Turn Your Phone Into A Portable Scanner.

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What is Scanner for Me?

It's the two-in-one app that turns your device into a multi functional office tool, it allows you to scan, edit, organize, print and share your docs in a tap! You can scan anything from contracts and receipts to paper notes or printed photos. Once the pages are scanned, you can mark up key points using the highlighter feature, use the e-signature tool to sign contracts or PDFs and even edit text in multiple languages using the app's OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. Once you've edited your document, you can synchronize it across all your devices or instantly share it using email, iMessage or by uploading it to places like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Why Do People Use It?

It lets you do everything right from your phone so that you don't find yourself scurrying to the nearest office center or taking blurry pictures and trying to convert them into PDFs yourself. Say goodbye to all of your scanned documents scattered across multiple email attachments, and no more relying on easily lost hard copies. Now, keep them organized right within the app by creating and naming folders to help you keep them in better order. That means the old filing cabinet is a thing of the past.

Seems Like People Like It. Why?

They do, in fact it's one of the top twenty most popular business apps in the Apple Store! It turns your phone into a professional grade scanner, and allows you to easily organizes all your documents on the go. It makes organizing documents so much easier. Scanner for Me has revolutionized the way thousands of people handle paperwork.

Sounds Great, But Is It Right For Me?

The free 3-day trial makes it easy to take it for a test run, so you'll rest assured the app is right for you. Once you sign up, you get unlimited scans and access to the app's best features like e-signatures, unlimited sharing, and the use of its OCR technology in several languages. If you want help keeping all of your important documents in one place, check out the extensive features it has to offer by downloading the free trial today.

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