A big congrats is in order for the stunning singer/actress Katherine McPhee and Grammy-winning producer/composer David Foster.

She's 34 and he's 68, but the "May-December" couple is madly in love and are ready to meet at the altar. This will be Foster's fifth marriage (a charm?) and McPhee's second, proving that neither of the two have given up on the idea of growing old (or in his case, older) with someone special.

The happy couple img.huffingtonpost.com

According to People, Foster romantically popped the question when they were on vacation in Capri, Italy. "He did it at the top of this mountain in Anacapri. Totally dark, only stars," McPhee shared. Sounds special. Granted, Foster has had practice.

While rumors were swirling that McPhee and Foster were an item for months, they made their big first public appearance together as an official couple at the Met Gala in Manhattan recently. That said, they've known one another for years – since 2006 when McPhee became a household name thanks to her stint on American Idol. Was the spark ignited then or did they only realize their attraction years later? Foster's most current ex, Yolanda (mom of Gigi and Bella Hadid) surely doesn't want to know.

Yolanda and David in happier times (we think) img2.nickiswift.com

When and where the marriage will take place hasn't yet been reported, but like most celebs, we probably won't know 'till after the fact. Until then, we can wait for pics of what is sure to be a ginormous diamond ring to surface. Foster is no slouch and he has plenty in the bank for something "blingy."

How many carats? images.tmz.com

Now McPhee can spend time picking out the perfect dress to say "yes" to and Foster can count all his wives on one hand. All kidding aside, we wish them both tons of happiness, lots of love, and a long future together as husband and wife.

Another Hollywood "it" couple i0.heartyhosting.com

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Woweee! Miracles DO happen!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster Hadid's recovery from Lyme disease has continued with such a dramatic return to health that Yolanda has been able to return to modeling!

As we all know, so stricken was she by her crippling disease, that Yolanda was "unable to get out of bed for two years" and spent "14 months in her bathrobe" as her health went downhill after her diagnosis in 2012 (it's so weird that she was able to film RHOBH literally running around Beverly Hills on a treasure hunt and diving joyfully off the bow of a yacht during that time though).

Yolanda has strongly defended any inference from her co-stars about the severity of her disease. They (like the rest of us) we left confused by her bed-ridden, IV Instagram posts interspersed with snaps of her enjoying life to the max. She cried off a lot of Housewives events and could only manage to film a small portion of the Season 5 reunion before returning to her bed as she was so weak and debilitated from her "Lyme brain" .

And who can forget the <whisper> Munchausen's row, or the surprise of those close to her children when she claimed that two of them, Anwar and Bella, (who are managing to forge successful modeling careers) were also victims of the incapacitating disease?

It's hardly surprising that her situation was questioned when she was busted trying to manipulate situations to garner sympathy with pictures like this;

What a touching sentiment for her caring son (obviously his strength isn't compromised by his own Lyme disease). A shame that the picture from another angle tells a different story—just a fun moment between mother and son;

Then of course there was 2015 Lyme Disease fundraiser—a gala that David and Yolanda (then) Foster were honorary chairs of. Sadly they couldn't attend the event due to "the severity of her symptoms of Lyme disease".

The severity of these symptoms didn't seem to prevent her from visiting her family in Holland at the exact time of the event and posting a number of pictures in which she doesn't seem all that out-of-action. The pictures have subsequently been deleted after she was called out on on Twitter regarding her non-attendance at the event;

yolanda hadid recoveryWow—those symptoms look so severe!

yolanda hadid recoveryClearly bedridden.


Yolanda Foster Files Divorce Papers—Wants Spousal Support
House Tour Tuesday—Yolanda Foster's Luxurious LA Condo
Lisa Vanderpump's Friendship With Mohamed Hadid Is Over...For Good!

For some though, all became clear when news broke of her impending divorce from husband David Foster. Whether she was attempting to court public sympathy, get their pre-nup invalidated or just get some good old fashioned attention, the fact remains that she has made a miraculous recovery since her divorce.

As is well documented by Yolanda herself, she traveled the world trying out all manner of bizarre alternative treatments for her "chronic" condition that even doctors have come out and said is clearly fake misdiagnosed and does not exist in the form that she claimed to be suffering from.

Could it be that when David departed he took with him the cash that was funding these hugely expensive treatments? That maybe the treatments were counter-productive and confusing her to her body? Hmmmmmm....

Well whatever has happened, Yolanda was able to assure Bravo that she would be well enough to continue filming for the franchise. It seemed though, that much like the viewers and her fellow Housewives, Bravo had had enough of Hadid's illness and would only renew her contract for Season 7 if she dropped her 'battle to health' from her storyline. Yolanda refused and parted company with Andy Cohen and friends.

