Thistle Or Cook Unity? Who Has The Best Quality, Convenience, And Nutrition?

Thistle Or Cook Unity? Who Has The Best Quality, Convenience, And Nutrition?

As we get closer to warmer days, busier schedules, and much-needed summer fun, it's tougher and tougher to stick to a healthy diet.

It can be exhausting to come home every evening after work and slap together a delicious yet nutritious meal for you and your family. We spend hours researching tasty recipes and then finding ingredients that aren't bruised, wilted, or filled with GMOs that none of us can pronounce.

We took to the internet and checked out the first few healthy meal delivery subscription services. Luckily, we found more than we’d anticipated, but the two that stood out from the crowd were: Thistle and CookUnity.

Here’s what we found when we compared the two:

Thistle Vs CookUnity - Quality of ingredients

Thistle offers ready-to-eat, freshly prepared, plant-forward meals with plant-based protein alternatives as well as meat and seafood options. All their meals contain zero refined white sugars, artificial additives or artificial dyes. Not to mention that their ingredients are sourced locally, to ensure freshness. The menu emphasizes plant-focused, dairy-free, gluten-free ingredients and includes over 40 superfoods.

Like Thistle, CookUnity’s meals are never frozen and all ingredients - selection tied to the season - are sustainably sourced and never include chemicals or artificial preservatives. Every two weeks they post a new menu which is personalized to match your particular diet.

Thistle: 9/10

CookUnity: 8.5/10

Thistle Vs. CookUnity - Convenience

One of the things we love about Thistle is that we don't have to make any sacrifices in the name of convenience. Each of your Thistle boxes will arrive with perfectly portioned, fresh, plant-based meals that are ready-to-eat or heat-and-eat. There's virtually zero prep. No time wasted researching restrictions, finding recipes, or overspending on ingredients.

Currently, CookUnity only offers dinner meals. While we all loved the Sunday Sauce Rigatoni with Meatballs and the Vegetarian Lasagna, we still stressed over what to make for breakfast and lunch -, with a few of us even giving in to some not-so-great temptations.

Thistle: 9/10

CookUnity: 6.5/10

Thistle Vs CookUnity - Nutrition

Thistle's mission is to guarantee that their delicious, convenient, plant-based meals provide the required daily nutrition. Thistle stacks their culinary team with experienced nutritionists and registered dietitians so you'll get all the vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients you need.

CookUnity plans also include dietary preferences like keto, paleo, vegan, gluten, and dairy-free, so there's something for everyone. Their team of Michelin-star chefs ensures your meals are nutrition-dense. There’s even a nutrition team that can help with maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

Thistle: 9/10

CookUnity: 7/10

Final Thoughts

Thistle and CookUnity deliver on their promises and can definitely help ease your dinnertime anxiety. Whether it's convenience, a plant-based focus, or taste focus, each company has something to offer.

However - without a doubt - the most nourishing, most delicious, and most convenient meal subscription option is Thistle. We’re always excited about our Thistle meals. Yet, TBH some of the CookUnity dinners were bland and not as flavorful as we’d like.

If you're looking for an easy way to stay healthy throughout the tempting summer months, Thistle is the meal delivery service for you.

Want to give Thistle a try? Our friends at Thistle are extending a limited time offer to our readers: Limited Time Only: Follow this link to save $100 off your first 4 weeks of Thistle Meal Delivery!

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