Why It's Better: The Soda Replacement That's Actually Good For You

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Public Service Announcement: The La Croix craze is officially over. The only people still drinking the seltzer are teens who want to hold a can and look like they're having a beer, and hipsters who want to make you believe that La Croix is the biggest thing since homemade kombucha. Plus, I'm sure you've already read that having too much of the carbonated beverage causes tooth erosion, water retention (bloating, yikes!), and digestive issues.

So, if you're now on the hunt for a diet soda replacement that's actually good for you, let me get you up to speed on Hint. It's a flavored water that's been infused with natural fruit oils and essences so it's totally free of sugar, diet sweeteners, and preservatives. Through a combination of processes like pressing and heating, the fruit's flavor is separated from its sugar, color, and pulp, resulting in tasty flavored water that's completely natural and free of calories. You can buy it by the case or enjoy some savings by subscribing to regular deliveries, and unlike La Croix, Hint doesn't have any negative side effects -- so you can have as much of it as you want.

Here are the top reasons Hint is set to be your favorite drink of 2019.

1. There are so many more Hint flavors than La Croix

What's Pamplemousse anyways? Hint water comes in more than 35 flavors you'll actually recognize. There are all kinds of tasty blends like Honeycrisp apple, blood orange and peppermint hint.

2. Don't like sparkling water, but hate boring still water?

Not a fan of carbonated drinks, but can't bring yourself to drink boring tap water? Fortunately, Hint water offers a ton of still water options in a variety of flavors, so you'll always have a new and exciting flavor to try.

3. If you need a pick-me-up for yet another uneventful work meeting, there's Hint Kick

Hint Kick is caffeinated water, without the sugar or sweeteners that are added to your usual cup of store-bought coffee. It's a caffeine boost, minus the guilt of feeding your coffee addiction. Instead, have the caffeine in fruity water flavors, like cayenne lemon, blackberry, and apple pear.

4. Hint fits in everywhere you go

Can you imagine the judgy looks you'd get if you carried a La Croix can into the gym? Whether you're on the treadmill or your coworkers are giving you weird looks because you've got bright blue Gatorade mouth, there are a lot of places carbonated water and sports drinks just don't fit in. Hint is just water, pure hydration, so it's the perfect solution for a flavor blast you can bring literally anywhere you want to go.

5. You can't get more convenient than Hint

Who doesn't love getting mail? Hint offers a convenient subscription, so your next obsession gets sent right to your door without lugging heavy cases from the grocery or worrying about running out mid-party. When you subscribe to a shipment of Hint every 14, 30 or 60 days, you can enjoy up to 20% off.

If you're looking to beat your addiction to sugary drinks, Hint's a natural alternative that's completely good for you. It's just water, with a hint of fruity flavor.

UPDATE: The folks at Hint are offering a special promotion to our readers! Follow this link to get 35% off PLUS free shipping!