Akashic Records

What if you could access a record of everything that ever happened in the past, present, and future? What if it could reveal your true purpose in the universe?

That's the central concept behind the Akashic Records. You may have heard the term if you're immersed in any aspect of the wellness/spiritual realm; or, if the history of the Records is to be believed, perhaps you've come across them if you've studied any ancient religion or esoteric thought system.

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I've been tired of Gwyneth Paltrow since she inexplicably won that Oscar for Shakespeare in Love in 1999.

Since then, she has only become more and more insufferable. Partly, as an actress, for pretending not to remember being in Iron Man and for her unhinged storyline in the unhinged Ryan Murphy series, The Politician.

Mostly, I find her egregious for her lifestyle brand Goop, which has amassed a cult following of Karens — despite coming under fire for its exploitation of trauma, its whitewashing of non-white practices, and its proliferation of pseudo science.

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Online Wellness Trends You'll Be Seeing More of in 2021

A year into the pandemic, wellness is a growing industry and we need it now more than ever.

photo via @thcon.cept on Instagram

Well, we're approaching a year since the Covid-19 pandemic picked us all up and body-slammed us against the empty shells of our old lives.

For most of us, this has come with some sort of lockdown — which has not been great for our physical nor our mental health.

But whether you started lockdown with a yoga mat and a plan to get in shape but quickly fell off, deduced by the wiles of sweatsuits and banana bread, or whether you had no such intentions but are worried your muscles may be atrophying and your stress headache has not gone away for days, it might be time for a change.

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Breathwork Guide

You've probably been told to "just breathe" before.

But most likely, you haven't tried this kind of breathing—at least, not the kind practiced in most variants of breathwork.

Earlier this week, I spent over an hour breathing deeply and quickly to a trippy prog-rock and world music soundtrack. I used a free sample session provided by Neurodynamic Breathwork Online, a Joshua Tree-based breathwork organization that claims it "changes to your nervous systems by strengthening the neural pathways to your inner intelligence," and "changes your perspective in a powerful way, helping you to realize that you already have all of the answers inside of you."

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How did we end up here?

After a year of a global health crisis and delving deep into skincare rabbit holes, online shopping hauls, anti-racism reading lists, and doom scrolling late into the night, we're all so tired. And where do we turn when in need of genuine wellness advice? Instagram, of course.

Celebrity wellness companies are infamously terrible and based on pseudo-science, but what about MANTRA Labs?

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How I'm Taking Control Of My Wellness In 2021

Birth Control + Exercise + Supplements

The last year was weird, crazy, and everything in between. One thing it taught me was that even in the chaos we must not forget our health. And yes I'm guilty of not really looking after my mind and body, especially in the last few months.

I'm bumping my health and wellness to the top of my priority list. I needed something to hold me accountable and keep me on track, otherwise, I'd flake like I do every year.

But not this year cause I have my wellness checklist;

✓ Birth Control

I've been saying I'm going to change my birth control or at least look into new options for ages. So it was the obvious place to start.

My sister told me about Nurx, an online platform for birth control. At first, the thought of not going to my doctor or pharmacy for my birth control sounded weird but then I read about everything Nurx offers. You aren't skipping the doctor or pharmacy, you get a medical consultation for only $15 and your health profile is reviewed by a medical professional before you can request a prescription.

Nurx offers over 100 types of birth control including brand name and generic pills along with the patch, the shot, and vaginal ring so you can stick to what you've always used or discuss new options with your provider and find what suits you. Plus they accept insurance which means it works out at $0, or if you don't for as low as $15.

Now the best part, Nurx delivers your birth control in discrete packaging to your door every three months. No doctor's appointments, no half days from work, no long lines in the pharmacy, just a quick online consultation in your time, friendly and helpful advice, and your birth control delivered to your door.

It sounded perfect and now after receiving my first delivery from Nurx, I'm delighted I've switched. It's the fastest and most stress-free way I've ever gotten my birth control.

✓ Workout App

The gym freaks me out with all those machines and massive weights. But I needed to start working out, thankfully the last year showed that a physical gym isn't necessary.

I downloaded the highest-rated workout app and off I went. I wanted to start off small, just 20 minutes a day and maybe build myself up. The home workouts were great, all I needed was me, a mat and to push my coffee table over. The app is keeping me on track, giving me new workouts every day, and allowing me to schedule a time for them.

I even took it outside and went for a short jog. Fresh air and exercise really is a winning combo.

✓ Supplement

A vitamin C lozenge when I'm already coughing and sneezing is my only previous supplement history. I always thought, don't I get everything I need from the food I eat? Answer is No!

With so many supplements on the market, I was so confused. Then I came across personalized vitamins and it made so much sense. After a short quiz, I knew what vitamins my body needed to help with my low energy, mood, and vitamin D and E levels.

And after a month of taking my personalized vitamins, I can feel the benefits. But being more active with my new workouts is helping with that too.

The biggest winner of my wellness checklist has to be Nurx. Never having to worry or stress about my birth control might seem small but it is having the best impact on my health and wellness.

If you want a new, fast and convenient way to get a wide range of birth control options, then you have to check out Nurx.

The birth control that's right for you, delivered right to your door. Get started with a quick online medical consultation today!