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Dua Lipa's "Levitating" Is a Witchy, Visual Homage to Hekate

How Hekate became THE dark goddess in American mainstream society.

Dua Lipa performs during the LOVESTREAM Festival in Bratislava, Slovakia.Lovestream Festival 2022

Photo by Ceská editoriální fotografie/Profimedia/Shutterstock

Dua Lipa's latest song "Levitating" officially features Missy Elliott and Madonna, but the real star of the video is an ancient goddess whose dark mythology is enjoying a 21st century renaissance.

The Internet is bearing witness to a society governed by toxic, traditionally male structures of power that pervert, devalue, and assault feminine energy and feminine bodies. And yet, rising from the scorched earth like an obsidian serpent, is Hekate, one of the most feared and respected spiritual entities of ancient Western and Middle Eastern mythology.

Dua Lipa - Levitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott) [The Blessed Madonna Remix] (Official Video)

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What "Witchtok" Gets Wrong: Most Witchtokers Couldn't Hex a Paper Bag, Let Alone the Moon

In a dystopian, Trumpian world of global pandemics, perpetual quarantine, talks of a new Civil War in America, and lack of justice for police and state brutality, magick can seem like a way to take back some power, to regain some agency.

By now, everyone and their black cat knows that some baby TikTok witches tried to hex the moon.

Of course mainstream media hopped onto the story: There was Gen Z hubris and the spooky, witch-bitch vibe all wrapped up in the holographic bow of the cool app, TikTok. Everyone focused on the hysteria that resulted from the alleged hexing, which included everything from people claiming to see dead fish wash up onshore to feeling emotionally distraught (the tides and emotions are ruled by the moon, after all):

ummm pls stop hexing the moon pls pls #witchtok #hexingthefae #hex #moon #moonwater #witch

Turns out, it was a bunch of young witches, troll-lol-lol-ing.

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