The Company That's Changing The Green Cleaning Game

How cleancult Is Helping People Drastically Reduce Their Plastic Waste

While global marches, kid wonders, and legislative measures can inspire us to do better in the fight against climate change, for the average person, there are major barriers to building a sustainable lifestyle.

But that major shift has made its way to the cleaning industry. Global consciousness demands cleaning products that are non-toxic, safe, biodegradable, and environmentally-friendly. Customers looking for ethical products do have several brands to choose from — Mrs. Meyer's, Seventh Generation, Aunt Fannie's — designed to help the world by being cruelty-free, made with natural ingredients, and no GMO's or parabens.

However, although clean formulas have flooded the market, their plastic bottles still end up in landfills. The bottles from green-conscious cleaning products are part of the piles of toxic trash slowly taking over our oceans - millions of pounds of plastic put out curbside for recycling by American homes now ends up in landfills due to China's recent laws banning the processing of foreign garbage or recycling.

Recycling isn't the best way to manage waste; we need to pivot our focus to reducing the waste we create in the first place if we really want to help the environment.

Toxic-Free Ingredients
Refillable Glass Bottles
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cleancult is a brand that's going a step further than just engineering environmentally-friendly formulas. Not only do their formulas harness natural essential oils in the place of carcinogenic chemicals, but they also offer a refill program with elegant, durable glass bottles - for everything from dish soap to laundry detergent.

Switching to their reusable bottles alone is a reduction of over 80% in plastic use. For your first order, you can get their new reusable bottles, and they'll sign you up for refills of the products, which arrive in attractive, brightly-colored 100% biodegradable milk carton-like packages.

They've created a formula that's friendly for kids, pets, expecting mothers, people with sensitive skin, etc., and still works as it should - to get out tough stains. With ingredients like saponified coconut oil, vitamin E, and aloe juice, everything works just as well as chemical-heavy cleaners, and nothing has an overpowering scent, so it's beloved by people with sensitive skin and noses. You'll never know why you bought toxic, wasteful, store-brand cleaners for so long when you get a whiff of their orange zest all-purpose cleaner or find that the lemongrass dish soap works "like magic."

With plastic-free paper containers, you simply tear and refill your bottles at whichever frequency you choose. It's more convenient than anything else on the market, and it stops the vicious cycle of plastic consumption in its tracks.

Start with a fun quiz about your cleaning habits, and end up with a recommended list of what your home needs to stay clean and support the environment. You can always edit your recommendations, and then change your frequency of refill delivery afterward.

At the end of the day, many customers who look to do their part for the environment just end up getting duped by brands that pay lip service to being green by using cartoon plants in their logos.

cleancult is the real deal. The all-paper refill service is an answer to shifting cultural values and the rapidly rising number of Americans looking to reduce their waste and embrace biodegradable solutions. And it smells amazing!

UPDATE: Our friends at cleancult are extending an exclusive offer to our readers. Follow this link to get 20% off your bundle order, plus free shipping and free bar soap!

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