pretty much dead—and, without a doubt, so is chivalry. Only two of my most recent 20 dates opened a door for me, so now I go on dates with zero expectations. Most of these guys just want to hook up, thinking a first date and a couple drinks warrants the perfect opportunity to proposition me.

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In Memoriam of the Reddit Man Who Blew Up His Engagement Over a Wish Wedding Dress

Hell hath no fury like a dude with no power of introspection.

The internet may be full of actively ignorant know-it-alls who claim authority over topics they know nothing about, but perhaps none more unfortunate than the Reddit man who blew up his whole engagement over a wedding dress on Wish.

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