Fast forward a short month or so and Yolanda's miraculous recovery has continued to such an extent that she has now been able to return to her former career of modeling!

She posted to Instagram (where else?) a snap from a photo shoot, captioning it that she is getting back in action and the hashtag #GoodDay.

Thank goodness she had one of her 'good days' on a day that she had a modeling shoot booked!

Congratulations on your miracle Yolanda! Long may it continue!

yolanda foster la condo House Tour Tuesday—Yolanda Foster's Luxurious LA Condo

From her ongoing battle with Lyme disease to her shocking split with music maker David Foster, Yolanda Foster has had quite a lot going on recently.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently moved out of the sprawling 12,000 sq. ft. mansion she shared with David and moved into something much smaller—a nearly 4,000 sq. ft. condo at The Carlyle Residences in Los Angeles according to Zillow.

House Tour Tuesday—Kanye West And Kim Kardashian's $20Mill Mega Mansion

Let's not kid ourselves though, 4,000 sq. ft. is pretty darn big. People states that Yolanda paid $4.59 million for the pad.

Here's what Yolanda's new place is like…

The condo's got 3 bedrooms and 3 ½ bathrooms. Works for when her gorgeous kids, including supermodel Gigi Hadid come over for a night with mom (if their crazy schedules allow for that).

The kitchen is covered in luxe white marble with a huge island and plenty of state-of-the-art appliances. The dining area is modern with classic touches with a huge window overlooking the city.

House Tour Tuesday—Beyonce and Jay Z's New Orleans Mansion

The master bedroom overlooks the city as well, with floor-to-ceiling windows and minimalistic décor.

Yolanda's closet is a walk-in (naturally) with wood floors and glass doors to display her designer couture. The master bathroom is fit for a queen/Housewife with an elaborate makeup area and a deep, relaxing tub, which Yolanda surely needs to sink into right now.

Looking At 17-Year-Old Kylie Jenner's $2.7 Mil House Can Seriously Fuck Your Zen Up

The condo has a gym, pool, and communal lounge for all occupants, so we wonder if Yolanda will replace her Real Housewives friends for some new ones closer by.

We'll have to tune into Bravo to find out. You go Yo!

Take a tour of the condo below—and check out other stars' fabulous homes here

yolanda foster la condo

Yolanda Hadid's Miraculous Post Divorce Lyme Disease Recovery Continues...

Yolanda Foster Files Divorce

Yolanda Foster has officially filed the divorce papers to pull the plug on her marriage to David Foster.

The couple announced their split in December, with reports circling that it was the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star who actually initiated the separation.

RHOBH—Yolanda Goes Makeup-Free, MAKEUP-FREE? How Very Dare She?!!

Yolanda's battle with Lyme Disease and her well documented inability to function (she can't drive, read etc) has been blamed for putting so much stress on their relationship that the marriage could not survive.

Yolanda has said;

"We had a beautiful love story that I will treasure forever. Chronic, long-term illness is extremely challenging. Not only for the sick but also for the caregiver. It for sure changed the dynamic of our relationship."

The couple had been together for nine years and married for four—they had only been married for a year when Yolanda was diagnosed in 2012, and the strain of her constant treatments (as documented by her numerous IV selfies) and the level of support she requires are apparently what made the marriage fall apart.

Dr. Ava Cadell Dishes Out Relationship Advice For Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Yolanda Foster Files Divorce

The documents, filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday cite irreconcilable differences, which was to be expected. What is interesting is that the all important separation date is listed as 11/18/15 which just about makes it a four year marriage (their wedding was on 11/11/11). She is asking for spousal support as well as requesting that Foster pay her attorney's fees.

The reason the separation date is relevant is that under California law, four years of marriage entitles her to two years of alimony IF there were no prenup. Ah but there is a prenup I hear you say, so what's the diff?

The diff is Yolanda's Lyme disease.

Which Of These Sexy Real Housewives Do You Think Is The Sexiest?

As hypothetically alluded to by TamaraTattles,

Under California law a prenup where spousal support has been waived is not enforced "where doing so would be unconscionable". A court previously ruled on a case that leaving a spouse who was brain damaged with no spousal support qualifies as 'unconscionable'. (Stick with me here.) Could having a disease that renders you unable to read or write or drive be considered brain damage? Yolanda frequently refers to her 'Lyme brain' on RHOBH—could this lead to her prenup being invalidated?

Yolanda was previously married to Mohammed Hadid and also had a prenup going into that marriage. Apparently she managed to get the prenup thrown out during their divorce, and secured alimony for herself as well as the three children she had with the property magnate, plus multiple properties worth big $$. Bearing in mind only one of those children are still under 18, her income from that agreement has decreased considerably and will expire in just two years' time.

