4 Reasons You Should Skip The Liquor Store And Have Your Wines Delivered

Staying in is the new going out. The most exciting innovations in the wine world mean that you can learn about new wines and sample them right from the comfort of your own home.

That wine industry is changing, people want to have their wines perfectly matched to their palette and delivered right to their door. Online wine clubs like Tasting Room are using all that technology has to offer to provide a new age of wine lovers with a fun, accessible, and completely at-home experience that's tailored to your tastes and preferences—and it's totally changing the way we enjoy wine.

Here are 4 reasons why you should skip the liquor store, stay home, and have your wine delivered.

1.The wine tasting experience comes to you

With people starting to spend more and more time at home, an interactive tasting experience makes for a great night in.

Tasting Room uses technology to make informed recommendations for you based on how you rank their wines. Everything is done online.

Start with an online quiz. Then, you'll get six samples of wine, which you'll rate online.

Based on your ratings, Tasting Room creates a personalized wine profile with wines you'd like, which they'll continue to update based on your enjoyment of each order.

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2. Every shipment is tailored to your taste perfectly

Unlike the liquor store, you won't need to look to others to recommend wines for you; your taste buds will give Tasting Room's curators all they need to pick your wine. You can check out your wine profile for recommendations, and they'll ship 12 bottles that they've hand selected to your door on whatever schedule works for you.

You'll develop a more refined palate, learn how to pair wine to elevate any dining experience, and know whether you prefer earthy reds from Italy or zingy whites from Spain.

What's better than spending time at home with loved ones and friends cooking and trying new wines?

3. You get more way more variety than the liquor store

Why bother leaving the house only to have a limited variety at your local liquor store? Stay in and let the variety come to you. Tasting Room exposes you to a wide variety of wines from their partnering vineyards all over the world, from Napa Valley to South Africa, New Zealand, and more, that you might not come across all in one store. You'll try wines you know you'll love from a variety of vineyards and blends. Tasting Room bring vineyards from around the world to your living room, so experience a cab from Napa or a Sav Blanc from South Africa without even having to leave your couch!

4. It's completely affordable and way more convenient

Tasting Room cuts out the middleman by working directly with wineries, so they can pass along the savings to you. To join the club, you'll pay $10 for your six-bottle tasting kit, and after rating they send you your first case of wine tailored to match your tastes for $13/bottle. Getting the kit means getting your first tailored case. So join if you want the wine :).

Join the movement and have your wine delivered from Tasting Room. Stay at home and let the best wines from around the world come to you.

Follow this link to get your wine tasting kit for only $9.95 (that's $30 in savings)!

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