The Secret To How I Restored My Youthful Glow

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My mom has instilled a lot of pretty great beauty habits in me -- never sleep with your makeup on, always wear SPF, and get a head start on using collagen products to preempt aging skin. Now that I'm in my late 20s, I've started to get serious about my skincare routine and finally looked into her collagen advice. Last year, I noticed a lot of buzz around collagen supplements. Ingesting collagen sounded like a great way for me to maximize its benefits to keep my skin young and glowing. After reading a lot (too many maybe?) of different people's experiences with collagen powder, MyKeto was the one that everyone was raving about the most.

MyKeto Collagen is a supplement powder designed to give you that boost of collagen that face creams just can't provide. The low carb protein powder is also Keto friendly -- I'd tried the Keto diet once before and saw amazing results, so I loved that I could still use the supplement if I decide to try it again. I'll be honest, initially, I was only really interested in improving my complexion, but after reading up on it, I discovered so many more hidden benefits I had never known about. Collagen holds together your bones and muscles, protects your organs, and provides structure to joints and tendons. It can relieve muscle pain, and, most famously, can even reverse the signs of aging! Ok, I had to try it.

Before I knew it, the collagen supplement had become a staple in my routine and I actually look forward to drinking it with my coffee every morning. All it takes is one scoop and I'm set for the rest of the day. It's such a simple and effective way to make sure my body is getting the levels of collagen it needs to be at it's best--both inside and out. I've been taking the supplement for a few months now, and I truly never go a day without it. My skin has restored its youthful and radiant glow, and I get questions all the time from friends about my skincare routine. My hair and nails have also gotten noticeably healthier--I stopped going to the salon every few weeks due to split ends, and my nails can now last more than a month without chipping.

MyKeto's collagen supplement is the perfect addition to my beauty routine. I've accepted that getting older is a fact of life, but I'm determined to give my body exactly what it needs to slow down those signs of aging as much as I can!

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