Of course, it is a sad fact that two of those children have tragically been diagnosed with the same debilitating disease. Could that mean that their momma may have grounds to have the settlement revisited?

Harry Hamlin Threatened To Divorce Lisa Rinna Over Real Housewives

This is the fourth divorce for David and we suspect it's going to be expensive. Be under no illusions, Yolanda is no dummy and knows exactly how the game is played.

Here's wishing her a full recovery (after the divorce is finalized of course).

Yolanda Hadid's Miraculous Post Divorce Lyme Disease Recovery Continues...

Yolanda Foster FiDivorce

David And Yolanda Foster Divorce

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster and her musician husband of four years, David Foster are to divorce.

The couple told People;

"Sadly we have decided to go our separate ways.  We've shared nine beautiful and joyous years together.  During that time we experienced love, friendship and the inevitable challenges that come with managing a marriage, careers, blended families and health issues."

Yolanda Foster Selling Stunning $27.5 Million Mansion—Take A Peek Inside

The Dutch born ex-model, 51 has been struggling with her health for the last three years after being diagnosed with Lyme disease.  She has frequently posted pictures of her receiving treatment and has spoken openly of the toll it has taken on her every-day life.

The first episode of the new season of RHOBH aired yesterday and saw Yolanda tearfully revealing the loneliness of her treatment—notably absent was her husband.  She explained his apparent lack of support, saying;

"He's so busy, he travels for work...that's who he is...that shouldn't change just because I'm sick."

That speaks volumes.  Of COURSE his lifestyle should change if his wife is sick.  That's what you do when you are married.  You know that vow about 'in sickness and in health'?

How Real Are The Housewives? RHOBH Plastic Surgery Exegesis

Mother of models Bella and Gigi Hadid tied the knot with songwriter and uber-producer David, 66,  back on 11/11/11—it was Yolanda's second marriage and David's fourth.  In March this year Yolanda, 51,  praised her husband for supporting her through her illness but it couldn't have failed to cause a big shift in their marriage.  Earlier seasons of RHOBH saw Yolanda devoted to making her husband's life as easy and smooth running as possible and her debilitating illness will surely have had an impact on that.

Real Housewives Craziest Fights, Insane Meltdowns And Brawls Ranked

The couple put their $19.45 million Malibu mansion on the market earlier this year  and moved out of the property in October—with Yolanda claiming that she just could not cope with managing it whilst trying to focus on her health.  Just four weeks ago David posted a picture of the two of them celebrating his birthday at a Laker game with the caption "best Laker girl ever".

David And Yolanda Foster Divorce

A photo posted by David Foster (@davidfoster) on

Yolanda's co-star Kyle Richards appeared on Watch What Happens Live just after the news broke and admitted there had been signs that all was not well with the marriage.

"It's very sad...I mean, we didn't know.  I think that they've been struggling and Yolanda's been so sick.  I don't know if that has anything to do with it.  It's so sad."

Nice of her to acknowledge that Yolanda has been struggling—in the episode aired, Richards and co-star Lisa Vanderpump were bitching to the camera, shocked that Yolanda, who had forced herself to attend a girls dinner while feeling incredibly ill, hadn't bothered to put any make up on!  Jeez!  Does the woman not have her priorities straight? No wonder her husband left her!

Filming for the season has wrapped already so the split will not be shown on camera, however in July David told people that he struggled to support his wife.

"I fail some days.  You know, I get cranky and then I realize that she's got it 100 times worse than me.  But I just do my best."

Well whatever happened, Yolanda can now just focus on herself and getting well.

David And Yolanda Foster Divorce


David And Yolanda Foster Divorce

Gigi Hadid has today taken to her Twitter account to refute reports that she was caught on camera snorting cocaine.

The 19-year-old aspiring supermodel, who was in Miami for a Victoria's Secret event, was in the DJ booth with beau Cody Simpson dancing around.

Video footage has surfaced appearing to show her leaning over the counter-top in a “snorting” pose.

To snort, or not to snort, that is the question...

The video was quickly snatched upon by gossip blog Ocean Up after it appeared on 18-year-old Simpson’s Snapchat Story (which is viewable by all).

The daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster and Mohammed Hadid was quick to retaliate, shooting down any pesky drug speculation.

Gigi Hadid Blackmail Plot—She’s Not Giving In To Them

Gigi was clearly fuming—and we don’t blame her—as the Spring Break event was Gigi’s first major gig representing her “dream” company Victoria’s Secret.

At time of posting, Ocean Up has yet to comment—they have retweeted her retaliation, but not taken down their post.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think!