Can a Daily Supplement Really Support Healthy Aging?

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Recently, with everything going on in the world and my new work-from-home life, I felt myself getting into a slump.

I tried my best to keep active. I tried taking multivitamins, creating better sleeping habits, and drinking more water, but besides the panic, I think entering my 40's had slowed down my body. Nothing seemed to help. And now, not being able to go out as much to exercise has really started taking its toll on me, mentally and physically.

More than ever, I wanted my health to be a priority. I was ready to give up looking for a solution, when my coworker, Jack, mentioned on a call that he had started taking something called Tru Niagen®.

He said he had noticed a lift in his overall health after taking it for a month. I figured it was just another supplement that was basically just a placebo, but Jack was insistent that it made a huge difference for him.

I looked it up, and it turns out there actually is a lot of science behind it. Tru Niagen ® contains an ingredient called nicotinamide riboside or NR. NR boosts NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) in our bodies, which is a vital resource for the cellular energy we need to keep our bodies healthy.

But if NAD was so vital, why hadn't I heard about it? Turns out, a body of science has been building behind NAD. Our bodies naturally produce NAD, but this process begins to slow down as we age. In fact, NAD levels decrease as much as 50% between the ages of 40 to 60 – this made me think.

That was around the age I noticed the decline in my overall health, so maybe this was actually legit.

I kept reading and saw that they had done extensive research including 5+ clinical studies, 100+ preclinical studies, 3 FDA safety notifications, have 15+ owned and licensed patents, and 160+ research collaborations. When I realized how much this was backed up by science, I thought it sounded more authentic than any other supplements I looked into, so I decided I'd try it.

I signed up for the 3 month subscription at $35 per month, since it can take at least 2 months to start working from what I read, and I liked that I wouldn't need to keep ordering or go to a store to pick them up. Once I had them delivered to my door, I took one capsule every morning. A week in, I still hadn't felt much different. I thought I'd bought into another useless supplement.

I debated whether to just stop taking them altogether, but I had already signed up for the three months, so I thought I might as well see them through. I kept taking them.

After a few weeks, I realized something - I was now getting more work done, being generally more productive, sleeping better, and feeling much healthier. The change was so subtle I didn't notice 'til I stopped to think about it.

As I continue to take Tru Niagen®, I feel more and more resilient and healthier overall. I realized that my body's response to my environment was definitely down to my NAD naturally decreasing.

Thankfully, Tru Niagen ® helped me regain it and feel more empowered in this scary time for my body. I'd recommend NAD to anyone who would like to get back to the prime of their health.

Update: Tru Niagen® is extending a special offer to our readers! Subscribe and get up to 40% off your order!

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