The Products You Need To Know About For Your Hair Care Needs


Listen up, ladies! We've got the scoop on the best sale happening in the beauty world right now. Now more than ever, we all need a little #selfcare in our lives, and Vegamour, our go-to clean beauty brand is offering 20% off their amazing products!

If you don't know, Vegamour has tons of natural products that help your hair, lashes and brows grow. They've got you covered- they have everything from serums to supplements to gummies, all made with natural ingredients like Red Clover and Mung Bean that stimulate dormant hair follicles. The result? Long lashes, luxurious hair and thick brows.

All of Vegamour's products are GMO-free, 100% vegan and cruelty-free and totally safe for everyday use. Why we really love Vegamour is not only do their products work (because trust us, they work), but also that their ingredients don't cause any crazy side effects like other brands we've tried in the past.

Big name companies like Revitalash and Latisse contain toxic ingredients like synthetic prostaglandin. Having these harsh chemicals so close to your eyes can have some scary side effects, like changing eye color and even darkened eyelids. YIKES!

Hair loss treatments like Rogaine contain minoxidil, which can cause severe scalp irritation and even headaches and dizziness. Luckily, Vegamour is free from all of those toxic ingredients, so you can grow your lashes and hair safely.

So what are you waiting for?! 20% off! We're stockin' up!

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