Save On Our Editor’s Go-To For Hair Growth, Vegamour!

Here are our favorites that will be on sale!

There's something about the end of the year that makes us want to transform our routines. Top of our list this year? All things beauty and wellness!

Luckily, our editor's go-to for hair growth, Vegamour, has offered an EXCLUSIVE offer to our readers!

Yes, the time has come to drop what you're doing, take advantage of their 20% off sale, and stock up. Vegamour's clean vegan beauty products are a must-have for your hair, lash, and brow needs. We love their line and now with the holidays, our hair has definitely been affected by the extra stress we're under, so this sale could not be at a better time.

You can grab your favorites and soon-to-be favorite products for 20% OFF!

Not sure exactly what you should be adding to your cart? We've got you covered. Check their best-selling favorites and find your match:

GRO Hair Serum & GRO Hair Foam $52 each, NOW $43 each ($36 with subscription)

These are already at a great price for the incredible growth they provide, just imagine how great it'll be once the discount hits.

Both products are made with the same plant-based ingredients including red clover, curcumin, and mung bean. They are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and free of toxic ingredients like minoxidil found in big-name brands like Rogaine, which can irritate, among other scary side effects.

The key difference between these two is application. If you're looking for a more targeted treatment we recommend the serum but for good overall application, go with the foam.

With these products, you'll see an increase in hair density and length in as soon as 90 days of use. We recommend signing up for their subscription option so you never run out

GRO+ Advanced Gummies $68, NOW $57 ($47 with subscription)

Looking for a way to boost your hair health without touching your hair? These gummies are the answer. They are 100% vegan and use broad-spectrum hemp to get you the thick, healthy locks you desire. The gummies are non-psychoactive and also use biotin, folic acid, and other hair stimulating vitamins and minerals.

Each bottle has a 30 days supply and all you need to do is take 2 of these naturally fruit-flavored gummies a day. They're tasty, so it's the most effortless way to boost hair growth!

vegaLASH Volumizing Serum $79.95, NOW $67 ($48 with subscription)

This is the lash solution you've been looking for. Throw away your false eyelashes because with this serum you can get visible results as soon as 30 days of use. This enhancer has no hormones or carcinogens and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so you're all set to apply it daily. No more glue on your lash line thanks to Vegamour.

Get desired results and know that there are no dangerous side-effects when you embark on this lash-growth journey. Plus, get an extra boost with the GRO+ Advanced Lash Serum which combines the original serum's formula with the benefits of full-spectrum hemp.

GRO+ Advanced Brow Serum $88, NOW $73 ($62 with subscription)

Let's face it, brows are a struggle but Vegamour has our back with this brow volumizing serum. You can get fuller-looking brows in as soon as 30 days after using the serum, so no more penciling in to get that desired full look.

Their formula is packed with follicle-stimulating ingredients like phytomolecules, zinc, and biotin, as well as natural activities such as red clover and mung bean. However, the key here is the use of full-spectrum hemp, which allows for better penetration of the brow base to really get the growth going.

Grab your hair-growth essentials while the price is right! Use the code BEAUTY20 to unlock the incredible savings with Vegamour so you're not breaking the bank but still getting the beauty goals you've been trying to achieve. While you can target different areas with their products, the whole line is fantastic for anyone in pursuit of hair growth.

Seen something you loved? Well get on Vegamour's site ASAP and start filling up your cart!

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